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Facial Exercises

The Art of Facial Exercises: What? Why? How?

Nigora shows us how to be Face Fit

Many of us go through phases where we look in the mirror and wish we looked different. We look for ways to improve our looks, we research the latest skincare product or facial treatment that will solve our skin issues – acne, wrinkles, discolouration – and when we find what we think is THE product we want immediate results. In this post, we offer you two alternatives to consider – Face Fitness and Face Massage – to achieve younger, glowing skin.

facial exercises


Face Fitness is a set of facial exercises you can do to enhance the blood flow to your face, nourish your lymphatic system and increase the natural release of collagen into your skin. With regular practice, you could see results as early as 2 weeks of practice, and even more so after few months of commitment and discipline.

Did you know there are 57 muscles in your face? Believe it or not, but your facial muscles also require toning and even stretching, just like you do for the rest of your body. Some of your facial muscles are already too active and others are not active at all. Through the practice of Face Fitness, you tone up facial muscles as well as stretch out muscles that are too tense or too tight. As a result, you get a lifted, toned and naturally glowing face. It’s a natural face lift. Really? Yes, and this means you can truly put the habit of botox aside. 


Just like you train the muscles of your leg or arm, the face also requires a facial exercise regime that targets its muscles in the same way a body workout does. Through various facial exercises you can activate these important muscles and improve your sagging skin, invigorate the blood circulation which increases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and enhance your lymphatic system that then more effectively “flushes out” toxins from your body. 

The muscles of your face start at your chest, go through the front of the face and all the way back behind your head and to your shoulder blades. Everything is interlinked and intertwined. The quality of your posture will affect the quality of your skin (did you feel your posture straighten right up as you read that? Us too). In addition to facial exercises, it is important to take great care of your back, shoulders and neck. After regular practice you will notice the lines on your forehead disappear, the wrinkle between your eyebrows become less apparent, your eyes widen, your cheeks become more supple and there is an overall lift of your entire face. The results are phenomenal no matter what your age!

face muscles exercises


The various face massage techniques also play an equally important part in the youthfulness of your skin. Massages relax the face, improve the blood circulation as well as the lymphatic system, leaving you with a natural glow and radiance. There are many face massage techniques out there – one particular favourite at the moment is Gua Sha, Jade rolling, finger pressure massage…the list goes on. It’s best to pick a facial massage method you like and perform it on a regular basis. Consistency is the key to achieving results. 

Face Fitness can heal acne, rosacea, dark circles, blemishes and other ailments.  Together, the facial exercises and massage techniques strengthen the capillaries in your face, and due to the improved blood circulation, you are giving the facial skin cells the ability to restore and repair on its own without harsh interventions. However, Face Fitness is not the only part of the puzzle, you must also consider diet, hydration, as well as, your skincare routine.

With the upcoming launch of Face Culture Studio, you will have access to 40+ facial exercises, various massage techniques, tips on diet and supplements and so much more. Check out Face Culture Studio to learn more about how you can naturally lift your face and enjoy youthful, glowing skin.

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