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Women (in)Power is a YouTube show and podcast that amplifies the voices of phenomenal women. With a focus on the power IN all women, CEO and founder of The Gaggler, Monica Malhotra, created this podcast in response to the overuse of ‘womens’ empowerment’ jargon, suggesting women in need of improvement or being ‘given’ back power. Joining forces is Aaliyah Nooru, co-host of the show, and co-founder of Aaliyah & Co.

Together, Monica and Aaliyah sit down with people who inspire, to celebrate the power within and share practical, real-world advice. From topics in leadership, career advancement, self-care, and other relevant issues that all women face, we bring you new episodes every Tuesday on your favourite platforms.

Season 1 | Episode 12
Emma Burdett is founder and CEO of WILD (Women In Leadership Deliver), a leadership coach and gender diversity expert. Prior to setting up WILD, she spent over 15 years in corporate where she was thrown out of a meeting because she was a woman. Emma had previously created a smaller women’s network and saw the potential to do something on a wider scale. She made the decision to leave the corporate world to pursue her new-found passion. In this episode, Emma shares with Monica Malhotra and Aaliyah Nooru how these incidents prompted her to quit corporate and dedicate her life’s work to support women in business navigate similar experiences and find their WILD.

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Please Note:

The Women (in)Power YouTube show and podcast are for informational purposes only. Our guests may be medical practitioners and certified experts in their respective fields; however, this is not and nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. The views expressed on the Women (in)Power YouTube show and podcast are the views of the guests and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.

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