About Us

Gaggler was born in 2020 as a community to support women in search of their best selves. Two years later, Gaggler has grown to become an emerging name in online media, providing today’s women in the Middle East and beyond with daily dose of inspiration and guidance.
We share real stories and experiences, we debunk myths and false beliefs, and we always investigate the latest ways to uplift your lifestyle.
Welcome to the Gaggler community.


Curiosity and passion are the driving forces of our work. We only share what we love and what we think is worth your time and money. We also believe people can take what serves them best and leave the rest aside. Your trust is what we value the most. Explore expert advice, tips and life hacks.


A woman’s investment in her wellbeing is at the core of living her best life. In the Gaggler wellness shop , we carefully select products and services that make you beautiful from the inside out.
We believe beauty does not have to come at the expense of your health or the environment. We curate only the best in clean and ethical beauty products.
Amazing personal style can be achieved with a handful of beautiful, timeless, and ethical essentials that will last for years. We present this concept in our stylish fashion stories and in our curated fashion shop.


On the Woman (in)Power Podcast and YouTube Show, Gaggler Founder, Monica Malhotra, and co-host Aaliyah Nooru chat with people who inspire – from creatives to personal trainers, CEOs to mindset coaches – about the power within us and share practical real-world advice.


From the beginning of 2022, we’ve started hosting a series of events in Dubai focused on business, health and networking.
Our aim is to bring the local community of powerful women motivated by a common desire to share their experiences, knowledge, and stories to be their best selves and empower each other to live life to their full potential.