Nigora Normatova

Nigora Normatova

Nigora is a believer in the 'No Makeup Life' and Founder of Face Culture Studio, a Dubai-based beauty studio focused on redefining what 'beauty' means for you. A firm believer in natural beauty through facial exercises, facial massages, natural products, and skincare routines, Nigora aims to give women a natural facelift, one face at a time. ⠀ I have not worn make up for 1 year and 6 months, I have fallen more in love with my skin, I have fallen more in love with my naked look. ⠀ I rely on the facial exercises, massage techniques, skincare routine and natural products to look after my beauty and live my true beauty potential. ⠀ With Face Culture Studio methods you will redefine the word Beauty for yourself, and will wear your natural look with so much sexiness, confidence and courage!


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