Natasha Malik

Natasha Malik

How To Do Facial ‘Gua Sha’ Using Crystal Skin Tools To Look Younger

Everything you need to know about Chinese Gua Sha facial massage technique for your skin.

Everybody has a little bit more time on their hands at the moment. Also, being at home cooped up all the time isn’t really that great for our mental health as well. So, we wanted to share something that would help you relax a bit and indulge in some self-care at home! Let’s Gua Sha!


Gua Sha is an ancient technique used by Chinese practitioners to heal the skin. Back in the day, this technique was used quite vigorously for the whole body too. But, with time it has evolved into the modern Gua Sha technique which is very gentle on the skin and effective. This skincare routine gives astounding results by reducing the puffiness under your eyes, chiselling those cheekbones and giving you that perfect jawline along with a radiant glow on your face. And for all these wonderful things you just need one skincare tool: The Gua Sha!



A Gua Sha tool is a small flat crystal that is usually made up of either jade or rose quartz. These crystals have healing properties. An ideal Gua Sha tool should have at least two angles – a curved longer edge for targeting different parts of the face and neck and a V-shaped or a U-shaped edge for massaging eyebrows and under eyes. You can do some research and choose the one that you feel is right for you! Here are a couple of our favourite Gua Sha tools:


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Before getting started with your Gua Sha facial massage, you will also need a hydrating spray, and a face oil or a facial serum (you can totally replace the oil with a moisturiser too). You can start prepping your skin by cleansing and washing your face and neck. Then, on a clean and freshly washed face and neck, spray a hydrating spray generously. Here are a few hydrating sprays The Gaggler team has tried and tested:


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After your skin has absorbed all that goodness, you need to apply an eye cream under your eyes and gently massage by lightly tapping and pressing it into your skin with the help of your ring finger. Using your ring finger is important here because it puts the least amount of pressure on the sensitive skin under your eyes.  Here is one of our favourite eye creams:


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Now, you are going to take some facial oil or serum (or a moisturiser based on your preference) and start pressing that into your skin. Use upward motions while massaging as it will help in uplifting your skin, reducing wrinkles and toning your face evenly. The lubrication and hydration will help the Gua Sha tool glide on your skin smoothly and it will also avoid tugging and scraping your facial skin. There are quite a few options for face oils and serums you can try for this application:


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The most important thing to remember when starting to use the Gua Sha technique is to use upward and outward motions to massage the skin. The speed should be slow and mindful. Also, you can repeat the movement for 3 to 5 times before moving on to the next part of your face. As recommended, practising the technique daily by incorporating it in your morning skin care routine or your night-time skin care regime will help you see visible results in a short amount of time. Of course, you can do it twice or thrice a week too if your time is limited, visible results will take longer.

Hold the tool with your dominant hand and use the other hand to hold your skin for better support and also for monitoring the pull on the skin. Make sure you don’t tug or scrape your skin too much. Use light to medium pressure. You can get a little firm on the jawline, the chin and the neck. The tool should be placed almost flat against your skin. The lower the angle between the tool and your skin, the better it is. Let’s get started!

We are going to start with the neck first. Place your two fingers on your sternum between your collar bones. Then, use the long edge of the tool and start from the centre of your neck and move the tool firmly in an upward and outward motion towards the chin and wiggle it when you hit the bone. Now, place your fingers on your shoulder and using the long edge of the tool massage the side of your neck by scraping in an upward and outward fashion. When you hit the bone, just give the tool a wiggle. Repeat the same for the other side of the neck. You’ll feel the tension in your muscles getting released.

Now, place two fingers on the centre of your chin and scrape the notched edge of the tool against your skin in an upwards and outwards manner following your jawline. When the tool reaches near your ear, wiggle it a bit. Use the same steps for the other side too.

Now, place two fingers on the centre of your upper lip line and using the long curved edge of the tool tuck it under your nose and sweep the tool upwards across your cheek until it touches the side of your face and then give it a wiggle. Moving further, place two fingers on one side of your nose and stroke the long side of the tool at an angle in an upward fashion, starting from the side of the nose across your cheeks to the edge of your face and when you touch the bone on the edge of your face, wiggle the tool to massage. Perform the same by following your cheek bone to sculpt.  Repeat the same pattern for the other side.  

Now, place your middle finger below the inner corner of the eye and use the notched edge to softly massage the under-eye area. Start from the inner corner of the eye where your finger is placed and then follow the socket bone and move the tool upwards gently at an angle until it reaches your hairline and then wiggle it. Moving ahead, place two fingers in the centre between your two eyebrows. Now, using that as a starting point, trace the eyebrows using the tool. When you reach the end of the eyebrow, tilt the tool upwards at an angle towards the hairline and when it reaches the hairline give it a wiggle. Perform the exact same process for the other side too.

Now, keeping the fingers at the same place in the centre between your eyebrows, using the longer edge of the tool, end with a few upward strokes on the forehead towards the hairline. When you reach the hairline, give the tool a wiggle and you’re done!

You’ll feel that your skin feels soft and plump now, your cheeks look a bit uplifted, your eyes look more open and you’re glowing from within! By incorporating Gua Sha facial massage 2-3 times a week, if not daily, you will start to see and feel a visible positive difference in your skin.

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