Get Fighting Fit With Real Boxing Only

Unlimited boxing classes, gym access, free boxing gloves, a personalised nutrition plan and more for just AED 695

Aside from wanting to repeatedly punch 2020 hard in the face, here at The Gaggler, being fighting fit is top of our New Year’s resolution list. So what better way to strike back at what has been the toughest year ever than getting back in the ring?

Boxing is one of the best ways to buff up your body and strengthen the mind, so we’ve teamed up with Dubai’s Real Boxing Only Gym and created a tailor-made discounted boxing package to kick off 2021 in inspiring shape.

The latest addition to The Gaggler’s selection of Feel Good Kits designed to empower women, The Punch Bag offers a one-month unlimited membership at Real Boxing Only Gym including boxing and fitness classes, gym access, a set of Adidas boxing gloves and hand wraps, a tote bag, a one-on-one session with a qualified nutritionist including meal plans, shopping lists and recipes for a month, and 40-minute nutritional video users can access anytime. 

Putting mental and physical health first after what has been an incredibly difficult year, The Punch Bag offers women the opportunity to get fit, build mental strength and try out the sport with people from all backgrounds in a safe space.

Founded by Michelle Kuehn, Real Boxing Only Gym encourages women to pick up their gloves and box their way to fitness, no matter their current fitness condition. Focused exclusively on boxing, this specialized gym is designed to deliver the training rituals and results of a professional boxer. 

“Boxing is for everyone, and as a woman who only learned to box four years ago, I am especially passionate about more women taking up the sport. Boxing isn’t about violence but confidence, strength and self-respect”, says RBO’s founder, Michelle. “Those skills translate into all aspects of life, and once you start to box, you’ll see a natural transformation to simply be better than you were yesterday. That’s why it’s the gift to yourself that keeps on giving…putting your mental and physical health first just means you are better at life. I wish that for everyone who walks through RBO’s doors.”

The Gaggler’s CEO and founder, Monica Malhotra added of The Punch Bag “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Real Boxing Only to deliver this value-added fitness package for women across Dubai. It aligns with the values of The Gaggler brand in so many ways – from supporting a local SME to providing women with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves. We want The Punch Bag to help empower women as they step into the ring.”

From Hilary Swank and Jennifer Aniston to the Kardashian and the Hadid sisters, countless super-fit celebrities are boxing fans, and there’s no question why. With both mental to physical benefits, boxing is the ideal sport for your wellbeing – great for improving cardiovascular health, sculpting a lean and toned body, boosting strategic thinking and giving an elevated level of empowerment. 

On offer now for just AED 695, a saving of 73 per cent, women signing up for the introductory offer who wish to continue their fitness journey after their one-month membership will qualify for a 25% discount off a further six or twelve-month membership, and a 50% discount off an Eat Well five-day meal plan. So what better gift to buy yourself this festive season? Get those boxing gloves on and kick-start 2021 the right way with The Punch Bag.

Lucy Wildman

Lucy Wildman

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