9 Clean Ways to Wind Down

Elevate Your Sleep Game

If you find it difficult to settle down and have a restful bedtime routine, incorporating products for wellness in your evening regimen can greatly enhance your sleep experience. Meditation kits, essential oils, and spiritual products are known to create a soothing atmosphere, promote relaxation, and prepare your mind and body for a better night’s sleep.


Double Wall Glass Cup
AED 38.00

Setting The Stage

Sipping on your favourite herbal tea sets the stage for a restful night. The double wall design keeps the cup safe to touch with hot drinks such as a calming green tea. It is also free of condensation with cold drinks. 
Bonus Tip: It keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer.

Palo Santo
AED 55.00


Path to Positive Slumber

Our Palo Santo bundle is your path to positive energy and tranquility. It’s clarifying smoke operates on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels and serves as a balm for your spirit.


Nafs Eco Sports Bra
AED 180.00
Nafs Eco Leggings
AED 200.00
Soft Opal Yoga Mat
AED 349.00

The Nidra You Deserve

Yoga Nidra, also known as yogic sleep, is a powerful practice that helps promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation. The Yoga kit helps with inviting deep rest and profound healing to your body, mind, and spirit.


White Salt Lamp
AED 140.00

Neutralise Blue Light

Salt lamps are believed to release negative ions, which can enhance air quality and potentially alleviate respiratory issues. Use the gentle lighting of the white salt lamp and avoid using electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime.


Sweet Dreams Tea Bags
AED 20.00

Chamomile Charmed

Chamomile improves mood, relieves tension, and soothes the senses. Sweet dreams herbal beverage has the ability to ease spasms, relax muscles, and is extremely beneficial for menstrual pain.

7 Chakra Balancing Pillow & Room Spray
AED 95.00


Cleansing Chakras

This one addresses poor attention, drowsiness, agitation, anxiety, sadness, and claustrophobia. Use our Chakra Pillow & Room Spray blend to balance each of your chakras, harnessing the healing power of aromatherapy at home or on the move.


Dragon Blood Resin
AED 90.00

Setting Intentions and Affirmations

Our Dragon Blood Resin is made from the rattan palm tree native to tropical and subtropical climates of southeast Asia. Its a great tool to reflect on positive affirmations or say prayers that align with your intentions for a peaceful and restful night’s sleep.

The Anti-Inflammatory Cookie
AED 90.00


Collagen Cured

The Anti-Inflammatory Cookie is the cure for lower collagen levels. The extracts of Ginger and Turmeric powder combine their anti-oxidant benefits along with the youthfulness and hydrating benefits of hydrolysed collagen peptides and added Vitamin C. Yum yum all the way to zzzzzz!


Sleep Essential Oil Mist
AED 95.00

Reduce Stimulation

Our Sleep Essential Oil Mist, a bestseller, blends 100% pure organic essential oils including lavender, roman chamomile, ylang ylang and geranium to aid peaceful sleep and deep relaxation! The mist decreases agitation and anger and thereby reducing over stimulation – good for the heart, the soul and for switching right off!


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Revitalise After Feasting: A Post-Thanksgiving Workout Regimen to Recharge Your Body

Revive, Recharge, Thrive

As the Thanksgiving feast fades into fond memories, it’s time to give your body the attention it deserves. In this post-feasting recovery guide, we’ll explore a tailored workout regimen designed to revitalise your body, recharge your energy, and counterbalance the indulgences of the holiday season.

Meow Yoga

The Wellness Journal

AED 175.00


Yoga Starter Kit – Green

AED 389.00

Gypsy Rose Holistic

Relax Essential Oil Roller

AED 75.00

Gypsy Rose Holistic

Digestion Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00

Rut Essentials

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

AED 70.00


Meow Yoga

Aroma Diffuser – Chestnut

AED 70.00


7 Chakra Balancing Pillow & Room Spray

AED 95.00

C&S Active

Nafs Eco Sports Bra – Black

AED 180.00

C&S Active

Nafs Eco Leggings – Black

AED 200.00


Green Tea Assorted Energy Drink

AED 278.00

Beauty Treats

The Energy Cookie

AED 98.00


RAW Protein Isolate Vanilla

AED 290.00

1. Wake Up the Body with Cardio Bursts:

Kickstart your post-Thanksgiving regimen with invigorating cardio bursts. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk, a jog, or a dance session, get your heart pumping and awaken your body from its food-induced slumber.

2. Core-Strengthening Pilates:

Engage your core muscles with a Pilates session to restore balance and stability. These low-impact exercises are perfect for toning and strengthening, providing a gentle yet effective workout for your post-feast body.

3. Yoga for Digestive Ease:

Explore a sequence of yoga poses designed to aid digestion and promote relaxation. Gentle twists and stretches will help soothe your stomach and release tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

Inject a burst of energy with HIIT exercises to elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Short, intense intervals followed by rest periods are an efficient way to burn off excess calories and jumpstart your fitness routine.

5. Mindful Cool Down with Stretching:

Wind down your workout with mindful stretching. Focus on areas that may have tightened during the holiday festivities, allowing your body to recover and preventing post-feast stiffness.

As you embrace this post-Thanksgiving workout regimen, remember that it’s not about punishment but restoring balance. This curated routine aims to invigorate your body, clear your mind, and set the tone for a healthy and active holiday season. So, lace up those sneakers, roll out the yoga mat, and let’s embark on a journey to revitalise and recharge after the Thanksgiving feast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after Thanksgiving should I start this workout regimen?

The post-Thanksgiving workout regimen can be started as early as the day after the feast. However, listen to your body, and if needed, allow a day or two for digestion before engaging in more intense exercises.

Can I customize the workout routine based on my fitness level?

Absolutely! Tailor the regimen to suit your fitness level and preferences. Modify intensity, duration, or choose alternative exercises to ensure a comfortable and effective workout experience.

Is it necessary to follow the entire workout routine, or can I focus on specific exercises?

Feel free to adapt the regimen to your needs. While the full routine provides a well-rounded approach, you can choose specific exercises based on your preferences or focus on areas that feel particularly tight or in need of attention.


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