5 Ways to Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Simple changes, lasting impact

Saying NO to cellophane-wrapped products, using cloth bags instead of plastic ones, and investing in a refillable water bottle is a great start in eliminating the use of plastic. Reusing your glass jars, using beeswax wraps or reusable containers, buying loose tea in bulk and using a tea infuser or strainer – make for some good habits to protect the environment. How cool is a zero-waste method to enjoy a cup of your favourite tea! Our Editors at the Gaggler also custom make their own hand sanitisers which greatly reduces plastic usage. You can do it too. Simply take 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, ½ cup of aloe vera, and 5 drops of your favourite essential oil.

What is a carbon footprint?

Carbon footprint, quantified in units of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), refers to the total amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, followed by methane, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases) released into the atmosphere. These emissions are a result of burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas for energy consumption, transportation, and industrial processes.

The result of this? Rising sea levels, extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity, and disruptions to ecosystems.

How can I reduce their carbon footprint? Which products can I incorporate into my lifestyle that are sustainable?

Women around the world are taking the lead in adopting sustainable products to reduce their carbon footprint. We suggest Crystal water bottles, Silicone menstrual cups, Simhona Period underwear, Eco sports bras, Eco leggings, Loose tea and Candle-making set, as a way of promoting sustainability and protecting the environment.

1. Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal water bottles not only have aesthetic appeal but also contribute to sustainability. By choosing a crystal water bottle, women can significantly reduce the consumption of single-use plastic bottles. Plastic is a major contributor to pollution and the degradation of the environment. Crystal water bottles minimise waste contribution to the already overflowing landfills of plastic waste. Plus, these bottles are designed with crystals at their core, which are believed to promote spiritual and physical well-being.

Aventurine Crystal Water Bottle


AED 280.00

2. Silicone Menstrual Cup

Another eco-friendly product that women are embracing is the silicone menstrual cup. Conventional sanitary products like tampons and pads that most women use have a considerable environmental impact. These products are disposable and produce an enormous amount of waste. In contrast, silicone menstrual cups are reusable and can last for several years, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with menstrual hygiene. By choosing a menstrual cup, women can avoid the potential health risks associated with conventional products, as many of them contain harmful chemicals.

Silicone Menstrual Cup – Large


AED 35.00

3. Nafs Eco

Eco leggings have also gained popularity among women concerned about reducing their environmental impact. These leggings are made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, or bamboo fibres. These are manufactured by reducing excessive water usage, chemical pollution, and textile waste. Moreover, eco leggings are often produced in fair-trade facilities, ensuring that workers are paid fair wages and operate in safe working conditions. By supporting sustainable fashion, women can promote ethical and sustainable practices in the industry, while also reducing their carbon footprint.

Nafs Eco Sports Bra – Black


AED 180.00

4. Loose Tea

Choosing loose tea over tea bags is a simple yet effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. To reduce your carbon footprint, you can pick exotic flavours from our collection of loose tea to eliminate extra packaging and reduce the overall carbon emissions associated with production and transportation. Additionally, loose tea allows you to use a tea infuser or strainer, which can be reused as well, minimizing waste further. Let’s sip our way to a greener world, one cup of loose tea at a time!

Loose Tea – Large


AED 42-46.00

5. Candle Making Set

Candle-making sets have become increasingly popular among women seeking sustainable and mindful practices. Conventional candles are typically made from paraffin, a petroleum byproduct, which releases harmful toxins when burned. In contrast, candle-making sets enable women to create their candles using natural and sustainable materials such as soy wax, beeswax, or coconut wax. These alternatives are not only better for the environment but also for the health of those breathing the air they burn-in. By engaging in candle-making, women can reduce their reliance on paraffin candles and contribute to a healthier indoor environment.

Candle Making Set


AED 150.00

The Gaggler team is passionate about finding and sharing great products with our readers. We take pride in researching and testing products to find the best of the best, and we only recommend things that we love and think you will, too.


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Revitalise After Feasting: A Post-Thanksgiving Workout Regimen to Recharge Your Body

Revive, Recharge, Thrive

As the Thanksgiving feast fades into fond memories, it’s time to give your body the attention it deserves. In this post-feasting recovery guide, we’ll explore a tailored workout regimen designed to revitalise your body, recharge your energy, and counterbalance the indulgences of the holiday season.

Meow Yoga

The Wellness Journal

AED 175.00


Yoga Starter Kit – Green

AED 389.00

Gypsy Rose Holistic

Relax Essential Oil Roller

AED 75.00

Gypsy Rose Holistic

Digestion Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00

Rut Essentials

Sandalwood Pure Essential Oil

AED 70.00


Meow Yoga

Aroma Diffuser – Chestnut

AED 70.00


7 Chakra Balancing Pillow & Room Spray

AED 95.00

C&S Active

Nafs Eco Sports Bra – Black

AED 180.00

C&S Active

Nafs Eco Leggings – Black

AED 200.00


Green Tea Assorted Energy Drink

AED 278.00

Beauty Treats

The Energy Cookie

AED 98.00


RAW Protein Isolate Vanilla

AED 290.00

1. Wake Up the Body with Cardio Bursts:

Kickstart your post-Thanksgiving regimen with invigorating cardio bursts. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk, a jog, or a dance session, get your heart pumping and awaken your body from its food-induced slumber.

2. Core-Strengthening Pilates:

Engage your core muscles with a Pilates session to restore balance and stability. These low-impact exercises are perfect for toning and strengthening, providing a gentle yet effective workout for your post-feast body.

3. Yoga for Digestive Ease:

Explore a sequence of yoga poses designed to aid digestion and promote relaxation. Gentle twists and stretches will help soothe your stomach and release tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

Inject a burst of energy with HIIT exercises to elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Short, intense intervals followed by rest periods are an efficient way to burn off excess calories and jumpstart your fitness routine.

5. Mindful Cool Down with Stretching:

Wind down your workout with mindful stretching. Focus on areas that may have tightened during the holiday festivities, allowing your body to recover and preventing post-feast stiffness.

As you embrace this post-Thanksgiving workout regimen, remember that it’s not about punishment but restoring balance. This curated routine aims to invigorate your body, clear your mind, and set the tone for a healthy and active holiday season. So, lace up those sneakers, roll out the yoga mat, and let’s embark on a journey to revitalise and recharge after the Thanksgiving feast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after Thanksgiving should I start this workout regimen?

The post-Thanksgiving workout regimen can be started as early as the day after the feast. However, listen to your body, and if needed, allow a day or two for digestion before engaging in more intense exercises.

Can I customize the workout routine based on my fitness level?

Absolutely! Tailor the regimen to suit your fitness level and preferences. Modify intensity, duration, or choose alternative exercises to ensure a comfortable and effective workout experience.

Is it necessary to follow the entire workout routine, or can I focus on specific exercises?

Feel free to adapt the regimen to your needs. While the full routine provides a well-rounded approach, you can choose specific exercises based on your preferences or focus on areas that feel particularly tight or in need of attention.


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