Aditi Vijay Chandanani

Aditi Vijay Chandanani

Originally from Mumbai, India, Aditi Vijay Chandanani is a Dubai-based mental health coach who’s been in the country for 11+ years. She shifted careers at the age of 30 from being a travel and tourism entrepreneur for more than eight years to become a mental health coach. Her journey was inspired by her own experiences and the lack of awareness of the importance of mental health in society. Being in therapy for almost 12 years taught Aditi why she always felt different from others who follow societal norms, and even from those in her family who act based on the family’s conditioning. Breaking out of her comfort zone and working for herself and on herself led her to develop skills, tools, and techniques that she uses to this day – leading her to develop a passion for the field of positive psychology. Today her qualifications and roles include cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic practitioner, life coach, and mindfulness coach. She is especially skilled at handling cases of a quarter life crisis, promoting self-love, and strengthening the subconscious mindset. She ensures confidentiality and creates a safe space for her clients. Aditi's passion is first and foremost to help her clients 'decode' their struggles and empower them by teaching them the tools and techniques to overcome their troubles. The most rewarding part of her work for her is when she is able to get her client to arrive at a moment of realization and understand why they feel the way they do. She describes it as a spiritual and mesmerizing feeling that she strives to achieve with all her clients. Her main value is inner peace and by developing it, she aims to make therapy a preventative method rather than an afterthought of a crisis. Her mission with her work is self-love, accepting growth, creating change, and re-programming the subconscious mind. Aditi can be found on Instagram @TherapyWith_AditiVC.


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