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summer make up routine

Makeup How-To: 7 Pro Steps To Glowing Skin

Just 5 beauty products for that perfect summer glow

With Dubai re-opening its beaches after the lockdown and reducing the movement restrictions of COVID-19, this summer is looking like it may be quite a season of activity – bustling offices, family reunions, coffee with friends in an actual restaurant – of course, all based on responsible social distancing practices.  We are now waking up to brighter times, making plans, setting aside our loungewear for summer dresses, and dare we say, putting on some makeup? In an effort to bring some light and positivity to your life we have an uplifting makeup tutorial treat that we hope will keep you looking dewy, glowing and fresh all summer long. 

We tapped Arab Fashion Week makeup artist, Menka Nihalani, from @Minxartistry to show you how to fake a natural sheen in all the right places with only five products. That’s right, just five super versatile must-have makeup products! You might remember Menka from the Glam Eid Makeup Look on The Gaggler. Here Menka shares her skincare tips and pro makeup tricks with you so that you can incorporate them into your summer makeup routine to get perfect glowing skin.

First off, before getting into the step-by-step makeup tutorial, we have to say even with this look sunscreen is super important. Even if your moisturizer has SPF it is highly recommended that you apply a layer of sunscreen on your face and over your body so that your skin doesn’t get damaged under the harsh Dubai sun.  Also, during the summer we don’t recommend daily use of foundation as it will most likely melt when the temperatures climb into the 50+ degrees.  As an alternative, you can go directly with your concealer to get a more natural and lighter finish as shown in the Dewy Makeup Look video below. In case you are someone who likes more coverage on your face, you can use a tinted moisturizer instead.

We still need a little extra help…and that’s where Menka’s pro makeup tips come in handy, so read-on for her makeup application tips and top makeup product picks and watch-on to learn how to make these products work for your summer glow!


On clean, dry skin apply your moisturizer and sunscreen. Let the moisturizer and sunscreen set into your face before you start applying the steps for your Dewy Makeup Look:

STEP 1: Concealer

Here, we skip the foundation and go straight to applying concealer! Apply your concealer directly to your under eye area to cover any dark shadows. Blend the product into your skin and take it over your eyelids to even out the eye area. You may also use the same concealer to spot conceal any breakouts that you may have. Blend the product with your makeup brush around any acne spots for a sheer coverage that does not look cakey. 

Pro-tip: Since you are not using foundation, use a concealer that matches perfectly to your face rather than your neck.

Infallible Full Coverage Concealer 332 Amber, PRP AED 68, available at watsons.ae

BRUSHES – M335 – CHUBBY BUFFER, PRP AED 42, available at glamazle.com

STEP 2: Bronzer

Using a cream bronzer, pick up the product on one edge of a kabuki makeup brush and blend it over your cheeks. Clean up any excess bronzer with the concealer brush used in Step 1. Take the bronzer further to your temples and a little under your chin as shown in our video tutorial. This will add dimension and depth to your face.  Tap whatever product is left on your kabuki brush on to your nose for that sun-kissed look. Next, using a smaller brush, take a little bronzer and use this as your eyeshadow by adding it to the crease and lower lash line of your eye.  We love bronzers that are versatile and can be used on several areas of the face, allowing you to get more use out of it than having separate products for each area of your face. 

Pro tip: Since the focus of this makeup look is maximum dewiness, we use cream products including the bronzer. It is really hard to make mistakes with cream products and you can easily clean up excess product. Anytime you need a quick pick-me-up to your eye makeup, try a touch of bronzer as your eyeshadow to perk up your eyes.

NUDIES MATTE BLUSH & BRONZE, PRP AED 145, available at lookfantastic.ae

Flawless Base Brush Set, PRP AED 99.95, available at theglamhausme.com

STEP 3: Brows

Here you have a choice – you can do up your brows as you normally would or follow our video makeup tutorial, keeping the brows simple and just make them look tidy by brushing your eyebrows up. If you have thick eyebrows, brushing them up will achieve a fluffy but tidy, natural look with the right eyebrow brush on the spoolie side. If you have sparse eyebrows and need a little bit of help, you can opt for a tinted brow gel.

BRUSHES M413 – BROW/SPOOLIE, PRP AED 29, available at glamazle.com

DIPBROW GEL, PRP AED 91, available at bloomingdales.ae

STEP 4: Highlighter

Taking a warm-toned highlighter, highlight your cheeks, brow bone, inner corner, cupid’s bow and nose to add further dimension and enhance your natural features.


Everyday Essentials (Worth AED170), PRP AED 99.95, available at iherb.com

STEP 5: Eyelashes

Curl your lashes so that your eyes appear more open and awake without mascara. Or if you prefer you could go straight to applying a mascara of your choice. Here, we opted to leave out the mascara for a simplified look with minimal products. 

Pro tip: If you choose to go for the mascara, make it brown and waterproof! You don’t want to look like a panda (although they are immensely cute) in case you decide to cool off in the pool at your summer ‘social distance approved’ party! You want a natural look to go with the light, summer vibes – so do make sure to use a brown or dark brown shade of mascara as it is far less intense, more natural than black.

EYELASH CURLER, PRP AED 95, available at sephora.ae

They’re Real Mascara, PRP AED 130, available at sephora.com

STEP 6: Lips

Lip oil makes your lips appear more plump and hydrated. You can take the same lip oil onto your fingertips and apply this over the apples of your cheeks to add just a touch of colour and that extra dewy look.

Lip oil, PRP AED 23, available at hm.com

STEP 7: Body

Just like the lips, you can use body oil with a touch of shimmer and spray this over your neck, chest and shoulders. Blend the product out with a flat makeup brush. Be careful to avoid your clothing.  Do this right after you have put your sunscreen and then wear your beach outfit or summer dress. You are left with a beautiful sheen that really comes alive under the sun. For an all over glow effect you can use the body oil all over your arms, legs and torso to really keep the glow going if you are wearing a shorter outfit or a bathing suit. 

Pro tip: If you want to make your collar bones and shoulders appear more prominent you can apply a light touch of highlighter (from Step 4) with a round blender brush for an added effect.

SHIMMER BODY OIL, PRP AED 198, available at bloomingdales.com

ELITE 2 – E31 – DELUXE FLAT BUFFER, PRP AED 99, available at glamazle.com

FLAWLESS ROUND BLENDER – M513, PRP AED 49, available at glamazle.com

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