Kimberley Denise

Kimberley Denise

Mango Just Dropped Its Incredible Summer 2020 Collection

Here are the 7 outfits I couldn’t resist.

Mango’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is in and oh my goodness, you are in for a treat! Mango may be a high-street store, but its latest collection offers a range of timeless styles that are bang on-trend. That’s great news because it means you will find clothing items that no matter what colour or style you select, will always be a classic season after season and at an amazingly affordable price tag .

Don’t believe me? For example, there is the pink shirt dress, the floral jumpsuit, the polka maxi dress and the terracotta-hued pieces that all have seriously long-lasting wear potential in your closet.  Mango is also part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) which promotes sustainable practices in the textile industry and so it’s no surprise that the collection features natural materials like sustainable cotton and recycled fibres which we love.

So, are you ready to see the pieces I couldn’t get enough off during my recent visit to Mango? Keep scrolling for our shopping video and our product picks…


LOOK 1: Purple Power

This first look features this amazing long purple dress that skims your body and shows off all those curves but is loose enough so you can easily move. To make this look more on-trend add a pop of colour by pairing it with a bucket bag in mint green.

Pleated Long Dress

aed 349.00 Mango

Pleated Volume Bag

aed 99.00 Mango

LOOK 2: Animal Print

Yess, animal print is here again! But this season’s it’s all about zebra print. This 2-piece matching shirt and midi skirt set are perfect if you are looking for a wild and dressed-up outfit.  Inspired by the Jacquemus mini bags seen on several catwalks, we chose to accessorize this look with a lilac mini bucket bag.

Flowy Zebra Printed Shirt

aed 199.00 Mango

Zebra Print Skirt

aed 269.00 Mango

Pleated Volume Mini Bag

aed 79.00 Mango

LOOK 3: Femininely Animal

Taking Look 2 you can change the top of the matching zebra print shirt and skirt set and create a more feminine and sexier look with a metallic terracotta top.

Metallic Knit Top ON SALE

aed 89.00 Mango
aed129.00 31

LOOK 4: Denim Rocks

Denim is a timeless fabric that has been reinvented every season and it is here to stay, forever.  This season, you will see denim from the 80s and 90s reappear in fresh and modern styles. Also, all the denim pieces in the Mango Spring/Summer 2020 collection are made from sustainable cotton.

This look pairs the metallic terracotta top from Look 3 with a pair of high-waisted denim jeans to show off those curves. Or, you can make denim-on-denim a feature in your daily outfits with this look that works for all occasions – dressed up with a pair of heels or down with a pair of colourful flats.

Medium Wash Denim Shirt

aed 199.00 Mango

Straight Fit Cropped Jeans

aed 199.00 Mango

Super High Waist Darts Slouchy Jeans

aed 269.00 Mango

LOOK 5: Polka Dot

Polka dots have returned every summer for the last couple of years and this year is no exception.  The dotted pattern can be seen in different combinations with the neutral desert colour palette. But, this season, the dots have come in with a little bit of a different style – the Mango Spring/Summer 2020 collection has a brushed dot pattern instead of the perfectly circular shape we have seen in the past, giving this print a new vibe.  This polka dot maxi dress took us to heaven and back and suits every body type since you can adjust how tight you like the waist to fit.

Belt Long Dress ON SALE

aed 279.00 Mango
aed399.00 30

LOOK 6: Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit will take you to the 80s and 90s but in a new modern way! With a different take on polka dots, this jumpsuit is simultaneously comfortable and stylish. You can dress it up with a pair of pink heels for a pop of colour that’ll make you ready to dance the night away.

Long Printed Jumpsuit ON SALE

aed 189.00 Mango
aed269.00 30

Leather Straps Sandals

aed 199.00 Mango

LOOK 7: Shirt Dress

Love, love, love this pink shirt dress! This summer staple is so versatile that you can wear it cinched at the waist or have it float around you without the belt. Add a Bottega Veneta inspired woven bag to give the look a little bit more texture and fun.

Belt Linen Dress

aed 199.00 Mango

Modal Wrap Dress ON SALE

aed 139.00 Mango
aed199.00 30

Braided Design Bag

aed 199.00 Mango