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3 Makeup Trends Worth Mastering for Fall

Look fabulous, stay on trend.

There are so many makeup trends out there that it’s a minefield to figure out which ones you should be following. So what’s a girl to do? Master the following three that we’ve chosen for you! Bonus: each is perfect for fall.

Reverse Cat Eye

This trend has been around for a few months now, but it is still perfect to take you into the new season. It gives you just the right amount of grunge and is much easier to achieve than a normal winged liner. You may be wondering, ‘What exactly is a reverse cat eye?’

Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – it’s an upside down version of the traditional winged eye look. Instead of only applying eyeliner to your upper eyelid, you will also place it on your lower lash line. After all, why should your lids have all the fun, right?Feel free to replace the gel liner shown in the video below (Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink) with a black or brown kohl pencil, as long as it’s easy to blend.

Watch the Video: How to Create the Reverse Cat Eye

90s Lip

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are channeling their inner Linda Evangelista by sporting this trend circa now. This look is all about those hazy, matte lips with a soft gradient from your lip line to the centre of your lips, which gives you the perfect ‘pouty and full’ lip look.

You will need a nude brown liner (such as Whirl Lip Pencil by MAC) to create a defined line around the whole lip. There is no need to blend for this look. Next, use a clear or very sheer gloss or balm over the rest of your lips. This gives a contoured, plumped look to the lips whilst giving a little nod to the 90s. Pro tip: You can increase or decrease the drama of this look by going for a darker or lighter lip pencil.

Monochrome Makeup

This trend just keeps on coming back into our lives – but what does it even mean? Monochrome basically means varying tones of one colour, so in a makeup sense, this is where you’d match your eye, lip, and cheek colours by using the same or very similar hues of your chosen colour palette. This makeup look can be sweet and simple or statement-making, depending on which colour palette you choose.

An easy way to achieve this look is to do a wash of the eyeshadow (in whichever shade you have chosen) all over the lid. Blend this out using a fluffy brush to give a really soft, smoky finish. Then choose a lipstick in a very similar tone. Featured here is MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lip Colour in Date-Maker to match the copper shade on the eyes. For the blush, you can use either your lipstick or your eyeshadow directly on your cheeks so the whole look ties together perfectly. However, be wary if the shades are very dark and opt for a blusher in a lighter shade instead.

Product Recommendations:

Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, BOBBI BROWN

Lip Pencil in Whirl, MAC COSMETICS

Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour, MAC COSMETICS

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Woman applying red lipstick

Red Pout 101: How to Find and Apply Your Perfect Match

Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the colour on our minds is red! Whether you have a date night planned or are celebrating your female friendships, a red lipstick is never the wrong choice – despite the challenge of choosing the right one. Rule #1? There are no rules. However, if you do need a little help, read on.

Choosing the Right Red

This is where many people don’t know where to begin. Should you go maroon, berry, or cherry red? Should you go light or dark? There are a few simple tips you can follow. Your skin tone is decided by whether you have a cool or warm complexion. For paler skin tones, note whether your skin has more of a pink undertone (cool) or an olive tone (warm).

For darker skins, determine if you have a golden undertone (warm) or more of a reddish/purple undertone (cool). A darker skin tone can definitely carry off much deeper shades, but if you have paler skin and want to be a little more daring, it’s always worth a try too. You never know, it might be your perfect shade! Once you have worked out your skin tone, refer to our product picks to find the shade right for you.

Cool Tones

Blue-based lipsticks suit those with cool tones. This MAC pick is perfect if you’re aiming for retro vibes.

Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo, MAC COSMETICS

MAC Cosmetics, How to Apply Red Lipstick

Prefer red-carpet feels? Charlotte Tilbury has just the shade.

Matte Revolution Lipstick – Red Carpet Red, CHARLOTTE TILBURY

Charlotte Tilbury

If you’re new to wearing reds and unsure of too much colour, why not try a gloss instead?

Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Glossy Cherry, SEPHORA


Warm Tones

People with warmer skin tones should opt for reds with more of an orange base. This one by Estée Lauder is our favourite for a fresh look. 

Pure Colour Envy in Impassioned, ESTÉE LAUDER


We love a lipstick worth flaunting in public. Case in point: this pick from Tom Ford Beauty.

Lip Color in Wild Ginger, TOM FORD BEAUTY


And again, if you’re not quite ready for red lipstick, this gloss is perfect for warm skin tones.

Crushed Oil-Infused Gloss in Hot Streak, BOBBI BROWN


Applying the Perfect Red

There are four main steps to ensure your lips look full and even, with your lipstick staying on for longer:

  1. Apply a lip primer, such as the MAC Prep + Prime Lip, all over the lips including over the lip line. This has so many benefits: conditioning the lip, creating a perfect base for lipstick to glide on (especially a dryer matte lipstick), helping the colour last longer, and preventing lipstick bleeding into fine lines around the lips.
  2. Apply lip liner in a colour close to the chosen lipstick. MAC does a great range of different lip liners to suit many shades. Line the lips and then colour in the lip slightly, too – this will also prolong the life of your lip colour.
  3. Apply the lipstick you have chosen using the above tips.
  4. Using your favourite concealer and a fine brush, tidy up any smudges or uneven lines to really perfect the shape. This will help make the lips look fuller, too.

Watch: How to Apply Red Lipstick

Don’t forget that the beauty advisors at the likes of Sephora are experts and will happily let you try different colours to find your right shade and finish, so use their knowledge! MAC, Estée Lauder, and many other brands also have a virtual try-on function on their websites so you can try before you buy online.

Other Red Pout Essentials

Prep + Prime Lip, MAC COSMETICS


Lip Pencil in Brick, MAC COSMETICS

Lip Pencil in Brick, MAC COSMETICS

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Concealer, ESTÉE LAUDER


For more makeup tips, follow @daniellejamesmakeup on Instagram.


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