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How Behind Her Eyes and I Care A Lot Have Made Us All Want A New Hairstyle

Why 2021’s must-see Netflix shows have made the blunt bob the haircut everyone wants

If you’ve been spellbound by two of the latest Netflix releases – namely psychological/supernatural thriller Behind Her Eyes and the compelling black comedy I Care A Lot – you’re joined by millions of similarly obsessed others – team Gaggler included. But aside from the brilliance of the story that unfolds in both these must-watch TV masterpieces, there’s another star element that unifies the two productions in their eyeball-glueing abilities – a magnificent, glossy bob in the leading role.

With Behind Her Eyes’ pivotal character, Adele (Eve Hewson) rocking a raven black, side-parted bob as perfect and shiny as a freshly-split conker, and I Care A Lot anti-heroine Marla (Rosamund Pike) showing off a blunt, blonde bob as faultlessly executed as her dastardly business dealings, it’s impossible not to be transfixed by the simple beauty of this classic, chin-skimming do – as well as the fascinating insight it gives into the personality of the characters who wear them.

So if you, like us, have been bewitched by the magic of the classic blunt bob – courtesy of Misses Hewson and Pike – whilst sneakily eyeing-up the army of bobs on Chanel’s SS21 catwalk and eternal hair icon Alexa’s Chung’s recent return to her bobbed best should you consider trialling the undisputed haircut of the season?

We quizzed Tanya Van Reenen, Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, on everything you need to know before going for the chop with a banging blunt bob:

THE GAGGLER: What exactly should I ask my hairdresser for?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Ask for a blunt bob. It’s a good idea to take some images of the style you wish to achieve to the hairdressers with you to show your stylist. This allows your stylist the chance to see if this exact style is possible for your hair, or if it needs to be adapted slightly to take into account your hair type, face shape and lifestyle. This is really important, because how much time you are willing to spend styling your hair everyday will determine the kind of cut you can realistically manage, as well as one that suits you the most.

THE GAGGLER: What kind of hair does a bob work best for?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Generally, bobs make hair look thicker, so this style is ideal for someone with fine to medium hair. Avoid completely if your hair is thick, curly or unruly. 

THE GAGGLER: Which face shape suits a bob?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Sleek bobs best suit oval or round faces as they contour the face beautifully.

THE GAGGLER:  How easy is it to maintain a blunt bob?

TANIA VAN REENEN: It really depends on your hair type. If you have fine hair, you’ll need a mousse like Redken High Rise Volume to add some body to the hair without making it sticky.

For hair that’s slightly frizzy and dry, Kerastase Elixir Ultime is your best friend. This iconic shine-enhancing hair oil offers heat protection from appliances, gives long-lasting radiance and durable frizz protection.

THE GAGGLER: How often do I need to get it cut to keep it looking tip top?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Ideally every 6-8 weeks. NEVER attempt to trim it at home yourself!

THE GAGGLER: What products doI need to make it look my bob look gorgeous and glossy?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Redken Shine Flash is brilliant, but you could also try an in-salon gloss treatment to add long-lasting shine. 

THE GAGGLER: What tools do I need to style it?

TANIA VAN REENEN: A paddle brush and a medium-sized round hairbrush. You will also need a hairdryer – I really like the Dyson Supersonic as it will not overheat the hair, which makes it go frizzy. 

THE GAGGLER: How should I dry it?

TANIA VAN REENEN: Blast dry it and brush it out with the paddle brush. When it’s  almost (90-95%) dry, use the round brush to smooth it and turn it under. Et voila! Netflix-perfect glossy blunt bob!

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