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3 Tips to Beach Beauty

Beach, Please: 3 Steps to Sun-Safe Beauty

Because winter is (finally) coming.

It’s been a long and hot summer, but winter is finally upon us and we are so ready for beach days. This winter, though, things will be different! We’re going to go for that glowy, fresh-faced, selfie-ready look that somehow manages to look effortless. Aside from the obvious – a good waterproof mascara – there are three easy steps that you’ll need to know.

1. Combine Your Foundation and Sun Protection

Let’s start with your skin. A great way for safe, yet flawless and glowing coverage is to mix SPF into your foundation. It is always best to use an SPF specifically intended for use on the face (such as Clinique SPF 50 Face Cream) as the skin on our face is more sensitive and requires more moisture. Ideally, you should use SPF 50 or above. Remember that damage from the sun’s rays is the main cause of premature ageing and pigmentation, so this tip doesn’t just apply to beach and pool days. 

It’s as easy as it looks! Place a pea-sized amount of SPF and slightly larger amount of your favourite foundation on the back of your hand. Using a foundation brush, mix the two together and apply as you would your regular base. Next, use a concealer and your fingertips to pat over any areas that need extra coverage, such as pesky blemishes and any redness.

A great tip is to use a full-coverage, long-lasting foundation that really stays in place (such as the Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup by Estée Lauder) because the SPF will then sheer it down to keep you looking fresh and glowing rather than overdone. If you need to reapply SPF throughout the day (which I advise), simply rub into the palm of your hands and press over the top of your makeup to avoid too much disruption to your foundation, then have your concealer handy for touch-ups, if needed.

2. Multitask Your Lipstick

Wear lipstick! You might not be used to wearing lipstick to the beach or pool, but if you pick for a shade of pink that is soft and neutral, it will give you a subtly polished ‘no-makeup’ makeup look. Lipstick also provides moisture, so if you generally opt for lip balm, let’s just upgrade to its classier cousin. And then there’s the added value: once applied, use your fingertips to tap some of the excess colour onto your cheeks for a sun-kissed look. Win-win.

3. Keep Your Cool

For when things get a little heated, pack a setting spray to refresh and cool down. The Prep + Prime Fix+ by MAC is perfect because it not only helps your makeup last longer, but also hydrates with vitamins and minerals – all whilst cooling you down! To use, hold 30cm away from your face and spritz all over after applying your makeup, then use whenever you wish to refresh throughout the day. 

To add an extra burst of freshness, MAC has created this set of mini Fix+ in tropical scents that are available exclusively at duty-free stores. They smell delicious, look adorable, and happen to be the perfect size for your beach bag. That’s the beauty side of your beach day, sorted! 

SPF 50 Face Cream, CLINIQUE

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup, ESTEE LAUDER 

Prep + Prime Fix+, MAC

If you love these tips and can’t wait until next month, follow @daniellejamesmakeup on Instagram for your weekly dose of all things beauty.

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