Garineh Serpekian

Garineh Serpekian
Garineh Serpekian is National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. After 15+ years in the corporate world of IT and Telecommunication consultancy, Garineh’s own health and well-being journey prompted her to leave her corporate role and embark on a new career helping others on their own toxic-free living journey with the launch of Gratifying Wellness. Witnessing a conclusive change in her own and children's digestive and hormonal health issues, Garineh was never more certain of the impact that food, diet and environmental toxins have on the body. Utilising the powerful tools of knowledge around health and nutrition, Garineh is here to help us create a better reality for ourselves and our ongoing wellbeing, by being mindful of all we put inside our bodies. As a Health Coach, Garineh uses evidence-based, motivational interviewing techniques coupled with accountability to engage her clients in making sustainable lifestyle changes to support their wellness. Ethnically Armenian, Garineh is fluent in three languages - Armenian, Arabic and English. She was born and raised in Jordan and has been residing in the UAE for the past 16 years with her husband and three daughters.

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