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4 Ways to Stay Connected This Daughter’s Day

Bonus: Zoom catch-ups not included!

Something that all expatriate women can agree on? Living in a country away from your mum is hard! No matter your age, a girl always needs her mum, so to celebrate the upcoming Daughter’s Day on September 26, we’ve put together some fun and engaging ways to stay in touch with your mum. Although nothing can replace a hug from your mum, at least these ideas will be fun until the time you can see her again!

Host a Virtual Game Night

Keep the traditional family game night alive by hosting a virtual version with your mum. Throwtogether a fun-filled evening (with a little friendly competition, of course) to combat the distance blues and enjoy each other’s company. Houseparty is a popular social networking site thats offers the ability to gather with your mum – and other family members – in your own private, virtual party room and play a variety of games – Heads Up (made popular by Ellen DeGeneres) included!

Start a Virtual Book Club

Book clubs are so in right now (just check out our book club here), so why not have your own personal book club with your mum? Each month, rotate who gets to pick a book, and agree how many chapters you must readevery fortnight before sitting back to discuss with your favourite beverage. We love the thought of a glass of wine on a Saturday night, discussing the ins and outs of the book we are both reading! 

Travel the World Together

Thanks to the internet, you and your mum can ‘travel’ the world together without even leaving your respective homes. Unsure where to start? Visit the depths of the Paris Catacombs together – mask-free, of course!

Make a Collaborative Playlist

Spotify’s Collaborative feature is the perfect way to share tunes and mix music genres to create a unique international playlist. All you have to do is download the music streaming service (you may need to walk your mum through this, and for that we apologise) and click Collaborative Playlist. Share the link with your mum and she will be able to add music directly from her account.


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