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Goodbye, 2022! 2023 Is Here, and She’s Bursting With Possibilities

Let go and enjoy the ride.
This year is special in a lot of ways, and no one will leave it unscathed (but in a good way). Immense growth, change and deeper connections to themselves and others, all signs will be experiencing rare astrological events and transformative energies throughout the year. Anomalies include four Mercury Retrogrades in the earth signs, providing us with a safe time to review and recover from the intense energy between them. Another rarity, this year contains 13 Full Moons, 2 of which will be in Cancer and full of emotional, reflective and security-oriented energy. There are also 2 Aries New Moons, one of which is a Solar Eclipse, bringing us big new beginnings-type energy around March. Venus is in Retrograde around the middle of the year, in Leo. This may bring about relationship conflicts, creative blocks or revisions and financial errors so prioritise communication, generosity and compassion.
Saturn enters Pisces for the first time in nearly 27 years this year, and if you were born between 1994 and 1996, get ready for your Saturn Return; known universally as a time of big changes and “growing up”. More broadly, Saturn in Pisces will bring about a lot of emotional, spiritual and altruistic work and changing of structures within these areas. This transit will cause a global shift in the collective’s beliefs, compassion and connection to one another as structures are put in place to better support humanity.
Jupiter moves into Taurus this year, a transit that is financially abundant and full of good fortune. Growth and healing will occur for many around their bodies, their connection to the present moment, and their routines. Slow and steady progress, grounding practices and practising mindfulness are all ways to accentuate the positively lush energy this transit brings. In the second half of 2023, both Jupiter and Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, providing a time to reflect on our relationship with money, possessions, work and security.
Finally, Pluto will undertake its first appearance in Aquarius for the first time since 1798. While its full 20-year stint in Aquarius will not begin properly until 2024, this first touch will give us a taste of the change that it will bring for the first time. Transformation will occur globally in areas like technology, humanitarianism, rebellions and new ideas. This exciting new age has the potential to unite humanity more than ever before while holding the power to overthrow oppressive systems and create solutions to social problems. Aquarius in Pluto brings hope into 2023 in a way many of us have been looking for for a long time.
2023 is big, it’s unique, it’s dynamic and it brings powerful energy. As the energy of 2023 sweeps through, let go and enjoy the ride. While unpredictable and at times downright terrifying, trust that it is taking us to a better place. Ready to see where this thing takes us?
Read on for your zodiac sign’s complete horoscope for 2023.

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Pisces Zodiac sign

Pisces, 2023 is a Year of Evolution for You

Dive deep, fly high.

2023 is a year of growth for you Pisces, and a chance to strengthen your relationship with yourself. It is so easy for you to get lost in other people’s needs, wants, and emotions, but this is a time when you begin to separate where you end and others begin. This year is also potentially financially abundant for you, especially when you work with Venus and Jupiter in your home sign. Saturn returns to Pisces for the first time in roughly 27 years, bringing some tension to your emotional expression, spirituality, and giving nature for the purpose of strengthening them. 2023 is where you learn to hone your gifts so that they do not deplete you. Remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Who You Really Are

The last sign of the zodiac, beautiful Pisces brings us full circle with wisdom and understanding to show for it. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces represents the duality of life, opposite yet equally vital, and our connection to everything that is. Compassionate, creative, spiritual, and emotional, Pisces brings peace, love, and kindness to the world without even trying. At their best, Pisces are empathetic, giving, wise, and artistic. At their worst, they can be out-of-touch, over-indulgent, and people-pleasing. Setting boundaries, being realistic, and caring for themselves first are skills Pisces must learn in this life.

Pisces is at home in the last house of the zodiac wheel, the 12th house of spirituality, dreams, subconscious, solitude, and endings. A mutable (adaptable, empathetic, and open-minded) water (sensitive, emotional, and creative) sign, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune is the planet of dreams and spirituality and contributes greatly to Pisces’ easy connection to the mysterious, paranormal, and unseen. The 12th house represents the end of life, as well as the period before birth. This is the part where we know everything and nothing all at once. This is the part where we simply believe. Pisces is consequently a believer, a dreamer, a psychic, and a giver. Guide us, Pisces. You know the way. 

Career and Money

Career themes carry on pretty much as usual in 2023 (at least astrologically speaking) until the 4th of June when the full moon in Sagittarius appears. This full moon brings up feelings of a wider sense of purpose, a need to be challenged and intellectually stimulated, and a need to help others. Use these feelings to review where you are in your journey to your higher purpose, and ensure that where you are is more or less on track for your larger goals. From the 10th of November until the end of the year, it’s a great time to make big career moves like relocating, acquiring new skills, or starting your own business. Just make sure you double-check any details and plans between the 13th and 23rd of December. 

2023 has a lot of abundant financial energy for you, especially until the 16th of May. This period is rife for all kinds of riches to come your way. The more passion, courage, and initiative you lead with, the more opportunity and generosity will come your way. The 12th of April in particular is an incredibly abundant day for you, so use it to start new ventures, income revenues, and for setting intentions around money.

From the 20th of February until the 20th of April it is a fantastic time to start new money ventures like investments. Be assertive, clever, and shrewd when calculating what risks to take, and give yourself enough time to think things over before you leap. The full moon in Aries on the 29th of September is a fantastic time to review your financial decisions and learn from them. 

Friends and Family

This year begins with a concentration of social energy around January which is a good time to socialise, make friends, and seize opportunities. This is a time to do things you wouldn’t normally do, to challenge your old ways of thinking and to approach life with an open mind.

A transformation may come to its climax on the 18th of January in a way that changes the dynamic in one or more friendships. On the 3rd of July, the full moon in Capricorn provides a great time to reflect on your social circles and how you interact with others. Use this time to review the role of responsibility, emotional sensitivity, and maturity in your platonic relationships. Your social life fires up again towards the end of the year from the 1st of December, so take the lessons of 2023 into your new and improved friendships. 

If your motivation or care factor surrounding home and family has been a bit stunted as of late, that’s due to change after the 13th of January. In fact, you will be more inclined to act decisively from then until the 25th of March than ever. From the 11th of April until the 27th of June, family, home life and self-care are coming into focus for you. This is a great time to communicate your needs clearly, to get your home or living space organised, and to be curious about conflict rather than combative. On the 27th of November, the full moon in Gemini provides a good catalyst for reviewing your current and previous family relationships, home life, and sense of safety. 

Love and Romance

Long-term relationships don’t come on your radar astrologically until the 7th of March during the full moon in Virgo. During this time themes of selflessness, boundaries, commitment, and overthinking come up regarding the way you approach partnerships. Use this time to ground yourself, clarify your priorities, and fill your own cup first.

From the 10th of July until the 8th of November, the time for starting, deepening, or even ending long-term relationships is now. Clear your mind in nature, be selfless with moderation and resist the temptation to get caught up in perfectionism. Miscommunications are more likely from the 23rd of August until the 15th of September, so be clear, honest and kind with your words. Relationship tension may come to a head on the 10th of October, and will likely make or break your current partnership. 

As far as dating goes, the 5th of June may contain a big change or transformation for you, a love interest or a potential relationship. Between the 7th of May and the 23rd of August, you are at your flirtiest, most confident and most authentic. Make sure to protect yourself from those not worthy of your time, but also recognise the gift that is your vulnerability for those who deserve it. 

Your Year in a Nutshell

2023 may challenge you, but it does it out of love. In a cosmic workout, the planets and stars send you worthy competitors as you build your strength. You are put here to love, give and feel, Pisces, but you cannot do that sustainably without building boundaries, self-love and self-worth. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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