The Gaggler Review: Why We Love This Skin Republic Peel-Off Mask

We test the cult-favourite Skin Republic Peel-Off mask.

Some mornings your skin just needs a pick-me-up. You know the ones… when you look in the mirror and wonder who the sallow, dull-skinned person is staring back. But help is at hand! And it comes in the extremely satisfying form of a peel-off mask. Skin Republic Peel-Off Mask is a favourite with beauty editors, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it excellent value for money and not tested on animals, it also works. I decided to give it a try.

First off, the twist-top pouch is easy to open, with the mask squeezing out like toothpaste. It’s easy to dispense as much as you need, so there’s no waste and you can squeeze out every last drop you need. My skin is prone to an oily T-zone and pigmentation, and was a bit dehydrated in parts. I slathered on the mask on my clean, dry face using my fingers. It doesn’t have any noticeable odour, but could be a bit messy to apply – so don’t wear a new T-shirt like I did! The mask dries in about 15-20 seconds, during which I felt no tingling or irritation. As it dried, it started to feel a bit tight, but then you start gently peeling it off. Is there anything more satisfying? I don’t think so!

Platinum Peel-Off Face Mask 27ml

aed 36.75 Skin Republic

The results were immediately evident: noticeably firmer, tighter and brighter skin. This is a great mask to apply before a night out or a big event, or simply when your skin needs a little oomph. There’s a generous amount in each pouch, so you don’t have to worry about getting three uses out of it. I used it three times over three weeks and my skin feels more even and elastic, and definitely looks brighter.

The Gaggler tip: Make sure your hair is pulled back completely with a hairband to avoid getting those fine baby hairs pulled out as well. Ouch!

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