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Struggling to Keep Up with Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Consider changing your mindset instead.

Every January, we make grand resolutions about what we’re going to change and do – and usually, it doesn’t last more than a day. This year, why not try to develop a different mindset that you’ll carry with you each year instead of more unrealistic proclamations? Here are five ways to make 2022 a great year.

1. Take Time to Settle into This Year

There always seems to be an expectation that as soon as January arrives, we should automatically be over the festive period of December and feel motivated and ready to take on the new year head-on. Some of us will be well away with the New Year feels, but if you’re currently feeling more January blues than ‘Yasss to Jan’, don’t worry – that’s totally okay.

Feeling energetic and motivated doesn’t automatically happen just because January has come around. We can’t flip a switch and feel amazing just because we want to. Instead, think about what one thing you can do today, and every other day, that will make you feel good. What will raise your mood? What one thing can you do today that works towards something you want to feel?  

Taking baby steps soon compounds bigger things in the future. Also, when we focus on immediate actions we can take – ones that feel doable and achievable – instead of focusing on the big end goal or destination that feels so far out of reach, we can get ourselves there little by little. Action follows motivation. Take a step to start something and the motivation will come.

2. Be Kinder to Your Mind

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Self-love may be a bit of a buzzword, but it’s incredibly important to both our wellness and mental health – and this is true especially if we’ve had a tough couple of years. Looking after ourselves starts with how we speak to ourselves. The language we use to talk to ourselves, even in our heads, has a direct correlation to how we feel. Our thoughts become our feelings, which then become our reality.

So, start your day by saying kind words to yourself. Look in the mirror and point out three things that you like about yourself. These can be things that you like about your personality, how you look, your body, what you’re good at, or what accomplishments you’re proud of. Rather than picking out things about yourself that you dislike, this will set you up for the day with a much more positive mindset.

3. Set Realistic Goals or Resolutions

What is it about the “New Year, New Me” resolutions that make us feel like we need to make a lot of big changes to overhaul our life, just because it’s the turn of the year? The reality is that taking on too many things to change at once will likely result in not sticking to them. In fact, overwhelming ourselves with too much change will probably lead to slipping back into old habits. Make your new year’s resolutions or goals realistic to implement and manage, and create action steps on how you are going to achieve them.

4. Move in Ways You Enjoy This Year

Movement and exercise are so important to our health – both mentally and physically – and for our overall happiness. Focus on ways that you enjoy moving your body! Our bodies tell us so much if we just choose to listen to them. What feels good to you? This is the key to not only getting into an exercise or fitness routine, but also sticking to it. If you don’t enjoy something, you’re not going to keep doing it.  

Make sure the exercises you do this year are a celebration of how it makes you feel, rather than as a punishment for what you’ve eaten over the weekend. Our bodies are amazing, and we should treat them as such! Also, as a little tip to get into exercise this year, find a workout buddy if you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated. This will help keep you accountable for going to classes, walks, or the gym. Try to even add some socialising into your exercise regime to keep you motivated!

5. Detox Your Life

No, I don’t mean spending a few days drinking cold-pressed green juice. Look at the set-up of your life. Consider your environment, relationships, and habits, and see where you can get rid of some toxicity. This includes friends who don’t support you anymore, toxic relationships, eating habits that don’t make you feel good, and saying no to things you don’t want to do. When we focus on improving ourselves and our lives first, we’re then able to be the best versions of ourselves to other people.


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Revitalise After Feasting: A Post-Thanksgiving Workout Regimen to Recharge Your Body

Revive, Recharge, Thrive

As the Thanksgiving feast fades into fond memories, it’s time to give your body the attention it deserves. In this post-feasting recovery guide, we’ll explore a tailored workout regimen designed to revitalise your body, recharge your energy, and counterbalance the indulgences of the holiday season.

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1. Wake Up the Body with Cardio Bursts:

Kickstart your post-Thanksgiving regimen with invigorating cardio bursts. Whether it’s a brisk morning walk, a jog, or a dance session, get your heart pumping and awaken your body from its food-induced slumber.

2. Core-Strengthening Pilates:

Engage your core muscles with a Pilates session to restore balance and stability. These low-impact exercises are perfect for toning and strengthening, providing a gentle yet effective workout for your post-feast body.

3. Yoga for Digestive Ease:

Explore a sequence of yoga poses designed to aid digestion and promote relaxation. Gentle twists and stretches will help soothe your stomach and release tension, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

4. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT):

Inject a burst of energy with HIIT exercises to elevate your heart rate and boost your metabolism. Short, intense intervals followed by rest periods are an efficient way to burn off excess calories and jumpstart your fitness routine.

5. Mindful Cool Down with Stretching:

Wind down your workout with mindful stretching. Focus on areas that may have tightened during the holiday festivities, allowing your body to recover and preventing post-feast stiffness.

As you embrace this post-Thanksgiving workout regimen, remember that it’s not about punishment but restoring balance. This curated routine aims to invigorate your body, clear your mind, and set the tone for a healthy and active holiday season. So, lace up those sneakers, roll out the yoga mat, and let’s embark on a journey to revitalise and recharge after the Thanksgiving feast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after Thanksgiving should I start this workout regimen?

The post-Thanksgiving workout regimen can be started as early as the day after the feast. However, listen to your body, and if needed, allow a day or two for digestion before engaging in more intense exercises.

Can I customize the workout routine based on my fitness level?

Absolutely! Tailor the regimen to suit your fitness level and preferences. Modify intensity, duration, or choose alternative exercises to ensure a comfortable and effective workout experience.

Is it necessary to follow the entire workout routine, or can I focus on specific exercises?

Feel free to adapt the regimen to your needs. While the full routine provides a well-rounded approach, you can choose specific exercises based on your preferences or focus on areas that feel particularly tight or in need of attention.


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