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Salama Mohamed on Skincare, Social Media, and More

In honour of the UAE’s National Day, of course.

Let’s get one thing straight: Salama Mohamed is not “suffering” with vitiligo – she’s blessed with it. But more on that in a minute. The Emirati influencer and entrepreneur came into our lives by way of the hilarious YouTube videos that star her and her husband, Khalid Al Ameri. Salama, however, is her own woman, venturing into the world of skincare with her brand Peacefull. Not only do the products cater to both men and women with sensitive skin, but they’re also designed with the region’s drastic swings of temperature in mind. Here, she gets candid with The Gaggler.

On what it means to be an Emirati woman in 2021:

“I’m feeling super lucky. I feel like we’re so lucky to be in the UAE, all of us – whether Emirati or not. What a great time to be alive and living in the UAE, it’s such a blessing. We have plans at Peacefull for National Day in place, a few tricks up our sleeves, so we’re excited.”

On the backstory of becoming a role model for so many:

“It was actually very challenging growing up in an environment where skin tone was a bit of a taboo to discuss. And skin-wise, I never had figures who I could look up to, so that was my mission in life – to become my own role model in that way, if it makes sense? I never had any growing up, so I wanted to be one for my kids and my community. It was very challenging, but doable.”

On how the representation of vitiligo has evolved in mainstream media:

“I’m against using the word ‘suffering’ – and I love Winnie Harlow for what she’s doing on a global scale. My son was once working around a mall with Khalid, and he saw a big poster of her in a campaign. He instantly said, ‘She looks like mama! She’s beautiful like mama.’ And I thought that was amazing. It just made my heart so warm when Khalid told me about the incident, so I’m thankful for her speaking up against being described as a ‘vitiligo sufferer’. And like her, I’m not suffering. Vitiligo has given me superpowers, so I’m absolutely not suffering whatsoever. I’m blessed with it.”

On bringing SoKo’s finest to the region:

“We’re bringing South Korean active ingredients through products that are tailor-made for this region. Peacefull products are tested in a heat chamber set to 50ºC for three months to make sure that the formula sits right during the summer – and the whole year for that matter. We have cica in the Endless Purifying Toner, which is a wound healer and therefore heals the skin after traumatic cystic acne. And then there’s mugwort in the Mugwort Clay Mask Cleanser, which is an amazing antioxidant ingredient that helps to preserve moisture within the skin. It’s gentle enough to be used by people with psoriasis, people with eczema, people with rosacea, and people with vitiligo. That’s what we’re doing with Peacefull – yes, we bring these innovative active ingredients in from Korea, but they’re inclusive and suited to everyone.”

On launching beauty products for people with sensitive skin:

“I love makeup, so maybe one day, but our concern at the moment and what we’re trying to build is a lifestyle. We’re trying to pass on skincare for the next generation. We’re trying our best to be part of everyone’s skincare routines because we want to take care of the actual foundation of the skin before we mask it with makeup. That’s the problem we want to fix first and then, maybe in the future, we’ll branch out into makeup.”

On the last time she felt truly at peace:

“I’d like to think I’m peaceful every single day because I’m a fairly chilled out person, but it goes up and down. Like anyone else, it depends on the day – it depends on whether you’ve had your cup of tea, whether it was made right that morning, whether you’ve gone to the gym and if you had a leg day – it depends how peaceful you are after that.”

On how frequently she needs a time-out from social media:

“Every single day, day in and day out. I consider myself a private person, but I’ve managed to find that sweet spot between being on social media and maintaining a private life. Everything that I do is scripted, so I only put out what I want to put out there – and keep the rest of my life private. So for example, if I post a video or a skit with Khalid or an image of myself with the boys today, I’ll spend an hour after that responding to people and engaging with them. And then I’ll take the rest of the day off. I’ll share that particular moment, but then have the rest of my day for myself and my family.”

On laughing uncontrollably with Khalid:

“We laugh every single day because we never take each other seriously – never, ever, ever. Unless, of course, there’s something that revolves around the kids or their schooling. But when it comes to us? We just never take each other seriously, and I’d say it’s a really lucky combination of two best friends cracking up at each other.”

On struggling with self-acceptance:

“I don’t remember the day and date, but I remember the year – it was between 2015 and 2016, but it’s been smooth sailing after that. It was rough around those couple of years because I had just moved back from the States, my son Abdullah was diagnosed with autism. It was challenging for the whole family and me as a mother, but I’m thankful for those years because they made me a lot tougher.”

On when she feels beautiful:

“Every single day!”


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These Are the Top 10 Beauty Salons in Sharjah

Pamper yourself in the UAE’s cultural capital.

Have you ever felt like you need some me-time? Something to help you feel more confident and empowered? Well, look no further than your local beauty salon! Getting your hair done, your nails done, or even just a massage can do wonders for your self-confidence. 

And it’s not just about looking good for other people. When you take care of yourself and make yourself look and feel good, it sends a message that you are worth taking care of. That you are worth investing in is an incredibly empowering feeling.

If you want to look your best, you need to find the best beauty salon in Sharjah. With so many salons to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re picking the right one? Choosing the right salon is an important decision, but it doesn’t have to be complicated because there are many great options out there. 

With a bit of research and some guidance, you can find the perfect place for you. So next time you’re feeling down or like you need a boost, consider treating yourself to a trip to one of the best beauty salons in Sharjah. It just might be exactly what you need. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best beauty salons in town so that you can find the right one.

1. Saray Beauty Centre

Saray Beauty Centre is a rejuvenating haven if you want to feel and look your best in a setting that exudes beauty, serenity, and elegance at every turn! This salon’s goal is to be a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs, from a single facial to a full bridal makeup and hair service. 

So, if you are searching for the best beauty salon in Sharjah, give this place a try. With the advanced equipment with the latest technologies, they can provide you with the highest quality of hair, skin, lash, and makeup services with the latest techniques supervised by highly reputable staff. Saray Beauty Centre ensures that treatment is provided and that more than maximum client satisfaction is achieved each visit.

Saray Beauty Centre, Al Meena St – Al Layyeh Suburb, Sharjah, 06 554 8487, open 10 am-10 pm daily.

2. Stone Beauty Centre

Stone Beauty Centre will quickly become your go-to destination of choice for a pampering experience unlike any other. It’s among the best beauty salon in Sharjah that you must check out. They are not just a salon; Stone Beauty Centre is an escape. 

Rather than spoiling you with material goods or lavish surroundings, their focus is on enhancing your natural beauty and wellness. Their stylists are among the best in the industry and have considerable experience. Among their popular treatments are hair services and mani-pedis, with 4.8-stars in Google reviews. As someone who has been providing quality beauty services for years, they ensure that you will have an experience tailored to your needs and customised to your lifestyle.

Stone Beauty Centre, Al Meena Street, Sharjah, 06 555 3390, open 11 am-9 pm daily.

3. Raidan Ladies Salon

The Raidan Ladies Salon, located in Al Nahda, is one of the most reputable in the area. It’s a professional hair and beauty salon with the latest hairstyling equipment, a professional team of experienced hairstylists, and special skills in all aspects of beauty. 

You can’t go wrong in visiting this salon with the vast array of services available, including manicures, pedicures, facials, eyebrow shaping, excellent service, and a beautiful atmosphere. That’s why this salon is on the list of the best beauty salon in Sharjah. They have been around for many years and generate positive reviews from clients.

Raidan Ladies Saloon, Al Buhaira Towers, Shop No 11, B Block, Al Nahda – Sharjah, 06 566 1704, open 1 pm-10 pm daily. 

4. Touq AlYasmeen Ladies Salon

Touq Al Yasmeen Ladies Salon offers quality services guaranteed to make you look your best. They believe that having healthy hair and taking care of one’s appearance are essential components of leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s one of the best beauty salons in Sharjah using some of the best products currently available in the beauty business for hair, nails, and makeup to ensure that you will leave the salon with the most beautiful and long-lasting results possible. 

Their highly trained and experienced staff are experts in all of the services you could ever require, including hair coloring and care, hair treatments, manicures and pedicures, cosmetics application, facials, nail extensions, waxing, and henna tattoos.

Touq AlYasmeen Ladies Salon, Robot Park Tower – Al Khan, Sharjah, 06 537 6756, open 10 am-10 pm daily. 

5. Al Jazibiah Beauty Salon

Al Jazibiah Beauty Salon has established itself as a leader in the beauty salon business. This beauty salon is also well-known for being the largest and cleanest establishment of its kind in the surrounding area. Their helpful employees are a big part of what makes this salon successful, and they stand behind the quality of everything they sell and provide. 

Their hair treatments are popular with regular customers, so if you’re looking to get treated with the best services in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, then head to Al Jazibiah Beauty Salon, one of the best beauty salon in Sharjah.

Al Jazibiah Beauty Salon, Malaka street – Al Nahda – Sharjah, 06 531 7173, open 10 am-10 pm daily.

6. Al Inekas Ladies Salon

Al Inekas Ladies Salon is among the best beauty salon in Sharjah because the staff is professionally qualified and has experienced beauticians on board for hair and beauty services. They work with well-known and leading premium beauty products. 

Their 24/7 customer service and after-care will help you achieve the best results from your visits to Al Inekas Salon, and they also offer home services, which is an added plus. The staff is well-trained in their respective fields and will give you a pleasant and honest service suggested by your beauty needs. 

The hair services are top-rated and this salon is all about beauty care to provide you with the most relaxing and intimate beauty experience in a well-equipped salon. Every woman is attractive and beautiful and deserves to feel good about themselves and their looks. Al Inekas Ladies Salon is here to help you look and feel your best!

Al Inekas Ladies Salon, Shop no 9 , Al Mahatta Tower, Sharjah, 055 698 2809, alinekasladiessalon.com, open 10:30 am-10:30 pm daily.

7. Anisaty Ladies Salon

Anisaty Ladies Salon is a full-service salon dedicated to consistently high client satisfaction levels by providing outstanding service, high-quality products, and a comfortable setting at a reasonable cost. It’s no doubt one of the best beauty salon in Sharjah! 

At Anisaty Ladies Salon, they promise to make you look and feel stunning. When you leave the salon, your friends will be jealous, and your significant other will appreciate you! This salon believes that beauty is for everyone. They have a 4.2-star review on goggle, and their mani-pedi services are a must-try. Regardless of your taste in style, this salon can help you achieve it with their skilled work and premium brands.

Anisaty Ladies Salon, Shop #4, Buhaira Oasis Building, Buheira Corniche, 32681 Sharjah, 06 556 0303, anisatysalon.com, open 10 am-10 pm daily.

8. Shammasi Ladies Salon

Shammasi Ladies Salon implements modern beauty treatments and products so that you will be comfortable and satisfied. Being among the best beauty salon in Sharjah, they provide a relaxing, soothing experience for all customers who come in for a beauty service. 

This salon has fully equipped rooms that provide maximum comfort during care procedures. They are popular with services such as massage, hair treatments, and mani-pedis. They work with the most famous international brands to ensure the quality of their products and guarantee customers only receive top-notch treatments.

Shammasi Ladies Salon, 25A, Al Nasserya Street, Sharjah, 04 261 0153, open 10 am-10 pm daily.

9. Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge

Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge has got all your beauty needs covered from head to toe. The inviting atmosphere, comforting surroundings, and excellent customer service will definitely make your visit worthwhile. 

Thanks to its skillfully crafted signature and most innovative services, this salon is a one-stop-shop for your beauty care needs. Whether you want the look of a fun, fresh bob or a classic, elegant hairstyle, Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge has you covered. 

Suppose you are still looking for the best beauty salon in Sharah; you might want to consider paving them a visit. Their in-house stylists are masters at everything from up-dos to curly hair and offer expert advice on makeup application, skincare, and nail care. Using only the finest products and carefully selected ingredients, ensure your experience is luxurious at every step.

Noura Hamdi Beauty Lounge, Al Asmawi Tower, 13, Al Taawun Street, Sharjah, 06 525 2112, open 10 am-10 pm daily. 

10. Mariot Beauty Salon

Whether you are looking for their hair services, makeup, facial treatments, or body waxing, Mariot Beauty Salon has it all. You’ll experience a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that will take your cares away. 

This one of the best salons in Sharjah will pamper you from head to toe with their popular hair services and mani-pedis, making your appointment a wonderful experience that you won’t forget! Their qualified hairdressers and facial specialists are highly skilled and trained in the latest beauty technologies.

Mariot Beauty Salon, Al Majed Towers Al Majaz 3 06 5560400 – 06 5560700 – Sharjah, 065560400, open 12 pm-9 pm daily. 


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