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Let’s Get Real About a Must-Try Facial

How true is the ‘immediate results’ claim?

In a case of stating the obvious, summer in Dubai can be brutal on our skin thanks to humidity, dust, air-conditioning, criminally high temperatures, and – the main culprit – the sun. Before you start praying to the skin gods for a small miracle, we explore the quintessential facial to remedy summer skin concerns.

The Branding Room has added The Enzyme Treatment Facial to its menu, this treatment designed to give your skin instantly visible results. Don’t believe us? Just ask Aparna, who reviewed this treatment on behalf of The Gaggler – we don’t call it a Real Girl Review for nothing! And if you, too, would like the opportunity to review trending beauty treatments, make sure to join our group on Facebook

The Facial: The Good, The Bad, and The Enzymes

“This facial treatment can be slightly explosive for three minutes,” says Aparna. “My face felt very hot when the enzymes were added, so the lovely therapist fanned my skin to ensure it remained cool while they worked their magic.”

The Enzyme Treatment Facial is a treatment suitable for all skin types, including those with hypersensitivity or rosacea. The treatment is rejuvenating, and improves both circulation and texture. The Branding Room utilises professional skincare brand DMK, with the facial being carried out exclusively by certified beauty therapists. It rebalances and exfoliates the skin without causing any visible flaking – enzymes activate when applied and selectively absorb only dead skin cells, leaving healthy skin tissue alone. As for its steps? They include:

  • Gentle cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Comedone scrapping (extraction of pores)
  • Enzyme facial mask  
  • Treatment serums
  • Facial moisturiser and SPF to finish

What Are Enzymes and How Do They Work?

Enzymes are a living substance that regulate our health and work to maintain certain minerals in the body. These form a natural system of antioxidants in the skin. When formulated properly and used correctly, they remove dead proteins in the skin and physically reverse the signs of ageing. And unlike other enzyme facials that work on the surface of the skin, The Enzyme Facial Treatment works deep within, helping the skin strengthen itself on a cellular level and creating a healthy environment for cells to thrive in.

We Saw Instant Results!

When we discover new treatments, we treat our members, readers, and community to the opportunity to review these for our Real Girl Review series. All our reviewers are ‘real’ girls (read: no hidden agenda) – just their honest and candid feedback. Aparna, our Real Girl Reviewer, couldn’t believe the instant change she saw in her skin. She reported visibly glowing and radiant skin the next day, even receiving compliments from family and friends. This has The Gaggler Real Girl Review seal of approval! If you’re thinking of giving The Enzyme Treatment Facial a try, here’s what you need to know.

Enzyme Facial Treatment without extractions:
Duration: 90 minutes
Session Price: AED 800 
Treatment Plan Price: AED 575

Enzyme Facial Treatment with extractions:
Duration: 120-140 minutes
Session Price: AED 1,000
Treatment Plan Price: AED 700 

For bookings and enquiries, click here or visit @thebrandingroom on Instagram.

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