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sensitive skin care routine

Back To Basics: Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

A guide to soothe and calm reactive skin types

If your skin is the ‘easily offended’ type, reacting to pretty much everything all of the time, or looks persistently flushed and has signs of texture issues such as bumps and flakiness…then you belong to the sensitive skin type category.  We can’t wait to dive into this post with you and hopefully help ease your suffering from extremely sensitive skin and the issues that come along with this condition. What can you do to calm skin that seems to be so easily reactive?

Having a GENTLE approach and the right product regime when it comes to caring for your delicate skin is vital. As with all skin types, it’s important to keep the skin well hydrated, nourished and protected. Here are some proven tips on how to alleviate and prevent redness and inflammation. This advice applies for all levels of skin sensitivity and even for those struggling with rosacea.

  1. Be extremely gentle so as to not further aggravate your skin. Knowing exactly which ingredients are included in your products is essential to avoid any reactions. Invisible ingredients can be just as abrasive as obvious ones, such as scrubs. 
  2. Use appropriate hydrating, soothing antioxidants and sun protection. These are imperative to keep your sensitive skin happy and under control.
  3. Include SPF ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in your skincare routine. These are incredibly gentle and less likely to cause any irritation on your sensitive skin, compared to chemical sunblock. 
  4. Avoid triggers that cause this sensitive skin condition such as sun exposure, heat, spicy foods, alcohol, strong skincare ingredients, and caffeine.  The factor(s) that causes sensitivity can vary from person to person. 
  5. Switch to fragrance free skincare products. This includes products that include fragrant natural plant oils.  Avoiding harsh face cleansing devices and physical scrubs is also something your skin will thank you for. 
  6. Stay away from aggravating ingredients such as alcohol, citrus, menthol, mint and lavender and try to include these soothing ingredients into your skincare: chamomile, calendula, borage, evening primrose, curcumin and licorice.

For a simple and gentle skincare regime we recommend the following steps:

Mini Skincare Routine - Combination Oily Acne skin

STEP 1: Cleanser

Use a gentle sulfate-free lotion to remove makeup and other impurities without disrupting your skins barrier. Sulfates are derived from petrochemicals (from petroleum) and oleochemicals (from fats and oils). For example, ingredients such as sulphar trioxide, sulpuric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are common sulfates found in face, body and haircare products. Sulfates are very effective in removing impurities but are also very powerful, too powerful to use on some skin types, especially sensitive skin. When washing your face with your sulfate-free lotion, it is best to use room temperature water to avoid aggravating your skin with warm or hot water.  

Our picks:

Soy Face Cleanser, PRP AED 105, available at thebeautycorp.com

Antirougeurs Anti-Redness Cleansing Fluid, PRP AED 61, available at lookfantastic.ae

Face Cleanser, PRP AED 79, available at feelunique.com

Gentle Skin Cleanser, PRP AED 100, available at lookfantastic.ae

STEP 2: Toner

Go for an alcohol-free formulation that contain a good amount of soothing and calming ingredients such as white tea, chamomile, green tea and bisabolol. Bisabolol comes from chamomile but in a more concentrated form and is the main ingredient in chamomile essential oil.

Our picks:

Ultra Repair Wild Oat Hydrating Toner, PRP AED 162, available at whizz.ae

Calm Soothing Toner Clear, PRP AED 125, available at clarins.com

Moisture Surge™ Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief, PRP AED 194, available at namshi.com

PHA Toner, PRP AED 43.20, available at feelunique.com

STEP 3: Moisturiser

One of the best moisturizers for sensitive skin are those with no fragrances or artificial dyes, as these can cause irritation and allergic reactions. You also want to use a cream-based formulation to hydrate your sensitive skin.

Our Picks:

Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturizer, PRP AED 22, available at lookfantastic.ae

Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer, PRP AED 180 , available at lookfantastic.ae

Sensibio AR Anti-Redness Care Skin Prone to Rosacea, PRP AED 90, available at lookfantastic.ae

Redness Relief Calm Restoring Moisturizer, PRP AED 247.20, available at ninthavenue.ae

STEP 4: Sunscreen

Go for a sunscreen that has active ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as they are less likely to cause any skin irritations. Zinc Oxide is a mild astringent with weak antiseptic properties, that has skin protectant properties. Titanium dioxide is a mineral used as a sunscreen ingredient, particularly for sensitive skin types, and protects your skin from UVA and UVB radiation.

Our picks:

Natural Mineral Oil-Free Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, PRP AED 116, available at soukare.com

Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector – SPF30 Broad Spectrum Mineral Sunscreen, PRP AED 156, available at beautybay.com

Crème Mineral Beauty Balm SPF 50, PRP AED 143, beautifiedyou.com

Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF50, PRP AED 136.50, available at boots.com

STEP 5: Serums &Treatments

You can still treat other skin concerns while taking care of your sensitive skin. Do be cautious with the formulations and products you choose and if necessary, consult with your dermatologist before trying anything new. If you are looking for some exfoliating benefits, lactic acid is the mildest type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and highly recommended for people with a high level of sensitivity. Lactic acid is used to exfoliate the skin, lighten dark spots and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Our picks:

Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Serum, PRP AED 84.23, available at derma.ae

REDNESS RELIEF REPAIRING SERUM, PRP AED 132.12, available at nyasia.ae

Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum Fragrance Free, PRP AED 162.49, available at iherb.com

Marine Hyaluronic, PRP AED 84, available at looksfantastic.ae

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