The moon in a dark sky

Your Guide to Surviving November’s Full Moon Eclipse

Feel the earth shift under your feet.

This coming Thursday, November 19, the so-called Beaver Moon will be at its fullest and brightest in the night sky. Full moons always come with revelations and activation, and we often struggle to sleep or contain our emotions during this time of the month. It is no coincidence that full moons are associated with madness – the word ‘lunatic’ is directly derived from lunar, the Latin word for moon. The build-up of emotion on a full moon is the cosmos’ wonderful way of pushing us to release what no longer serves and celebrate all that we have worked for in the last month!

Lunar Eclipse – Beginnings and Endings

In my previous post, I talked about the start of the eclipse season in early November, which will take us up to the end of the year. The next two months will be a powerful time of change as eclipses signify beginnings and endings. This month’s full moon in Taurus is all about closing out what we have done in 2021. So, whether you want to say “good riddance” (and you wouldn’t be the only one!) or reflect on the good times, this is the week to work on releasing thoughts, inner narratives, and attitudes that you do not want to carry forward into 2022.

Eclipse energy is sudden and strong. Even if we feel like we’re not ready for the changes it brings, this energy can help us to see this change as a shift in what the highest part of you is truly craving. Lunar eclipses are also connected with shocking or surprising revelations, so it is important that we remain out of ‘reactionary mode’ as much as possible.

What the Taurus Full Moon Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Full moons mark an emotionally tense time for all. A lunar eclipse adds fuel to the fire, initiating change and disruptions to our day-to-day lives. But there’s no need to panic – these changes don’t have to be bad or scary. Continue reading to understand the impact of this Taurus full moon on your zodiac sign and learn how to navigate what’s coming your way.

Aries & Libra

This Beaver Moon represents activation and maybe some discomfort for you. Perhaps you’re feeling like you want to say something, but can’t relate to those around you? Be careful with your words – repercussions of what we say can linger long after the feelings that propelled us to say it has passed. The best use of your drive and courage is in uniting people. If you feel like sitting this out and finding some solitude at this eclipse, consider this your permission slip to put yourself first and do exactly that.

Taurus & Scorpio

With the sun in Scorpio (how we shine) and the moon in Taurus (our deeper desires), this is a very personal-feeling moon. Your strength lies in your sheer resilience through any change, especially when the waters underneath us are changing direction constantly. Your estimation of your own worth is far more important than the validation from others right now. If you find yourself measuring value in terms of how your work, ideas, or plans are perceived, then this moon will highlight that in some way. Take the lesson and make the shift!

Gemini & Sagittarius

This eclipse energy is happening super strongly for you, transforming your natural ability to absorb and imbibe the many different possibilities opening to you. Are you feeling a call to dive into what feels truthful right now? Any areas of your life where you are anything but your authentic self will be highlighted in the coming weeks, so be sure to set some boundaries and get ready to step into a new ‘destined’ version of your fullness.

Cancer & Capricorn 

Venus – the planet of love, money, and harmony – remains in retrograde until March 2022 and this will impact you the most! Mercury in retrograde has become super popular for its association with matters going a bit haywire, particularly related to e-mails, online dating, and generally getting our wires crossed. But did you know you are far more likely to run into an ex during Venus in retrograde? Venus is all about value and, when she’s in retrograde motion, this plays out in strange ways. For example, if you meet somebody right now or go for a job interview, first impressions may be different than what they would usually be. In spite of your forthright nature, you are being asked to see the slow burn potential of investments (love and finance) and the merits of building a foundation over time.

Leo & Aquarius

This lunar eclipse is the perfect time to bring our attention to where we might be blocking the transformation that we want to make within ourselves. This is such a powerful time to deal with emotional matters as we cannot shift negative thoughts and beliefs if we do not choose to explore them. You really don’t like being caught off guard, so why not step into being a true co-creator of change? This is the definitive time to call in all that you may have been dragging your feet on!

Virgo & Pisces

Remember the old saying, ‘patience is a virtue’? Well, this is super highlighted during this full moon, inviting you to take your time and smell the roses. In making the most of your adaptability, remember to have faith in your spiritual side and pay attention to what inspires you. This is not the time for big moves, but to surrender to the call of your desires and creativity.

Suggested Full Moon Ritual and Journal Prompts

Take a walk in nature – somewhere that feels good. Notice your feet on the earth/water as you go. Before journaling/releasing, find a spot where you can sit for at least five minutes connecting to exactly where you are. Reflect on these prompts:

  • Where in my life am I placing value on things that no longer resonate? 
  • What within me needs to be let go? What no longer serves me?
  • Where or with whom do I find a sense of grounding?
  • Where do I feel a sense of abundance in my life and where do I feel a sense of ‘not enough’?

Candice Young is a moon lover, astrologer, and empowerment coach based in Dubai. Follow her on Instagram @ninthouseastrology to learn more.


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Your October 2023 Astrological Forecast Is Here 

The Charm & Power of Balance

October swoops into the beautiful season of fall while bringing Libra  Libra Season to center stage. This season asks for an exploration of your partnerships and how your interpersonal dynamics affect your life. This is the time to pay attention to how to balance out different areas of your life and pay off karmic debts! Libra season is also known as cuffing season when love and commitment become a theme. It is time to pamper all your dreams and desires properly so you can recognize what you are looking for. Allow yourself to indulge in the aesthetic that you truly want. Nurture yourself as much as you want the world to nurture you. Create new standards for your reality. Recognize the potential for joy in your life. Balance your actions out for your desired manifestations!

What to Expect This Month of October

In October, Libra Season will reopen many chapters in your life to refresh your beliefs. This wonderful zodiac sign of partnership, balance, justice, and beauty is here to turn the charm of being alive back on. This shines a spotlight on how relationships can either add heavily to your life or take away from it. You are being asked to see where it is that you get support, purpose, and influence and what value other people place on your energy and input. The balance of the energy you give and the energy you get from others will become clear. At the same time, this season will give you opportunities to stand up and grow for yourself. Are you pampering and investing in your beauty? Are you making making goals for yourself? Are you investing in your pleasure or wealth? This is a time to be very clear about what brings you joy and learn to ground that in practical ways. Let yourself embody delight. You can win people over in so many without using logic. This month is about remembering you have the ability to attract whatever you want.

This month will bring two eclipses, with intense energy, to bring clarity to your thoughts that will help direct you in your journey forward. With the Libra Aries axis in the sky still happening, this month will be about practicing independence in our relationships and figuring out where it is that we can connect with others without losing ourselves. This month is about learning to have boundaries that nourish ourselves. At the same time, you’ll be given resources to achieve your dreams. Earthy Taurus will meet charming Libra in the sky, so you can realize your best life forward, even full of pleasure, can be grounded in a realistic plan to make it come true as a goal! This month will bring a lot of focus into our careers,  finances, and structures of stability in our lives. We will be tempted to go through our old daily cycles, but we have to shift on to new, evolved ones that actually benefit us. Libra season wants you to switch into your main character’s energy and use all the lessons you’ve already learned from the previous months. October is a month where we will be asked to invest and think long-term about how we plan beauty.


Affirmation: I heal and cherish my body.

This month’s focus for you is a physical transformation, Aries. At the start of the month, you’ll start noticing how much you’ve already grown and where you want to go next. You are being encouraged to let yourself dream bigger for yourself. By the end of the month, you’ll want to completely transform yourself to match the life you want around you. Like they say, dress for the job you want to have. This is also time for you to pay attention to the areas you’ve neglected your health and how it has affected other parts of your life. Take charge of your body and take charge of your life!


Aries Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I deserve to have my needs met.

October will highlight your career and finances, Taurus. There will be an unexpected windfall of money, finances, or even a promotion. As the month progresses, you’ll be encouraged to look deeper at your mental health and how it affects your life. Let yourself celebrate your new milestones. You have taken time out to get to know your triggers. You must learn when to listen to the thoughts inside your head and differentiate when they are bringing you down. You’ll be given opportunities to reconnect to your instinct again. At this time, you will be encouraged to share your emotional depth with those around you in a balanced way. Instead of bottling things up, you’ll learn to communicate healthily.


Taurus Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation:  I ground my dreams in reality.

October will teach you to take risks with responsibility, Gemini. Just at the start of the month, you’ll be getting new ideas and feeling passionate about the upcoming opportunities your way. This is the time to take a leap of faith to change the direction of your life. You are being encouraged to embrace your duality and range of interests as a strength. This is a practice of strength and discipline and dividing your energy. This is a lesson in expansion in your work and personal life. Do not be afraid of relying on your unique understanding. Learn to communicate your fantasies so they can be grounded in reality. You are beginning to look at the future realistically.


Gemini Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation:  I am supported by the universe. 

October is bringing you a feeling of stability and nourishment, Cancer. The theme of this month is your health and your partnerships. Just at the start of the month, you’ll be given time to notice your patterns. Explore your subconscious thoughts and how they are affecting you. During the month, you will learn to create a supportive environment around you and be able to cut out things that drain you. See where it is you can best honor your emotions in your environments. Speak up. This is the chance to have who to go to when something goes wrong or when you need something. You are being asked to hold people true to their word and your standard.


Cancer Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I am proud to be seen as my authentic self.

This month, the focus is to be careful about your finances and more open when it comes to love. At the start of the month, you may want to invest in different places. Take time out to plan the next couple of months when it comes to your investments. Throughout the month, you may be getting noticed for your talents and charm when it comes to people. See where it is that your voice needs to be heard. Build your confidence up. Don’t give in to anything that does not align with your values or is an unnecessary risk. This is the time for you to shine and sow your seeds for future profits.


Leo Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I ground myself in the power of nature.

Virgo, October is asking you to focus on your health and your environment. This month will have you judging if your surroundings are working for you. You might have a calling to spend more time in nature or outdoors, to reconnect to the earth. Pay extra attention to your body and what it is telling you. During the month, you will need to practice taking breaks and finding activities that fuel your motivation and purpose. This is a month of giving back to yourself. Near the end of the month, it will become clear to you what deadweight to cut off when it comes to unfair responsibilities or draining relationships. Let your emotions guide you.


Virgo Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I manifest my desired reality.

Libra, this is your season for self-discovery and potential. At the start of the month, you will have nostalgia enter your life. Your focus will have to be to stay present and see what to let go of in the past. Let go of associations that no longer serve you anymore. You need to identify which relationships in your life are worth keeping and those that have grown stagnant. Cut yourself free and seek out opportunities to connect with others. At the end of the month, let yourself dream big and plan ahead. This month is about learning to put effort into the harder and fun parts of your life. Take time to treat yourself better when it comes to increasing your confidence. Let growth and self-discovery be fun.


Libra Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I trust my intuition.

October brings the focus on your partnerships and trust, Scorpio. At the start of the month, your focus will be clear on who is reliable and who is not. As the month progresses, you will be encouraged to delegate and communicate with those around you to help you build the life you want. This is a chance for you to see your compatibility and weaknesses in different dynamics. At the same, take time to think things through if you feel like someone is going to disappoint or fail you. This month is about letting go of past fears and embracing trusting people in the present. You are now free of the burden of the past. Learn to forgive yourself.


Scorpio Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I am grateful for the wisdom of others.

October brings you the opportunity to acknowledge your values and seek communities who also share them. Network and connect with others who have walked similar journeys or embody the life you want to live. The start of the month may be confusing and have a lot of redirection, but it is there to make you comfortable with the idea that success is not linear. Explore how you can take help or learn from others when it comes to getting what you want. You are being told not to give up and look for more information whenever you are trying to overcome an obstacle.


Sagittarius Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I allow myself to have fun.

Capricorn, October is about you letting down your hair in your personal life. At the start, opportunities to get a little wild and have fun will come. Learn to let go and explore for a little while. Step into allowing yourself to have pleasure and joy. This will fuel your creativity. As the month progresses, you’ll be given opportunities to take a break from work or have a better balance of time. At the end of the month, you’ll find yourself wanting to splurge. Let yourself live a little to relax and have a taste of what life lies ahead. Letting off steam will clear your head and make you more energized for your future goals.


Capricorn Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: My vulnerability is a strength.

For you, Aquarius, October will be about putting down your armor when it comes to your partnerships. Notice where it is that you get defensive and push people away instead of telling them what you actually feel. You are being encouraged to show your authentic self in your personal life, whether that is friends or romance. To grow your confidence, invest in a new hobby or interest in yourself. Exploring your own needs consciously will help you feel more secure. You are being encouraged to talk about your interests and hobbies more so those around you can connect with you.


Aquarius Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00


Affirmation: I respect my boundaries and limits.

This month will bring the focus on your communication and boundaries. You are being encouraged, at the start of the month, to notice what is superficially important and what is genuinely important to you. You are being encouraged to explore your true self. Throughout the month, you will get opportunities to be more real in your dynamics with people. Near the end of the month, you will be able to practice what you have learned and give yourself the opportunity to explore your needs. Near the end of the month, you’ll have learned to be patient but also harsh when needed.


Pisces Essential Oil Mist

AED 95.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Any tips to make the most of October’s cosmic energies?

Certainly! Here are some tips to make the most of October’s cosmic energies:

  1. Set Intentions: Take some time to reflect on what you want to manifest or achieve during the month. Write down your intentions and goals, focusing on what aligns with your true desires.
  2. Embrace Balance: October brings an energetic shift as we enter the autumn season (or spring, depending on your hemisphere). Embrace the balance between light and dark, and strive to find equilibrium in your life. This can include finding time for self-care, nurturing relationships, and balancing work and play.
  3. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors and connect with the natural world around you. Take walks in serene settings, enjoy the crisp fall air, or marvel at the blooming spring flowers. Wear bracelets from our collection to keep yourself calm and manifest positive energy. Nature has a way of grounding us and helping us tap into the energy of the seasons.
  4. Practice Mindfulness: Engage in mindfulness practices such as meditation, yoga, or journaling. These activities can help you tune in to your inner self, be present in the moment, and cultivate a sense of calmness amidst the hustle and bustle of life.
  5. Harness Moon Phases: Pay attention to the moon phases throughout October. Set intentions during the New Moon, release what no longer serves you during the Full Moon, and use the waxing and waning phases for personal growth and reflection.
  6. Seek Cosmic Guidance: Utilize astrology resources, such as our zodiac essential oil mists to gain insights into the astrological influences specific to your zodiac sign. This can help you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and embrace opportunities.

What are some mindfulness exercises I can try?

We recommend Breathing Meditation. Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and focus your attention on your breath. Take slow, deep breaths, observing the sensation of the breath entering and leaving your body. Whenever your mind wanders, gently bring your focus back to the breath. Practice this for a few minutes to calm the mind and promote relaxation.

You can also practise a Body Scan. Lie down or sit comfortably. Gradually shift your attention to different parts of your body from head to toe, noticing any sensations or tension. Allow yourself to relax and release any tension you may be holding. This exercise helps bring awareness to your physical body and promotes relaxation.

This October, we must remind ourselves to focus on Mindful Eating. Try some of our superfoods to keep that gut clean and mind active!

10,000 steps a day will keep your October peaceful. Walking Meditation is highly recommended as well. Find a quiet space to walk slowly and mindfully. Focus your attention on the physical sensations of walking—feeling the pressure of your feet against the ground, the movement of your muscles, and the swaying of your body. Be fully present with each step, let go of distractions and embrace the experience of walking with our newest active wear.

Do I have to be a specific zodiac sign to read my horoscope?

Your horoscope is typically based on your Sun sign, which is determined by your birth date. However, you can also explore horoscopes for your rising sign (ascendant) or Moon sign for additional insights. It can be interesting to explore horoscopes for different signs to gain a broader perspective.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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