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Your Guide to Surviving November’s Full Moon Eclipse

Feel the earth shift under your feet.

This coming Thursday 19th November the so-called Beaver Moon will be at its fullest and brightest in the night sky. Full Moon’s always come with revelations and activation and we often struggle to sleep or contain our emotions during this time of the month. It is no coincidence Full Moons are associated with the wild and ‘madness’ (the word ‘lunatic’ is directly derived from  Lunar – the Latin word for the moon). The build up of emotion on a Full Moon is the cosmos’s wonderful way of pushing us to release what no longer serves and celebrate all that we have worked for in the last month!

Lunar Eclipse – Beginnings and Endings

In my previous post, I had talked about the start of the eclipse season in early November that will take us up to the end of the year. The next two months will be a powerful time of change as eclipses signify beginnings and endings. This month’s Full Moon in Taurus is all about closing out what we have done in 2021. So whether you want to say “good riddance” (and you wouldn’t be the only one!) or reflect on the good times, this is the week to work on releasing thoughts, inner narratives, and attitudes that you do not want to carry forward into 2022.

Eclipse energy is sudden and strong. Even if we feel like we’re not ready for the changes it brings, this energy can help us to see this change as a shift in what the highest part of you is truly craving. Lunar eclipses are also connected with shocking or surprising revelations so it is important we remain out of ‘reactionary mode’ as much as possible.

What the Taurus Full Moon Means for Your Zodiac

Full Moons mark an emotionally tense time for all. A lunar eclipse adds fuel to the fire, initiating change and disruptions to our day-to-day lives. No need to panic – these changes don’t have to be bad or scary. Continue reading to understand the impact of this November Taurus Full Moon on your zodiac sign and learn how to navigate what’s coming your way.

Aries & Libra

This Beaver Moon represents activation for you and perhaps some discomfort. Perhaps feeling like you want to say something but can’t relate to those around you? Right now be careful with your words – repercussions of what we say can linger long after the feelings that propelled us to say it has passed. The best use of your drive and courage is in uniting people. If you feel like sitting this out and finding some solitude at this eclipse consider this your permission slip to put yourself first and do exactly that.

Taurus & Scorpio

With the sun in Scorpio (how we shine) and the moon in Taurus (our deeper desires), this is a very personal-feeling Moon. Your strength lies in your sheer resilience through any change especially when the waters underneath us are changing direction constantly. Your estimation of your own worth is far more important than the validation from others right now. If you find yourself measuring value in terms of how your work, ideas, or plans are perceived then this Moon will highlight that in some way. Take the lesson and make the shift!

Gemini & Sagittarius

This eclipse energy is happening super strongly for you. Transforming your natural ability to absorb and imbibe the many different possibilities opening to you.  Are you feeling a call to dive into what feels truthful right now? Any areas of your life where you are anything but your authentic self will be highlighted in the coming weeks. So be sure to set some boundaries and get ready to step into a new ‘destined’ version of your fullness.

Cancer & Capricorn 

Venus the planet of love, money, and harmony, remains retrograde until March 2022 and this will impact you the most! Mercury retrograde has become super popular for its association with matters going a bit haywire particularly related to emails, online dating and generally getting our wires crossed. But did you know you are far more likely to run into an ‘ex’ during Venus retrograde? Venus is all about VALUE and when she’s in retrograde motion this plays out in strange ways. For example, if you meet somebody right now or go for a job interview, first impressions may be different than what they would usually be. In spite of your forthright nature, you are being asked to see the slow burn potential of investments (love and finance) and the merits of building a foundation over time.

Leo & Aquarius

This Lunar eclipse is the perfect time to bring our attention to where we might be blocking the transformation we want to make within ourselves. This is such a powerful time to deal with emotional matters as we cannot shift negative thoughts and beliefs if we do not choose to explore them. You really don’t like being caught off guard so why not step into being a true co-creator of change? This is the time to call in all that you may have been dragging your feet on!

Virgo & Pisces

Remember the old saying ‘patience is a virtue’? Well, this is super highlighted during this Full Moon, inviting you to take your time and smell the roses. In making the most of your adaptability remember to have faith in your spiritual side and to pay attention to what inspires you. This is not the time for big moves but to surrender to the call of your desires and creativity.

Suggested Full Moon Ritual and Journal Prompts

Take a walk in nature somewhere that feels good. Notice your feet on the earth/water as you go. Before journaling/releasing, find a spot where you can sit for at least 5 minutes connecting to exactly where you are. Reflect on these prompts:

  • Where in my life am I placing value on things that no longer resonate? 
  • What within me needs to be let go? What no longer serves me?
  • Where or with whom do I find a sense of grounding?
  • Where do I feel a sense of abundance in my life and where do I feel a sense of ‘not enough’?

Candice Young is a moon lover, astrologer, and empowerment coach based in Dubai. Follow her on Instagram @ninthouseastrology to learn more.

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