The Intentional Gift Guide

Gift mindfully, love infinitely.

An intentional gift is one that is chosen with care and consideration, rather than just being a last-minute purchase. It’s a gift that shows you know the person well, and that you’ve put time and effort into choosing something that they will truly love. A gift can also be a great opportunity to show that you understand and appreciate the recipient. It’s important to put some thought into what they would value.

Many of us search for an occasion to show our appreciation for the amazing women in our lives through the perfect gift. But, the truth is that one can gift something with a lot of thought, care and emotion, anytime, and THAT is the occasion! However, we understand that with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose a gift that is both meaningful and user-friendly. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ve curated a list of products that make great gifts to convey your sentiment. Very out-of-the-box, this unique selection has options that are practical and perfect for her.


Intention Setting Kit

AED 175.00

The Intentional Setting Kit includes everything she needs to welcome fresh starts each day. From a patchouli tealight box to a raw unrefined clear quartz crystal, this kit has everything she needs to perform a DIY calming ritual and set simple intentions. This gift will not only help her relax but also inspire her to focus on her personal growth and well-being.


Air Element Kimono

AED 2,212.00

The Air Element Kimono represents intellect, mental intention, and connection to the universal life force. It’s made of 100% silk and has a voluminous hood with slits on either side of the hem embellished by hand with extraordinary hummingbirds. This flowy kimono is a must-have for her zen wardrobe. It’s comfortable and chic. Plus, it’s made of silk and embroidery, making it an elegant choice.


Refreshing Intimate Wash

AED 40.00

This Sirona’s Refreshing Intimate Wash maintains the natural pH balance of the intimate area and restores the skin’s acidic mantle with its unique EcoCert skin purifier. Packed with therapeutic plant extracts and natural exotic oils, this intimate wash promotes healthy and natural intimate flora, keeping bad odour, irritation, and itching at bay. It’s also allergy-certified, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and vegan, making it an addition for every woman who loves looking after herself.


Citrine Bracelet

AED 50.00

For the woman who wants to attract abundance and positivity into her life, the Citrine Bracelet is the perfect gift. This beautiful crystal not only promotes wealth and prosperity but also helps to boost self-esteem and confidence, making it an excellent choice for her who wants to manifest her dreams and desires. Not only is the Citrine Bracelet a beautiful accessory, but it also brings bright energies into the wearer’s life while enhancing mental clarity. Plus, since it’s made from natural Citrine crystal, it’s a unique gift and a perfect accessory. So why not give the gift of abundance and positivity with the Citrine Bracelet? It’s a thoughtful and sustainable gift that any woman is sure to love.


Wooden Reflexology Massager

AED 185.00

Every woman deserves a break when she’s working or reading a book. What better way to say “I love you” than with SAINE Foot Reflexology Massagers! They have four rolls with two separate treatment surfaces made of European unprocessed beech wood. Using them daily can gently stimulate and relax her feet muscles, relieving tension and increasing blood circulation. This thoughtful gift will help her feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a long day.


Abalone Smudging Shell

AED 125.00

This Abalone Smudging Shell is the perfect accessory for her smudging rituals. When she includes abalone shells in her smudging rituals, she’s incorporating all four of the earth’s elements, making her feel more connected to nature. It can be used as a container for all her smudging needs, enhancing her tranquillity, clarity, and feeling of purity.

Choosing thoughtful gifts is a beautiful way to show appreciation to the special women in our lives. Plus, they bring practical benefits to her daily routine. Let’s celebrate the joy of meaningful gifting this year!

The Gaggler team is passionate about finding and sharing great products with our readers. We take pride in researching and testing products to find the best of the best, and we only recommend things that we love and think you will, too.


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The Eid Gift Guide

Feel the holiday spirit.

As the holy month of Ramadan draws to a close, it is time to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with our loved ones. This joyous occasion is a time of generosity, gratitude, and reflection. It is a time to give back and show appreciation to those who matter most in our lives.

To make this Eid special for your loved ones, consider gifting them something that will help them in their spiritual journey and enhance their well-being. A little different approach to gifting, and one that the Gaggler team highly encourages because after all, “health is wealth“. Here we have put together a unique and thoughtful selection of products to help create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere for your loved ones during Eid and beyond, take care of their physical and mental health, and encourage much-needed self-care. Explore a range of traditional and personal gift ideas that complement your cultural and family traditions. Find the perfect Eid gift for your family and friends today!



7 Chakra Balancing Pillow & Room Spray

AED 95

For those who enjoy aromatherapy, our 7 Chakra Balancing Pillow & Room Spray blend is an ideal gift. It can aid in addressing various issues, including poor attention, drowsiness, agitation, anxiety, sadness, and claustrophobia. It can also improve yoga and meditation practices, helping your loved ones achieve a deeper state of relaxation.



Labradorite Bracelet

AED 66

The Labradorite Bracelet, made from purifying crystals, can help calm an overactive mind, open up the mind to new ideas and approaches, and rejuvenate the mind. It is a thoughtful gift for someone who needs some ‘grounding’ guidance or direction in their life.



Cosy Dreams Spelt Husk Pillow

AED 365

The Cosy Dreams Spelt Husk Pillow can provide your loved ones with a peaceful night’s sleep by keeping their spine straight and adjusting to their body’s temperature. It can help relieve stiff shoulders and tight muscles, making it ideal for people with rheumatic or bone problems.



Candle Making Set

AED 150

For those who enjoy crafting, our DIY premium Candle Making Set is a perfect gift. They can create their candles with natural components and top-selling essential oil scents. It is a fun activity to do with friends and family, and the result is a beautiful and personalised candle.



Raw Vegan Organic Protein Chocolate

AED 250

If your loved ones are into fitness and healthy living, our X50 Raw Vegan Organic Protein Chocolate can help them with their muscle-building goals. It contains three muscle-building sources, 18 naturally occurring amino acids, and a high-quality organic ancient grain blend for optimal nutrition. This protein powder gives some significant support to your physical fitness goals.



Cross-Back Crop Top

AED 180

For those who appreciate style and comfort, the Cross Back Crop Top is an excellent gift. It is made from weightless and buttery soft fabric, providing light-to-medium support for studio activities and street life. The anti-UV and anti-static properties of the fabric make it perfect for outdoor activities.



Dhyana Darbha Grass Meditation Mat

AED 75

The Dhyana Dharba Grass Meditation Mat is a unique and meaningful gift for anyone who practices meditation or yoga. It is made from hand-woven darbha grass and organic cotton, providing a comfortable and eco-friendly space for spiritual practice. It is a thoughtful gift to your loved ones and encourages them to practice mindfulness.

Gifting these products to your loved ones on Eid al-Fitr can help them enhance their spiritual and physical well-being. These tools are thoughtful, meaningful, and useful gifts that your loved ones will appreciate and cherish for a long time. No matter what you choose, a thoughtful Eid gift is a meaningful way to show your love and appreciation for your family and friends on this special occasion. So, let’s make this Eid unforgettable for your loved ones and make them feel special!

The Gaggler team is passionate about finding and sharing great products with our readers. We take pride in researching and testing products to find the best of the best, and we only recommend things that we love and think you will, too.


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