Eid Presents by Personality Type? Always!

There’s something for everyone.

Just like that, another Eid al-Fitr is upon us, and you have yet to buy gifts for the special women in your life. But is the thought of a post-iftar mall crawl far from appealing? We get it. And that’s where this edit steps in. The Gaggler scoured the internet, curating a guide that takes into account the interests, tastes, and lifestyles of your loved ones because mainstream presents are so passé. Bonus: everything below can be shipped to Dubai.

For the Outspoken Feminist

Women Changing The World Set
Juniper Books

Whether it’s your sister, your mother, or your best friend who receives this beautiful trio of books, she’ll be in great company with one of these in her home. Not only does it remind readers of the incredible importance of women in history, but it’s also loaded with advice, inspiration, and wise words by the likes of author Grace Bonney and artist Kimothy Joy.

Women Changing The World, juniperbooks.com

For the Digital Nomad

Pebble Pods

No one could’ve predicted the events of 2020-21, but here we are, the pandemic bringing with it all sorts of nifty inventions to adapt. Enter: these Pebble Pods, designed to keep wireless headphones in place. And when they’re not in use during all those Zoom meetings that seem to dominate 2021, they double up as sculptural earrings on their own – perfect for the working woman on the go.

Pebble Pods, mishodesigns.com

For the Beauty Buff

Personal Fridge And Warmer

Seemingly outlandish at first, the trend of storing skincare products in a mini-fridge actually makes a lot of sense, especially in this heat – then again, every beauty already knows that. Treat her to this portable mini fridge that cools down to 32°F/0°C and has a capacity of four litres, with the removable shelf accommodating taller products. Planning a road trip? Flip a switch, and it’ll switch from cooling to heating, keeping any cooked meals warm.

Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge, desertcart.ae

For the Wellness Seeker

Know Yourself Prompt Cards
The School of Life

Self-awareness is the key to well-being, so this gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a pick from The School of Life, a UK-based organisation that is often described as the global headquarters of developing emotional intelligence. Your wellness-seeking friend will love this set because, with its help, she can discover what she really wants, learn more about how she feels, and tap into the reasons behind her reactions.

Know Yourself Prompt Cards, theschoollife.com

For the Devoted Vegan

Smart Garden 3
Click & Grow

We all know how satisfying it is to grow your own food, but not everyone can. Most of us are challenged by factors like weather, knowledge, space, or just the lack of a green thumb. And that’s where the Smart Garden 3 comes in. This little home garden does all the heavy lifting (from the seeds and soil to watering and lighting), so your clean-eating friend can enjoy fresh produce all year long.

Click & Grow Smart Garden 3, available at virginmegastore.com

For the Culture Vulture

Marie-Antoinette Candle
Cire Trudon

Considering Cire Trudon is responsible for the candles that lit the rooms of Château de Versailles, it looked to one of its very own clients – Marie Antoinette – for inspiration. Perfect for the friend who’s a history buff or art aficionado, this decorative candle has been hand-sculpted from pink wax in an exact replica of the portrait housed at the Louvre.

Marie-Antoinette Decorative Candle, net-a-porter.com

For the Astrology Enthusiast

Taurus Horoscope Brooch

Not only are we celebrating the arrival of Eid, but also Taurus season, making this diamanté-studded accessory a great gift for your favourite ‘bull’. But fret not if your recipient is a whole other zodiac sign – there’s a constellation badge of honour for the other 11, too.

For the Fitness Junkie

Medusa Weights

Take your friend’s workout to a downright bougie place with these striking gold dumbbells by Versace. Embossed with the luxury label’s iconic Medusa head motif, they weigh in at 3.5kg each and serve as statement home accessories when not in use. Win-win.

For the Perpetual Wanderluster

Six Months Subscription
Letters from Afar

With just about everything going digital, receiving snail mail feels borderline nostalgic, and keeping the concept alive is Letters from Afar. Choose the Six Months gift subscription and, until November, your wanderluster of choice will receive a handcrafted letter from a mysterious explorer by the name of Isabelle. She will travel to spectacular places around the globe and write to your loved one, telling her all about it. Even better? A portion of all proceeds go directly to non-profit Pencils of Promise.

Six Months, lettersafar.com

For the Budding Philanthropist

Personalised Designer Doll

Not only can you choose your ethically handcrafted doll’s body colour, eye colour, hair colour, and hairstyle – that’s over 140 unique combinations at your fingertips – but it also makes for a present suited to a budding philanthropist. For each personalised Dumyé doll sold, a doll is gifted to a child in need. And there’s more: it comes with the brand’s signature “Purpose Pocket”, a special pocket with a blank piece of cloth on which you can leave a meaningful message.


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The Forward-to-Your-SO Gift Guide

A hint is sometimes all it takes.

Happiness in a bag? Drop this guide into your Significant Other’s inbox and you get…Happiness in a bag! Sometimes, a visual aid is all they need.


Balance Card

AED 350.00

Re-balance your mind and body with a card that’s not your credit card!


Female Vision Board Kit

AED 230.00

Manifest your future today with this female-focused vision board kit.


Lapis Lazuli Bracelet

AED 350.00

Add harmony and deepen inner knowledge with this semi-precious gemstone.


Aventurine Crystal Bottle

AED 280.00

Experience the magic of crystal-infused water in this bottle.


Relaxation Meditation Kit

AED 150.00

An all-in-one meditation kit to get your practice started.


White Salt Lamp

AED 140.00

Rare white salt brings calm and purifying qualities to any space.


Nafs Ribbed Leggings – Bronze

AED 200.00

Bronze Nafs Ribbed Leggings for a comfortable fit


Green Tea Tropical Energy Drink

AED 278.00

Serve up antioxidants and anti-aging benefits with delicious tropical flavour.


Yoga Starter Kit – Blue

AED 389.00

Everything your yogi needs to start their yoga practice in style.


Move Body Oil

AED 135.00

Ease your S.O.’s muscles from tension after a long day. Thank us later.


Skin on Skin Blouse – Blue

AED 260.00

Second-skin feel all day with this luxurious top to take her from gym to street in a snap.


Palo Santo & Cypriol Mini Twin Candle Set

AED 190.00

Twin candles for twin power. Burn both at once for an aroma layering that will transform you.


Jasmine & Ylang Ylang “and” Unisex Candle

AED 200.00

Notes of Jasmine, Tagetes & Ylang Ylang arouse romance and relaxation.


Tea Gift Box – Set of 72

AED 210.00

For the tea lover in your life. Handmade box repurposes as a keepsake box.


Candle Making Set

AED 150.00

A creative and mindful gift in one. Includes everything to create homemade candles.


Super Soft Set – Black

AED 400.00

Second-skin texture gives this sports bra and legging set a cozy and luxurious feel.


Chalcedony Bracelet

AED 295.00

Add balance to the mind, body and soul with this rare gemstone.


Aquamarine Waves Yoga Mat

AED 349.00

This cool, quiet blue fosters serenity and trust, patience, and relaxation of the senses.


The Wellness Journal

AED 175.00

A tool to assist in becoming the best version of yourself; 31 chapters, each with purpose.


Rhodochrosite Bracelet

AED 300.00

A crystal that stimulates love and passion whilst energising the soul. A rare crystal for that S.O.!


Stone Diffuser

AED 459.00

Elevate your space and improve your mood. Try with any of our 100% pure essential oils.


7 Chakra Candle Tealights

AED 180.00

Perfect for a chakra balancing meditation, or simply to try each of the seven scents.


Dusty Leggings – Black

AED 285.00

Flattering ‘scrunch bum’ detail, and made with ‘naked feel’ fabric, gym never looked better!


Intention Setting Kit

AED 175.00

Everything you need to set an intention and welcome fresh starts into your life.


Skin on Skin Blouse – Black

AED 260.00

Second-skin feel all day with this luxurious top to take her from gym to street in a snap.


Green Tea Raspberry Energy Drink

AED 275.00

Antioxidants at the ready in a delicious raspberry flavour.


Chrysocolla Bracelet

AED 350.00

Beautiful blue-green hues promote tranquillity, communication, and harmony.


Nafs Eco Sports Bra – Pink

AED 180.00

Recycled, eco-friendly fabric – a sustainable option without compromising style.


Amazonite Bracelet

AED 300.00

Amazonite is known for its relaxing impact and supports your love and communication centers.


Mulberry Gold Yoga Mat

AED 349.00

The perfect mat for those seeking wisdom and power.



V-Sculpt Bra

AED 180.00

A pop of colour to invigorate your gym workout and the sexy back is not bad either.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Pacific Blue

AED 91.00

This bottle keeps your drinks cold or hot while adding a pop of vibrant colour to your day

The Gaggler team is passionate about finding and sharing great products with our readers. We take pride in researching and testing products to find the best of the best, and we only recommend things that we love and think you will, too.


Our Newsletter

Our Newsletter

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