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What the Full Snow Moon in Leo Means for You this February 2022

I am woman, hear me roar.

This coming week, we feel the roar of the full moon in Leo. As always, on a full moon, Lady Luna is reflecting the complete light of the sun (despite this being known as the Snow Moon in the northern hemisphere!) and no one embodies the sun and its full shining glory like the sign of the lion. 

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and connected to creativity, self-expression and an almost childlike joy (this is why many Leos are so proud of their little cubs). Can the lion sometimes roar a little bit too loud demanding his place in the spotlight with a tendency towards vanity? Sure, but if you’re looking for a time to shine bright and embrace that energy then be sure to work with some of the rituals below to really harness the power of this full moon.  Check out where 16° of Leo falls in your chart – this is the area of life where you are at your most creative and dramatic, where you feel called to take the lead with pride!

Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius signs are feeling the changes the most this full moon. These are all signs that by their nature dislike change unless it is meaningful, so be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the changes that are starting to kick off in force this year. Remember we are more than just our sun sign, so check if your moon rising or Venus falls under any of these zodiac signs – it may explain how you are feeling!

No More Retro-Shade!

Are you feeling kind of over the amount of time we spent with Mercury and Venus in retrograde?  Many of you would’ve seen the reappearance of certain themes especially in the realm of relationships and miscommunication? Well, the good news is that the  energy is certainly picking up from now all the way until April 29th as we currently have zero – that’s correct, zero – planets in backward motion! Hurrah! I hear you cry and yes it will be great to finally feel the move of stagnancy that has been hanging around since the beginning of the year.

On this full moon, we finally have Mars and Venus meeting up together in a beautiful conjunction in the sky – a pairing of the divine feminine and masculine. If you are a Virgo or Cancer rising, this is powerful news in all things relationship and love. Certainly there will be some fire and activity. This is a great time to connect with people especially if you’ve been feeling stuck. The weather in Dubai is beautiful right now and so why not spend some time meeting up with other people, firing up ideas (this conjunction is trying to tap into revolutionary and maverick Uranus)?

Full Moon Mantras

Below are some suggested mantras to incorporate into your full moon rituals in order for you to make the most of this energy surge. If you have crystals, then the full moon is a wonderful time to clean them in some water and Himalayan salt and charge them under the moonlight to really activate their power. Remember: on full moons, we release what has been highlighted over the past month. We can do this through celebration, reflection, or possibly even through an emotional outburst. Allow whatever comes up to ensure you feel the power of each of these mantras.

Aries & Libra

Leo is all about courage, and your ritual for this full moon is about embracing barriers at work and knowing that you are enough when you learn to take the lead as well as collaborate. It is asking if you find more balance between your professional and private life.

Full Moon Mantra: I am enough, and I attract balance when I choose myself.

Taurus & Scorpio

The people in your life can be incredibly important in helping you find self-expression and joy as well as a sense of  peace. Just remember to let them in! This can also be a great moment to understand who needs to take more of a leading role in your life and who may be draining your light. Remember to stay in alignment with those who allow you to shine in your most authentic way.

Full Moon Mantra: I attract people who embrace my strengths and support me in my challenges.

Gemini & Sagittarius

This year is bringing plenty of spiritual insights and situations – remember there are no such thing as coincidences! It is important you find moments and rituals within your busy day to embrace the deeper wisdom available to you. This full moon is asking you to tap into your intuition, both in your body and in your soul, and you ask yourself, “Where am I seeking healing?”

Full Moon Mantra: I am healing every day in every way and there is nothing to fear.

Cancer & Capricorn 

Sometimes, showing up fully as yourself makes you feel indulgent or egotistical, but the Leo aspect of this moon is positively pushing you to be daring and take the limelight. Whether it’s in your one-on-one relationships or through the people you interact with every day, ask yourself if there is a deeper more authentic you wanting to come through.

Full Moon Mantra: I commit to being authentically and unashamedly me in all aspects of life.

Leo & Aquarius

Sometimes, we are called to splurge and other times, we are called to save – but this full moon is illuminating where you put your money, time, focus, and values of what is important to you. Money is energy just like everything else; hold it too tight and it does not flourish, be foolhardy with it and abundance flows away from you. This full moon, ask yourself where do you feel the most and least abundant in life.

Full Moon Mantra: I am attracting abundance every day and I am worthy of it all.

Virgo & Pisces

Now that Mercury is out of retrograde, stop thinking about how you can communicate your needs most clearly. This full moon will be related to mindset and learning, so you may find opportunities to express yourself in big or small ways – release what needs to be said and you may find your words have true power.

Full Moon Mantra: I express myself with courage and clarity to claim what is already mine.


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Your February 2023 Astrological Forecast Is Here

This month is like no other.

We have been very good and mature and responsible lately. We made our resolutions, worked steadily, we even persisted in the face of adversity. But things might have started to feel a little… stagnant. Lucky for us, Aquarius season is here to shake things up and ask us if the path we are on is the one made for us, or simply the easier, well-travelled one that everybody takes.

What’s more, dreamy Pisces is beginning to filter through and is all too eager to take a more serene approach to pretty much everything. Throughout the month, we are tasked with one job and one job only: to be 100% completely ourselves. That’s it. That’s the whole brief. But it’s harder than it sounds. Fortunately, we have the inspiration and power of the zodiac on our side. It’s time to come out of your cocoon, my love, you are growing into the person you were meant to be. 

What to Expect in February

It’s Aquarius season! And we’re here to discover why our exact combination of cells and stardust came together on this Earth. Aquarius is known as the alien of the zodiac due to its sheer individuality. Represented by the water bearer, Aquarius receives inspiration and distributes it to the masses. Aquarius is not here for petty grievances (usually), Aquarius is here to save the world. With compassion, collaboration and innovation. Capricorn season was perfect for making plans and kicking goals and persevering and doing things by the book. Aquarius season follows to allow our imagination in, to find new solutions to old problems, to be inspired by the intricacy of this world, and to find meaning in life that is unique to us. Aquarius also brings people together, fights for social justice and encourages us to use our intellect. So, let’s push some boundaries, shall we?

We begin the month with Mercury giving us some more than necessary grounding in Capricorn. Organisation, responsibility and maturity are still priorities for us for this reason, especially when communicating and processing information. Venus, on the other hand, is in dreamy, spiritual, and romantic Pisces. We are pulled in the opposite direction when it comes to love, abundance, and creativity. This paradoxical energy can be conflicting at times, but under Aquarius’ collaborative and distinctive energy, it’s more likely to converge and make something even better. 

Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius on the 11th, allowing even more ideas, epiphanies, and inspiration into our minds. This is a time to use our imagination, be authentic, and get a little weird. On the 18th, we move into Pisces season, the last sign of the astrological year. This is a time for reflection, spiritual connection, healing, and compassion. On the 20th, Venus is the first of the year to move into fiery Aries, and we are dosed with a surge of passion, courage, determination, and maybe even recklessness, especially when it comes to money and love.

The full moon in Leo takes place on the 5th, and offers us a chance to rest and reflect on what brings us true joy, and whether we are being our best, most authentic selves. The new moon in Pisces occurs on the 20th and ushers in a time of new beginnings, especially when it comes to relationships, creative projects, healing and spiritual practice.

 All in all, February has a little bit of everything. What colours will you add to the picture?


Affirmation: I watch my reality unfurl in front of me with gratitude and awe

This month begins with a big focus on your future. Your soul sets its sights on the horizon, your mind works overtime to plan and organise your dreams while your heart beats excitedly for all that’s to come. From the 11th, you’re able to take a more unique and unconventional approach to communication and daily life, and you’ll feel compelled to collaborate with friends, social groups, and your community.

Pisces season begins on the 18th, and you’re drawn to set goals around and work towards healing, forgiveness, peace, and compassion. This is a time to connect with yourself and others spiritually, creatively or on a deeper level. The 20th brings a period of passion, especially when it comes to love, romance, creativity, and money. Follow your heart and be brave! This whole month you’re driven to socialise, communicate, and connect, so spend time with others and be aware of the words you speak (and think) into reality.


Affirmation: I am the universe experiencing itself

Career and connections are at the centre of February for you, Taurus. While you’re best poised to work towards your work and other long-term goals, you also have fertile energy in which to upskill, network, and collaborate with others. Beyond the 11th, you will be at your most innovative, inspirational, and intellectual, and these powers are aimed most at your workplace. Think outside the box and work with others to take advantage.

From the 18th, your vision shifts towards your relationships, especially your platonic ones, as you are inspired to connect with new people, work with others compassionately, and be your most authentic self during Pisces season. Venus moves into Aries on the 20th, signalling a passionate yet deep romantic energy for you. This is a time for bravery, healing, honesty, and maybe even endings. Money is your biggest motivator this month, as well as work and security. This is a time to build assets and connections that will last you a long time. 


Affirmation: The life I desire, I was born to have

February begins with you working on your personal growth and expanding your mind through learning, travel, or experimentation. Your everyday life, communication methods, and mindset may also be experiencing a period of transformation right now, while romance may be on the back burner while you focus on work.

From the 11th, you will experience even more inspiration to try new things and bring your ideas to life. Use this time to follow the passions that make you feel alive, no matter how unconventional they may be. Beyond the 18th, begins a period of career, compassion and flexibility. Use your creativity, intuition and empathy as the powers they are to excel in the workplace. From the 20th, you may feel inspired to be spontaneous, passionate and even a little reckless when it comes to love, money, and relationships. Be careful of flash-in-the-pan emotions during this time, and think before you act rashly.  


Affirmation: I am braver than I think when I don’t think at all

This month is all about your connection to others and personal growth, Cancer. The beginning of the month holds a focus on your personal power and how (or if) you use it, while your closest relationships may be experiencing serious discussions, growth, and experimentation. From the 11th, you may be in for some serious and intimate conversations, organisation of debts, taking a new approach to your mental health, or other things you might find uncomfortable.

Pisces season (from the 18th) brings inspiration for you to make your dreams come true, especially when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone. Inspiration, abundance, and even romance can be found in the workplace or other public arenas from the 20th. Challenge yourself by doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Healing, spirituality, and a deeper understanding of self are big motivators for you this month, so take time to journal, read and reflect. 


Affirmation: I show people how I want to be treated in the way I treat myself

Leo, your main focus this month is relationships; romantic, platonic and, most importantly, the one you have with yourself. The beginning of the month is a good time for establishing healthy habits, maintaining a balanced schedule and other mundane yet vital self-love projects. Your love life also takes the stage, with partnerships, intimacy, and sharing all coming up now. From the 11th, it is a fantastic time to communicate about these and other relationship issues.

From the 18th, you’ll be taking a deeper look at yourself in terms of transformation. What parts of yourself do you keep hidden? Do they hold you back from your power? Beyond the 20th, your passion is channelled into new experiences, people, and challenges. Indulge your impulses and be courageous in your quest for growth. You are motivated by social connection and the future this month, so get specific about how you want the rest of this life to look like, and with whom you’d like to share it. 


Affirmation: Control is like sand: the harder I grip the less I hold

February is all about love for you, Virgo. Love for your life, love for yourself, love for your special someone or someones. The month begins with you focusing and committing to self-love daily: through routines, balanced work schedules, healthy habits, and organisation. You are also prioritising your happiest, most authentic self; while dreaming of the romantic and unconditional love you deserve. This month’s reminder is to never settle for less.

From the 11th, you are learning what habits and routines work best for you. Beyond the 18th, Pisces season asks you to focus on your beliefs about love, commitment and sharing. Focus on healing past wounds, opening your heart and being more vulnerable. From the 20th, love and finances may take a sudden turn, so prioritise flexibility and resilience. This period is teaching you the power in letting go of control. You are motivated by your career and your long-term goals this month, so be open to new opportunities, connections, and useful information.


Affirmation: I am here to be myself and enjoy my life

What makes you happy, Libra? This month you are exploring your truth: who are you, really, and what do you really want? The beginning of the month is perfect for setting goals that exist purely for your own joy and authenticity. You’re also well-placed to organise your home, communicate with family members, and romanticise the more mundane parts of life.

After the 11th, creative inspiration will find you, and you should act quickly on your most unique ideas. From the 18th onwards, your goals begin to centre around developing a more healing, compassionate, and spiritual daily routine and life in general. Beyond the 20th, you are infused, with passion, fire and impulsivity; especially when it comes to love, money, and art. Don’t hold back! You are driven to grow this month, Libra, so open your mind and consume all the information, connection, and inspiration you can.  


Affirmation: I was not put on this Earth to suffer; I allow myself to be happy

Do you feel connected, Scorpio? To yourself, your family, your friends, your Universe? This month is perfect for strengthening that connectivity in the name of joy, authenticity, and security. The beginning of February is ideal for setting goals around home and family, as well as moving forward with new ideas in these areas. It is also a favourable time to have serious discussions, organise technology and paperwork, and treat yourself with all the love, romance, and dreaminess you crave.

The 11th onwards is a good time for family cooperation and mediation, house organisation and decor experimentation. Pisces season from the 18th brings your attention to your happiness and whether you feel as though you are being true to yourself. Use this time to connect with yourself and heal spiritually, compassionately and with love. From the 20th, you will find inspiration in your daily life, as well as passion and courage. Take the time to appreciate what you have and how far you have come if you are feeling discouraged. 


Affirmation: The bravest thing you can do is live the life you want to

This month is all about information, communication, home, and family. The beginning of the month has a strong focus on new ideas, collaboration, and conversation, so make sure you connect with those who inspire you. You will also have aligned energy for money matters, work projects, family healing, and sanctuary-building.

From the 11th, your imagination will be working overtime, so record all your ideas and thoughts as they come to you. The 18th onwards is Pisces season, and creates the perfect conditions for forgiveness, compassion, love, and healing, especially within the home. Now is also a good time for making your home somewhere that is safe, spiritual, and warm. From the 20th, you will receive an injection of power, joy, bravery, and fire right into your veins. This is a time to fight for what you want, even if it scares you, especially when it comes to love, money, and creative projects. 


Affirmation: Every step I take is as meaningful and miraculous as my destination

It’s back to basics for this month, Capricorn. February begins with a strong focus on work, money, and emotional and physical security. Making goals, following plans, and taking action in these areas are all ideal now. You are also geared to have honest, kind and positive conversations right now, especially when it comes to your romantic relationships.

From the 11th onwards, you will be primed for coming up with and enacting new ideas, especially when it comes to finances, investments, and resources. During Pisces season (beginning on the 18th), you will have the power to heal like never before, especially if you use tools like therapy, journaling, thought reframing,and spiritual practices. Beyond the 20th, you may experience more friction, excitement, and conflict in your home than usual, so be careful with your words and actions.

This month you are motivated to make your life better through health, routines, or organisation. Keep a record of what works and what doesn’t, while brainstorming and experimenting with new methods in the interim. 


Affirmation: I may not know where I want to end up, but I know which way I want to go

This month is incredibly transformative for you, Aquarius, in a variety of ways. It begins with a strong focus on what you want from the future, who you want to be, and who you want to be with. You are also well-placed to work through some deep wounds and negative beliefs by working with others and expressing your emotions out loud or in writing. This period is also abundant financially for you, and you should let your intuition, compassion, and imagination lead you to fruitful romantic, financial, and creative opportunities.

From the 11th, you have the power to enact the aforementioned identity goals, specifically by the way you choose to talk, think, and organise your life. Pisces season brings a strong focus to your resources, security, and money matters; so set optimistic goals around these topics. From the 20th onwards, your communication and thoughts are more impulsive, reactive, and emotional than usual, so use this time to listen to what your heart says!


Affirmation: I don’t know, and it’s okay 

Pisces, rebirth is on the cards for this month. February begins with a period of great healing, spiritual connection, and new insights about the self. This is a time that is also ideal for serious conversations with friends, assisting with social causes, and creative and romantic self-expression.

From the 11th, you will receive new understandings about your inner workings, and it’s a great time to do shadow work, write down realisations, and discuss your findings with a loved one. The 18th onwards will bring a period of comfortable dreaminess as the sun enters your home sign. Listen to your intuition, open your heart and allow your faith to carry you through these moments of self-discovery. From the 20th, things begin to be financially and romantically abundant for you. This is a good time to follow your gut, say what you feel and take a leap or two of faith. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler. 


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deer in a mountain

Your January 2023 Astrological Forecast Is Here

Time to hit the ground running.

2023 is here, and it’s time to get to work. Beginning January with capable and mature Capricorn, we feel the power of our intentions motivate us to create lasting change. But anything built well is built slowly, so we must move steadily as we navigate both Mars and Mercury retrograde at the beginning of the month.

Retrogrades may slow down processes and create misunderstandings, but they also provide valuable time to review and reflect, so use this period to be clear about your intentions, motivations, and priorities. As the month goes on, the pressure and seriousness of Capricorn season and retrogrades lift to herald in the season of Aquarius. The alien of the zodiac, Aquarius is like no one else and doesn’t want to be. Let the rest of January therefore remind you that you were made uniquely for a reason.

What to Expect This Month

Capricorn season is here, and it (as usual) means business. But before we go busting down the doors of our new year’s resolutions, careful consideration is recommended. We begin January with the sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn. Capricorn bridges the gap between sensitive emotions and the hardened exterior that gets things done. This is a time for getting organised, prioritising, growing up, and being practical. However, hold off on any big projects, new endeavours, or big career moves until after the 18th if you can because Mercury retrograde loves to make us learn our lessons twice. Check details, contracts, and dates.

Mars is also in retrograde (until the 12th), but its position in information-centric Gemini adds another layer of potential communication breakdown and everyday chaos into the mix – so maybe check everything three times. Venus moves into Aquarius on the 3rd, so expect your love life to surprise you with new adventures, unusual people, and intellectual stimulation. On the 7th, there is a full moon in Cancer, and any emotions you’ve been suppressing while getting things done will come up now. Cancer reminds us how vulnerable we are and why this is a strength, not a weakness. Use this time to work through long-held pain, especially the type caused by family. 

Mars in Gemini goes direct on the 12th, finally, and we have our drive back! If you’ve felt lost, in conflict, or unmotivated as of late, this should help tremendously. Mercury retrograde also ends on the 18th, and we can breathe a sigh of relief as things somewhat settle down. From here onwards is when you are best primed to start new projects, negotiate, get things published, and launch new ideas.

On the 20th, the sun moves into the rebellious, humanitarian, intellectual Aquarius. The water bearer symbolises the delivery of love from the heavens to the collective, and Aquarius season follows suit by tapping into the unifying power of kindness, collaboration, and innovation. This is where we move forward, together. The new moon in Aquarius occurs on the 21st and is a fantastic time to set intentions around authentic expression, social connection, and trying new things. 


Affirmation: I am building something that lasts, I take my time.

The start of the month brings a focus on your career, long-term goals, and public standing. This is the time to take these themes more seriously, as you are primed for taking on more responsibility, leadership, and creating solid structures that support you, your goals, and others. After the 3rd, you are likely to find romance, creative inspiration, and even financial abundance when you connect with people socially and in your community.

Beyond the 12th, you may find your motivation returns, especially around healthy communication, research, and curiosity for life in general, so follow your nose and what piques your interest. Following the 18th, the powers of negotiation, setting firm boundaries, and communicating your thoughts intensifies, so say what you need to! From the 20th, things become less intense, and your mind opens to consider all possibilities. This is a time when you can colour outside the lines, push the boundaries, and rebel against the rules you’ve made for yourself. Find your people, your inspiration, and your unique role in this life. 


Affirmation: I decide what my limitations are, and I can decide not to have any.

As necessary as it is for a tree to put down roots, it must also grow to new heights to survive. February begins with a focus on where you need to grow next. Decide what you’re going to study, consider where you’d like to travel, work hard to get your voice out there. Challenge yourself, even when it feels scary and uncomfortable. After the 3rd, you will find opportunity, financial success, and even romance when you use your creativity, individualism, and intellect in your career.

Following the 12th, motivation for work, making money, and achieving security will find you – and it’s a great time to take aligned action in these fields. Beyond the 18th, it is a perfect time to action the plans you’ve been making towards your personal growth by booking trips, organising experiences, and enrolling in classes. From the 20th onwards, growth comes through being true to yourself, standing up for what you believe in, and connecting with people who inspire you (especially when it comes to your career). Rebel against the restrictions you and others have placed on you.


Affirmation: I face all that is within me.

This is a period of transformation, but it won’t come easily. Hard work, taking charge, and radical acceptance of all parts of yourself (especially your shadow) are necessary to emerge from this cocoon with as much personal power as possible. From the 3rd onwards, love, creativity, and abundance flow to you when you embrace the new. New people, new experiences, new knowledge. After the 12th, your drive to embrace your authenticity intensifies, and it’s a fantastic time to take action that affirms the version of yourself you wish to be through communication and learning.

Beyond the 18th, organise your finances (especially those that are shared or debts), communicate your needs, and allow a growth mindset to flourish within as you further align with your transformational journey. Finally, after the 20th, the darkest part of the night is over, and the sun peeks over the horizon. Celebrate this new version of yourself by indulging your urge for exploration, excitement, connection, and knowledge. 


Affirmation: I show myself love by not accepting less than what I deserve.

Do relationships feel like hard work right now? Feeling overly sensitive to what others say? Questioning even your most solid partnerships? This is a period of strengthening bonds and shedding dead weight. Capricorn season asks you about the not-so-fun parts of relationships – responsibility, maturity, and practicality – and whether the balance you’ve struck with your partner is one you can happily live with. After the 3rd, you may find yourself experimenting with romantic strategies or even new relationships in an attempt to find a better balance between what you give and receive, and to reclaim any lost power. You may find yourself happier alone.

Beyond the 12th, you will feel a strong motivation to explore the deeper meaning of your thoughts, words, and conversations, so now is a great time for journalling, shadow work, and making difficult discussions. After the 18th, these deep reflections are drawn towards love once again, and it’s a great time to work through recurring relationship issues and blockages. Beyond the 20th, things keep changing – this time on a more individual level. Now is a time when you are faced with uncomfortable truths and dramatic transformation. To become your truest self, the previous versions of yourself must be left behind. 


Affirmation: I show myself the treatment I believe I deserve with every action, thought, and word.

What a difference little things make – the little acts of self-care, the small habits that make your day easier, the routines that give you more time for what you love. The start of this month is perfect for focusing on those little things to better support the big things. No matter how difficult, you must work hard to feel loved and worthy, and it begins with the treatment of yourself. The 3rd signals a change to your love life, finances, or creative endeavours. Love itself inspires you.

After the 12th, your motivation for socialising returns, and you can take advantage by getting in touch with friends, planning events, and getting involved in your community. Beyond the 18th, getting organised is at the forefront of your mind, especially when it comes to your healthy habits and daily life. Sinking significant energy into these areas will yield worthy results. After the 20th, relationships come into focus, and you may be looking to shake things up by meeting new people, exploring new groups, and expressing yourself authentically. Push the boundaries to open yourself up.


Affirmation: Joy is my birthright.

Begin the month by looking hard and working tirelessly to make your life your own. Your true desires, your creative soul, and your authentic expression hide under layers of duty, rules, and self-imposed expectations. But you’re ready to break free, and you’ll do the work to get there. After the 3rd, love, creative inspiration, and financial abundance are waiting to be found in the life you already have – you just have to look.

Beyond the 12th, you are fuelled with even more drive to pursue your passions. It’s also a great time to consider, research, and plan career changes. Following the 18th, it will be easier for you to express yourself honestly and with enthusiasm, so let your true self come out to play. From the 20th onwards, you can experiment with your new level of authenticity by trying new things, connecting with different people, and tuning into your body and its needs on a deeper level. This month brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “know yourself”.


Affirmation: I am safe, I am loved.

If home life feels heavy right now, it’s because you are building a sanctuary. It takes a lot to turn a house into a home, but now is the time to do it. Renovate, decorate, innovate. Look after your body and mental wellness as well. Do what you need to do to ensure you don’t just feel safe within your dwelling – you need to be able to walk comfortably on the planet that is also your home. From the 3rd, joy comes from doing things differently, especially in relationships. Try new dating activities, sources of income, and creative mediums.

After the 12th, the motivation for learning, researching, and finding truth comes up. Follow your curiosity and act in ways that inspire growth within you. After the 18th is a great time for discussions with roommates or family members, especially when setting boundaries. Following the 20th, it’s time to experiment with what brings you joy. Be your most unique self, and spend time with people who celebrate you and throw your ideas into creative expression. Chase the joy accessible to you outside your comfort zone.


Affirmation: I speak my truth out of love for myself and my love for others.

Be firm yet kind, compassionate but with clear boundaries, brave but measured. This month starts with your communication (with others and within your mind) being put into the spotlight. You may have to work hard to speak up, soften your tone to better convey your message, or overhaul your inner voice completely. After the 3rd, relationships come into focus, especially long-term ones. Love, inspiration, and abundance can be found at home during this time.

Beyond the 12th, your natural gift and drive to continually transform are back, and you can use this time to take action in ways that solidify your feelings of personal power. After the 18th, communication comes easier, and information should flow more smoothly. This is an excellent time to negotiate or have tricky conversations. From the 20th onwards, change around home, family, and the way you nurture yourself may occur or be instigated by you as you look for new ways to feel authentic and inspired in your everyday. Take your time as you find a speed that works for you. 


Affirmation: I deserve a good life, I have a good life.

Work hard for the money. Welcome in abundance as the birthright it is. Organise, research, and take charge of your finances. Now is the time when you are best poised to receive, but you must first sow seeds to yield fruit. After the 3rd, it is a great time to discuss matters with your significant other. If you are struggling to find the inspiration or information you need, look for it. Be curious.

After the 12th, relationship tension eases and you may feel more motivated to work on partnerships than you have been previously. Beyond the 18th, it’s a great time to act on the financial goals you have been setting. Negotiations and new ventures are well-suited during this time. From the 20th onwards, you will be thinking and interacting in many different ways. Let your curiosity be your guide as you explore the unconventional, the intriguing, and the intellectual. 


Affirmation: I am powerful, I am soft, I am unstoppable, I am kind. 

You are feeling powerful lately, and you should. Your competence, maturity, practicality, and independence shine brighter than ever as you stride through life, organising messes and solving problems. Now is the time to plan big moves, build up your confidence, and assess your priorities. From the 3rd, love, money, and inspiration come through pushing boundaries and grounding yourself in the physical world. Assess your finances, sort your possessions, and explore what security means to you.

Beyond the 12th, motivation increases even more, especially when it comes to your daily habits and approach to health and organisation. Research new methods, learn from others, and observe how your thoughts ripple into everything else. From the 18th onwards, you can safely act out those projects, ideas, and big moves you’ve been planning. Ask for what you want, set important dates, and reaffirm your power when you need to. After the 20th, use this fresh perspective to ground yourself while exploring new avenues of abundance and mindfulness. Be where you are, and don’t miss a moment. 


Affirmation: Freedom is acceptance.

January is a time of rebirth for you. In the beginning, you may feel a little lost and need a little space. Now is the best time to feel your feelings. Do not think, avoid, or squash them. Feel them. It won’t be easy, but a feeling ignored doesn’t dissipate – it just grows bigger beneath the surface. After the 3rd, you will find love, creativity, and opportunity when you are true to yourself. Say how you feel, act with intention, and be honest with yourself.

Beyond the 12th, your motivation for doing the things your love, expressing yourself creatively, and being authentic intensifies. Find likeminded people, flaunt your uniqueness, and be inspired by life once again. After the 18th, you will find it easier to articulate your deeper feelings and complicated thoughts. Now is a fantastic time for therapy, journalling, and meditation. After the 20th, you are well and truly in your comfort zone as individuality rushes through your veins. You have one job in this life: to exist exactly as you are. Enjoy it.


Affirmation: I do not edit myself for others, I am already complete.

It’s time to take aligned action. Act with intention, forethought, and reflection, and slowly make your way towards the future you want. Dreaming will only get you so far; it’s time to take concrete steps. Where do you want to go, and how do you plan to get there? After the 3rd, you may find yourself withdrawing from others – especially in relationships that feel forced, fake, or fragile. You are looking for honesty and depth, both with others and within.

Following the 12th, you will feel more driven to build healthy habits, a stable home, and wholesome connections. Listen, learn, speak with love, and watch the universe become a friendly place. After the 18th is a great time to catch up with friends, build social groups, participate in community projects, and network. From the 20th onwards, listen more than you speak – not just to others, but yourself, too. What clues do dreams, signs, and synchronicities leave you? Slow down and trust; you will only ever get what you need when you need it.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent Gaggler‘s views.


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Your December 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here

End the year on a high note.

What is passion without action? And what is action without passion? December asks you to bring both along for the ride. We begin with glorious, impulsive, adventurous, and reckless Sagittarius lighting up our skies. Just say yes – yes to adventure, to travel, to new people, to new experiences. Use this fire to be honest yet kind, brave yet thoughtful, and optimistic with one foot on the ground.

As the month continues, Capricorn rolls in to add a healthy dose of reality. Whether this is good or bad is up to you. Is the reality of daily life, responsibilities, and hard truths the thing that snatches away your dreams before they have a chance to grow? Or are they the things you employ to your advantage as you build your dream with hard work, nurturing habits, and personal growth? Just like every sign has its strengths, purpose, and things to grow, so do you. Use it all. It is yours for the taking.

What to Expect This Month

We begin December in fiery Sagittarius season. The sun, Mercury, and Venus all preside in the sign of the archer and encourage us to shoot for the stars. Make goals that you previously deemed unrealistic, meet new people, be a little reckless, and say what you mean. Now is not the time for holding back.

Mars in Gemini is in retrograde, which may dampen your motivations somewhat, so use this time to be clear about your desires before you act. Neptune’s retrograde in Pisces comes to an end on the 4th, and many of us will find ourselves transformed thereafter, both spiritually and emotionally .

On the 7th, Mercury moves into the no-nonsense yet sensitive Capricorn. Conversations become more serious, thoughts are more focused, and organisation and productivity become more important. This is followed by a full moon in Gemini on the 8th, when we are asked to reflect on what we consider to be true. This is a time to favour intuition over intellect as our minds are prone to overthinking and bias. Trust your gut.

On the 10th, Venus joins Mercury in Capricorn, and we begin to prioritise practicality, necessity, and authenticity in our love lives, creative projects, and finances. Time-wasters, tricksters, and the dishonest will not be tolerated. On the 20th, Jupiter transitions into Aries, injecting everything with optimism and enthusiasm. This is a time when opportunities will be abundant if you make them. Fortune favours the brave!

On the 22nd, the sun arrives in Capricorn, signalling the beginning of Capricorn season once and for all. Rather than setting new year’s resolutions, set intentions around who you are and want to be, and let your goals support that person. On the 23rd, the new moon in Capricorn intensifies the urge to go and get what you desire, but to do it practically and in a way that lasts. Be courageous yet clever, persistent yet flexible.

We end December with Mercury moving into retrograde on the 29th. Be cautious of starting new projects, beginning new habits, and rushing in general. The power of Capricorn compels us to move forward strongly, but we cannot sacrifice attention to detail and clear communication in its wake. You have time, so take it.

December for the Zodiac Signs


Affirmation: I fearlessly allow myself to change, grow, and expand.

Let’s goooo! You are unstoppable this month if you can follow your wildfire dreams with solid, concrete steps. You begin the month at your social, emotional, and energised best. This is a great time to start new lessons, go to new places, and meet new people.

As of the 7th, you will begin to feel more grounded, and it’s a great time to put your plans in motion by getting organised, laying the groundwork, and networking. From the 10th, focus on being responsible with your finances and building stability in relationships. You’re likely to feel more comfortable protecting your vulnerability during this time, so step back and nurture yourself instead.

After the 22nd, you’ll be well and truly on your way to where you want to go as long as you keep your eye on the prize. Don’t let the practical side of your goals be lost in the sea of enthusiasm you often bring to these situations. This month, reflect on the power of your words – the ones you think and the ones you say. Are you happy with the world you are speaking into existence?


Affirmation: My strength is in my acceptance of what I cannot control. I surrender.

Have things been a little tumultuous lately? This mysterious, confusing, and unfortunately necessary time is coming to a close this month, but not before getting a few more surprises in. You begin December with themes of power dynamics, intimacy, the unknown, debts, and loss in your mind and in your realm. The only way through is through, so let go of the need to control and surrender to a bigger picture that you cannot yet see.

After the 7th, communication lightens, so it’s a great time to discuss ideas, begin new learning journeys, and plan your next trip. The 10th may bring a new approach to romance, art, and finances, so don’t be afraid to experiment in these areas from here onwards. After the 22nd, the heaviness lifts, and you will feel inspired and excited. Use this energy to create new goals, explore your passions, and dream of the future you want. This month is also a great time to reflect on money matters, physical possessions, security, and your work. Are you happy with where you are now? What are you working towards?


Affirmation: I nurture myself through my darkest nights. I am loving and warm.

All the most valuable growth is uncomfortable. December begins with an emphasis on long-term relationships, commitment, and contracts – all the things you may typically avoid. But how much of your freedom comes from a love for flying, and how much is fear of the ground? Use this time to reflect on your beliefs about obligations and if they are still working for you.

After the 7th, your thoughts may deepen and even darken. This period of confusion can feel turbulent, but is ideal for going deeper to heal. It’s also perfect for therapy, journalling, meditation, and in-depth conversations. From the 10th, your focus on relationships with others may shift to your relationship with yourself. Relationships, creative projects, and financial matters can transform, deepen, or end during this time.

Following the 22nd, you will be knee-deep in your shadow as themes of deep-seated beliefs, intimacy, mystery, and even death are on your mind. It’s an ideal time to reflect and review your convictions and sense of self. Use this time to face your fears, not run from them, and you will emerge transformed and stronger.


Affirmation: My actions reinforce my love for myself.

This is a time for nurturing yourself and those you love. The start of December brings focus to the tiny drops that make up your ocean. Do the things you do daily fulfil or drain you? Experiment with new tactics, methods, and ideas to see what fits in with your needs. Maybe you need a system that is all your own. After the 7th, your thoughts turn to the people you love. Now is a great time for making commitments, having relationship conversations, and reviewing contracts.

After the 10th, your focus on romantic relationships in particular may intensify. You are looking for a long-term commitment, someone who feels like home and makes you feel safe. You are happy to reject less than what you deserve during this time – as you should. Beyond the 22nd, you have a focus on what you want for yourself. Those who want your time must go through love to reach you. Review your beliefs during this time, and listen to your subconscious through your dreams, habits, and gut reactions.


Affirmation: I am discerning in what energy I allow to access me.

What makes you happy? This month is for creating a life full of joy, health, and love. Treat yourself like you would a child. What makes you excited? Chase that feeling. Begin the month by satisfying your most creative and spontaneous urges. When was the last time you allowed joy to be your motivator? Following the 7th, use your passion and dreams to build habits and routines that fulfil, engage, and nurture you. After the 10th, romance comes around in the form of everyday, seemingly mundane tasks.

Don’t let your love of grandeur let you forget that, sometimes, the small things are the big things. Once the 22nd comes, your exuberance has been distilled into determination, and you are ready to provide yourself with the life you want through thorough self-care and intuitive organisation. Use this time to assess your friendships, relationships, and sense of community. Do they boost you or are there traitors hidden among them wishing for your downfall? Everyone wants your love, but not everyone is worthy of it.


Affirmation: I am brave in my pursuit of self-love.

What do you want to come home to? The start of the month brings happiness and new beginnings in the form of home and family. Take a new approach to self-care, how you interact with loved ones, and how you interact with your sacred space. After the 7th, you may need to push yourself from your comfort zone. Are there difficult conversations, negative thought patterns, or disarray in your life that is holding you back from your most authentic and joyful self?

Beyond the 10th, judge your relationships, creative projects, and money habits by the amount of joy they bring you. Once the 22nd arrives, you have your sights set on loftier goals than ever before as passion and self-love call to you. Use this time to think about what you would strive for if happiness was the only priority. This month is a great time to review your career or vocations and consider if their positives outweigh their negatives. If not, why are you on this pathway?


Affirmation: I demonstrate what kind of behaviour I accept through my treatment of myself.

Conversation is at the heart of this month for you. Begin December by experimenting with new perspectives, thought processes, and methods of communication. Above all, learn. Bury yourself in knowledge and immerse yourself in information, wisdom, and ideas. After the 7th, your need to communicate becomes more necessary, especially with family members. Now is the time to speak up, set your boundaries, and work hard to find a relationship founded in balance.

Following the 10th, love and relationships will come in the form of security, nurturing, and grounding – or not at all. Beyond the 22nd, your goals will centre around what you want for yourself in terms of home and family (even in terms of their definitions to you). What kind of life are you working towards? Review how you process and distribute information this month, and reflect on how you can balance growth with security.


Affirmation: Fear does not determine the kind of life I live, love does.

Make some power moves. Start December by learning about, reviewing, and revamping your finances. It’s also an excellent time to think about your sense of security. Do you cling to safety, possessions, or people due to fear of going without? This is a great time to push through any self-imposed limits that may be holding you back. After the 7th is an exceptional time to have necessary conversations, negotiations, and journalling sessions as you raise your standards for thoughts, beliefs, and treatment you allow.

After the 10th, you will find romance in communication, inspiration in your own mind, and creativity in your daily life. Sit with the present. Beyond the 22nd, it’s an ideal time to open your mind to new perspectives and work hard to leave harmful beliefs behind that shelter you from real and substantial growth. Use this month to review the things you have always believed, and allow yourself to flow with the current of change rather than being dragged.


Affirmation: My growth is beautiful and necessary, I accept it all.

Time to fly. December begins with you imagining your wildest dreams and ends with their construction. Challenge yourself, explore new realms, let the passion in, and see where it takes you. After the 7th, begin to create concrete steps towards everything you have awakened within. Research, learn, network, and engage with the people and things that set up the life you want. Arrange your finances, possessions, and resources to best support you on your journey. 

Beyond the 10th, love comes in the form of security, and you’ll be less inclined to give your energy and light out for free. By the time the 22nd has passed, you are well and truly focused on manifesting the life you desire as you set your sights on a horizon you thought only existed in your dreams. Use December to reflect on your relationship with commitment, and consider if your approach to love and relationships serves your ideal life and ideal self. 


Affirmation: I face my fears head-on, and I grow through my discomfort.

It is time. Get ready for rebirth as the universe pulls you through the darkest hour before dawn. December begins with deep issues surfacing, subconscious messages making themselves known, and old wounds reopening to be healed once and for all. Do not shy away from this difficult, yet necessary process – everything you release provides room for new growth.

After the 7th, you are best positioned to begin building the life you deserve. Negotiate new terms, set new boundaries, and evaluate the way you think. After the 10th, relationships will be important to you only if they prove themselves worthy of your time. You are more happy to channel your energy into creative projects, your friends, and your finances than entertaining unworthy suitors. Beyond the 22nd, you have hit your stride as you confidently step into the roles you were born to take: pioneer, visionary, leader. Use this month to reflect on how your daily life can support your goals as the devil is in the details.


Affirmation: My pain is my teacher, and my love is my healer.

The higher you fly, the deeper you dive. You begin the month feeling your social best, and it’s a great time to join new classes or groups, participate in community programmes, or spend time with friends (especially while travelling or adventuring). Use this time to make new connections and push yourself out of your comfort zone. After the 7th, you will feel the urge to reflect and withdraw. Consider this past year and notice what role your thoughts, conversations, subconscious urges, and intuition played.

This is intensified after the 10th, when love and beauty come to you in unexpected ways. This may be a time of endings, disruption, and truths coming to the surface in these areas. Once the 22nd arrives, you will be deep in a time of contemplation, investigation, and the discomfort of healing. The final climax of this year’s lessons, change, pain, and growth culminate in a way that’s as restorative as it is astonishing. Sit with the pain, honour your journey, and be honest with yourself. You have come so far. This whole month is primed for meditation on who you really are and what makes you truly happy.


Affirmation: The life I want is worth fighting for.

The world is yours for the taking. You begin December in the perfect position to decide or reaffirm what you want to do in life. And if you don’t know? Now’s the time to find out. Grasp unexpected opportunities, explore your obscure passions, learn new skills, and apply for a role in a field you actually like. Once the 7th rolls around, you are ready to put the work into making your dreams a reality. Network, negotiate, and have those tough conversations. Balance your natural sensitivity with this season’s natural boundaries, focus, and clarity.

After the 10th, you will find romance, inspiration, and creativity in social situations, community, and friendship. But be sure to only accept what you want; now is not the time for settling, avoidance, or mincing your words. Beyond the 22nd is a great time to set goals around what you want to give to the world and what you want in return. Use this month to reflect on home and family, and whether or not your current situation is working for your best self.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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Monthly Horoscope for November

Your November 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here 

Let’s get into it, astrobabies.

November asks you lovingly to take a good hard look at yourself. No, not the version other people see. Not the version you think you need to be. The person you already are! The person you try to keep protected and hidden. The person who you think isn’t world-ready yet. Scorpio season hunts that version down and drags it to the surface. It will ask you what’s holding you back, what parts need healing, and who told you this version wasn’t good enough.

It will ask you to be brave and honest and vulnerable. And just when you feel overexposed and on the verge of a breakdown, Sagittarius season comes along to celebrate you, to ask you what you want and how you can get it. It will fill your heart with joy and passion and adventure. It will say, where do you want to go, what do you want to learn? The opportunities are endless. The deeper you dive, the higher you fly this month. Just be brave, little tiger.

What to Expect This Month

We start November deep in Scorpio season. The sun, Mercury, and Venus reside in this watery, emotional yet private sign, so our relationships, communication, and outlook take a more serious nature than we are used to. Use this energy by journalling, meditating, and doing shadow work if you can. Mars is in Gemini and is well and truly in retrograde. While we are still driven to find truths and communicate them, our motivation is diminished slightly and we are encouraged to take time to re-examine and realign our motives. Jupiter in Pisces is also retrograde, and may present us with opportunities we thought we had missed, especially those that occurred between May 2022 and now.

On the 8th, there is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus. Lunar eclipses are times of great change and release, and many repressed issues or wounds can come to a head. This Taurus full moon will be perfect for reflecting on the physical attributes of your life – those you wish to build and those you wish to dismantle. It’s also a great time to eat good food, get lots of sleep, and spend time outdoors. The next day, both the sun and Mercury oppose Uranus, suggesting decision-making around communication, mindset, or goals due to circumstances outside your control.

On the 16th, Venus moves into Sagittarius and you may feel lighter, more spontaneous, and more adventurous when it comes to love and creativity. There may also be some opportunities or harmony surrounding organisation, negotiation, and information. On the 17th, Mercury joins Venus in Sagittarius, so communication will become less formal and more fun. The 22nd signals the start of Sagittarius season, and now is the time to have exciting experiences, follow your curiosity, and learn new things. This is accentuated by the new moon in Sagittarius on the 24th, when themes of exploration, freedom, and expansion are present. What do you want your life to look like? And are you brave enough to create it? Set intentions and goals that are aligned with your wildest dreams – because why would you settle for less?

November for the Zodiac Signs


Affirmation: I use my power thoughtfully.

November is a month of power for you, Aries. You will start the month with transformation in mind, and there will be an uncharacteristic profoundness to your thoughts, words, and actions. Now is a time for brutal honesty (especially within yourself), but be wary of tactlessness and hurtfulness. Use this brave and independent energy to fight internal battles, explore intimacy, and follow your intuition rather than picking unnecessary fights and holding grudges. After the 16th and 17th, communication and relationships become lighter and more comfortable. The work you do during the first half of November will only continue to bring joy, confidence, and adventure as the month continues. This month, you are driven by creating a safe space, internally and externally. Do not rush this process; take time to re-examine your motives and question your beliefs and thinking. 


Affirmation: I accept the love I deserve.

This month is all about relationships for you, Taurus. You love to settle in for the long haul, but when you look closer, you may find you’re holding onto someone who is weighing you down more than lifting you. On the 6th, you could make an unexpected relationship decision when your hand is forced. In a time where change and introspection are inevitable, work with the tides rather than against them. After the 16th and 17th, you feel adventurous, especially when it comes to intimacy, radical personal growth, and fully stepping into your power. You may also find yourself desiring less seriousness and more freedom, so follow your heart. After the 22nd, it is an ideal time for reflecting on where you wish to go (and grow) from here. You may feel less motivated this month, so slow down and be selective with what you spend your energy and attention on. 


Affirmation: I see the joy, value, and importance of the little things in life.

Zoom in, Gemini – how are the details of your life looking? It can be tempting to focus only on the masterplan, but when you neglect the little things, the big things often fall apart. Use this month to dive deeply into your everyday life, and assess what kind of foundation you have built on your health, routines, and daily structure. After the 16th, your long-term relationships and other commitments come into focus, and you may feel the need to spread your social butterfly wings instead of settling into more stable rhythms. After the 22nd, you will be challenged to grow past these impulses, and this may be uncomfortable. Logic is overrated, so listen to your heart for a change. Take some time to slow down and question your motives. What are you prioritising lately? And does it have what it takes to make you happy?


Affirmation: I am fearlessly authentic.

Who are you, Cancer? And who gets to see that person? This month is about being authentically you, expressing yourself creatively, and doing what brings you joy. But it might not be as easy as you think. What beliefs hold you back from being your truest self? And who put those beliefs there? Don’t be surprised if you have to challenge some demons to make it through, but it will be worth it in the end. After the 16th, you may find the most exciting romance in the most unexpected, mundane places. From the 22nd, boring routines won’t cut it, so explore new health habits, exercise, food, and organisation systems. You’ll be driven to accumulate resources this month, but might not want to work too hard. Remember that slow progress is still progress, and take breaks when you need them. 


Affirmation: I dare to heal my deepest wounds.

Leo, this month is all about creating sanctuary. Deep emotions may come up in the first half of the month as deep-seated family issues come to the surface. If you are brave enough to face the wounds buried deep, you will reach heights you never thought possible. After the 16th, things get less intense and you will find yourself more comfortable communicating and expressing yourself authentically and creatively once again. After the 22nd is a time when your soul reaps the benefit of all the work you have done to overcome your fears, filling the spaces where pain lived with passion instead. This is a great time to start new projects, take on new hobbies, and follow your joy and curiosity. You’re driven by deep growth this month, but this may take time. Don’t try to rush this process; instead, be where you are and give yourself what you need to make it through. 


Affirmation: My thoughts work for me, not against me.

Virgo, this is a time to reflect on the way you think. This month is a deep dive into the power that words have in your life, and whether they are working for or against you. Do your words give you power or do they bring you down? After the 16th, things become more action-oriented. All your previous introspection gives you the optimism and motivation to change things up, try new things, move out of your comfort zone, and be more open-minded. You are less likely to take things seriously, more open to spontaneity, and more inclined to speak honestly. Use this time to connect with your loved ones through adventure and fun, and nurture yourself by getting back to your wildest self.  This month, you are motivated by your connection to others, but you don’t need to be everything to everybody. Slow down and learn to prioritise who and what you value most. 


Affirmation: I am here now, and I am grateful.

What do you value most, Libra? Now is a time to reflect on your place in the physical world, and be honest about your relationship with money, possessions, and personal property. This is the perfect time to take a deep dive into how you use the physical world to escape how you feel within. You may also need time alone during this period as you feel the need to take life more seriously than usual. After the 16th, you will start to emerge into the light as adventure, social connection, and creativity beckon. After the 22nd is a period of growth for you, and it may be time to expand the way you think and communicate, opening your mind and heart to the new and unexplored. How do your words create your reality, and is it the reality you want? You are motivated by your career, especially this month, but this motivation comes in waves. Don’t be afraid to stop and get your bearings now and again. 


Affirmation: My strength is in my depth.

Scorpio, this is your month. You begin November deep within your mind, soul, and heart, and it feels pretty comfy there. Deep reflection can give you perspective on who you are, what you need, and what your purpose is here on earth. On the 8th, this energy is especially powerful, and a great time to align and organise what you need to turn your inner wishes into reality. You are unbelievably powerful, Scorpio, but you need to face your fears to access your courage. After the 16th, the intensity eases, and it is a great time to begin moving steadily towards your goals. After the 22nd, it is a great time to action and turn your ideas and hopes into concrete plans and realities. You are motivated by growth and learning this month, but your motivation may wane if you do too much too fast. Take your time, and listen to what your body, mind, and heart can handle. 


Affirmation: I use my shadow to find my light.

Sagittarius, there is nothing you do better than forge new paths where others fear to tread, and no time is that more true than right now. You start the month in the thick of a potentially uncomfortable period of deep introspection. However, the more you uncover in these first two weeks, the more expansion and excitement you will encounter in the following two. After the 16th, things begin to shift as you experience your love life, your thoughts, your connection to others, and your goals and vision for the future come into focus. By the time the 22nd has arrived, you will positively glow with exuberance to elevate to a new level of enlightenment, development, and exploration. Plan or set intentions for your next trip, your next experience, your next conquest. You are driven to transform this month, but go at your own pace. Your future will be waiting regardless, don’t miss out on the journey there.


Affirmation: My power is in my vulnerability.

This month is about connection for you, Capricorn. This may be a time when you may be more in touch with your emotions and deep, long-held beliefs. You can only meet others where you have met yourself, and vice versa. The more time you can spend getting to know yourself on a vulnerable level, the more you open up yourself up for meaningful relationships, trusted friendships, and the life of your dreams. After the 16th, the deep dive into your subconscious and emotional self continues, but you may go about it more proactively. This is a great time to begin new spiritual practices, reach out to a teacher or mentor of some kind, and just generally spend time alone. This month is the dark before the sunrise – the more you bring up, the lighter you will feel. You are motivated by relationships this month, but you should be wary of misunderstandings and take time to reexamine your motives to make sure you’re on the right path. 


Affirmation: I open my heart without fear or expectation.

Now is a time to focus on your career, Aquarius, and making sure what you dedicate yourself to matches your purpose and fulfilment here on earth. As much as you love to intellectualise your way through life, November is a time to feel. Are you happy with the way you spend your days? What are you working towards? It’s a time to be brave and, for you, this means facing your emotions head-on and letting yourself feel them. After the 16th, your focus will zoom out to encapsulate all your hopes and dreams, and you will be more excited to meet new people and push yourself to grow. After the 22nd, it’s an ideal time to set goals around where you want to go next – physically, emotionally, and mentally. You’re motivated by achieving balance in your life this month, but you may be feeling unmotivated to act on your revelations. You don’t need to rush; you just need to keep moving forward. 


Affirmation: The deeper I go, the higher I grow.

Get ready to grow, Pisces, November is all about evolution. This is a good time to reflect on who you are becoming and what holds you back from becoming that person. You may spend more time alone while you sort through these priorities – just be careful not to get lost in the recesses of your mind and soul. After the 16th, there is a focus on your career, and you may feel an urge to shake things up in your job or vocation. It’s a great time to learn new skills and knowledge within your desired field, and travelling for work is also well suited for this time. After the 24th, this period of expansion and growth will be especially supercharged. Don’t hold back! You’re motivated by what brings you joy this month, but don’t be concerned if you’re not quite sure what that is right now. Take time to see what you like. Experiment, play, learn.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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Monthly Horoscope for October

Your October 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here 

October asks one important question.

Aaaand, breathe out. You can heave a sigh of relief; October is here to give us all a break! After a very responsible and slightly stressful September (thank you, Virgo, thank you, Mercury retrograde), it’s time to sit back and enjoy the new month’s more relaxed vibes. Filled with Libra’s calm yet fun energy, you’ll remember that you weren’t put here to stress. October asks: is this worth ruining your peace of mind over? Of course, it won’t all be plain sailing, thanks to with Aries, Mars, and Scorpio ducking in to add some spice, complexity, and good-old-fashioned rage to the mix. But even these darker influences are on your side. October is about simplifying your life so you can enjoy it all the more. 

What to Expect This Month

October starts with the calm pleasantness of Libra hosting the Sun and Venus. Things flow smoother, people get along better, and the mood is more relaxed. Virgo at home in Mercury, which moves out of retrograde on the 2nd, making things even more effortless. Communication, organisation, and day-to-day operations will run like a well-oiled machine. There will also be intellectual, curious, and playful energy surrounding people’s motivations, brought to us by another month of Mars in Gemini.

There will be some significant energy shifts from the 8th till the 12th, beginning with Pluto moving out of retrograde for the first time since April, which will bring a lot of hard-fought battles to an end. On the 9th, the full moon in Aries will force us to face themes like anger, independence, and toxicity. Use this time to let out the rage, frustration, and fears that hold you back. On the 10th, Mercury moves into Libra, making communication amicable and peaceful – although we may struggle to make decisions and stand our ground during this time.

On the 12th, we have multiple transits featuring the sun, Mercury, and Mars, which could prompt tension between what we want or believe and what is practical or realistic. The 23rd signifies another intense day astrologically as the Sun and Venus move into Scorpio. Things may take on a more serious, private, and deep energy as we prioritise honesty over comfort. On a lighter note, Saturn moves out of retrograde, and we will begin to reap the benefits of the lessons we have recently learnt about boundaries and sustainable growth. 

On the 25th, the new moon and solar eclipse in Scorpio signifies massive change and emotional new beginnings. Use this time to start afresh and leave what no longer serves you behind. On the 28th, Jupiter moves into Pisces (still in retrograde), bringing the energy to finally close long-opened wounds. Finally, on the 30th, Mars in Gemini goes retrograde. This transit will signify a time when repressed emotions (especially anger) may surface, and you must be careful of conflicts brought about by miscommunication and dishonesty. 

October for the Zodiac Signs


Affirmation: I am selective with my time, energy, and love.

Aries, this is a month of commitment for you. Whether it’s your relationships, job, or responsibilities, now is the time to decide where you want to devote your time and energy. How can you prioritise the things you love more? You start the month focused on balancing areas of life such as health and work. After the 11th, there is an extra shot of romance and pleasantness in the air, and you may feel more in harmony with your loved ones. After the 23rd, more weighty themes like shared or borrowed money, personal transformation, and intimacy come to the forefront. Channelling your energy into introspection will generate a powerful evolution of identity and relationships. Until the 28th, be aware of what you want to manifest into your reality next. This month, you will be motivated to communicate and think things through, so you should be wary of conflicts caused by overthinking.


Affirmation: I am at home in my body, in my mind, and on this earth.

This month focuses on your health, habits, and day-to-day life. It is an opportune time to create enjoyable routines that benefit your well-being. Focusing on small details will get you further than tackling everything at once, so find little ways to bring beauty into your world. At the start of the month, you will find it easy to discuss, plan, and think about what you want. After the 11th, your everyday life comes further into focus; it is an excellent time for organising your timetable flexibly, setting down-to-earth health goals, and building habits that make you happy. Look for romance in the mundane and every day; you will find it where you least expect it. After the 23rd, your focus will change, especially in your relationships – you may need to reflect on whether your current commitments are working for you. This month, your motivation is in its most natural rhythm, and physical desires like money, security, and routine push you forward. 


Affirmation: I am completely and unapologetically myself.

Gemini, this month is about being your most authentic self. Consider what you want and go after it with all your heart. What brings you joy? What makes your life harmonious and what fits in your flow? You will feel very playful, social, and flirtatious during this time. The start of the month is a favourable time to organise your home, improve your health with self-care, and communicate with family. After the 11th, you will feel more connected with your inner child and authentic self. Take advantage of this time by being playful, romantic, and expressive. After the 23rd, your focus will shift from what you want to what you need. It is a great time to reflect on your health and daily habits, and if they support your need to grow and transform. You are motivated by the person you want to become this month, and you will find it easy to take charge of situations, dreams, and your life. Your inspiration, drive, and instincts will be at their best until the 30th.


Affirmation: I nurture my home, relationships, and self with endless love.

Cancer, this month is about achieving harmony in your home and family life, something you value above all else. October is well-suited for negotiating truces, spending time with loved ones, and making your home life more pleasant. You start the month with an emphasis on organisation, clear communication, and solving problems that may have emerged during Mercury’s retrograde. After the 11th, home and family will come into focus, and it’s a great time to have meaningful conversations with family, look after your body through self-care, and do things that make your house feel like a home. You will look for comfort, warmth, and safety in your romantic life. After the 23rd, things get more introspective as you look for what you desire within your inner child and private self. Following these impulses will cultivate more joy and authenticity within your life. All month, you will feel driven to resolve deeper issues, approaching them through deep discussion and reflection. 


Affirmation: Everything I need is already within me; I just need to listen.

October is a month of thoughtfulness, communication, and familiarity for you. Now is a time to ask yourself whether your everyday life, habits, and occurrences are as pleasant, peaceful, and balanced as they could be. You start the month focused on getting your finances, possessions, and priorities in order. After the 11th, it is a fruitful time for you to have difficult conversations, negotiate, and find internal harmony through reflection and meditation. You will find love and connection through meaningful discussion and in people who make you think. Following the 23rd, turn your introspection toward your home and family life. What deep-seated issues need more attention there? Whatever you can bring up during this time will be repaid in the shape of personal transformation and power. This month, you’ll be motivated by a sense of community and collaboration, but be careful of conflicts with friends during this time. 


Affirmation: I am creating a world that is abundant, safe, and secure.

Where have you put down roots, Virgo? This month is about your physical world – what you own, what you prioritise, and what you do every day. October is an auspicious time for balancing your commitments and building sustainable routines. You will start the month with a knack for communicating clearly and getting organised. After the 11th, it’s a fantastic time to balance your finances, negotiate pay increases, and figure out your priorities. Peace and pleasure await when you endeavour to equalise these areas of your life. Romance is found and intensified in the physical realm, in places, or with people who make you feel secure. After the 23rd, you may experience some kind of transformation, intensified by reflection and communication in the areas of life you tend to avoid. You will be motivated by your career and long-term goals this month, driven to create the future you desire. 


Affirmation: What I give to the universe, the universe returns.

Libra, this is your month! October brings you a period of opportunity, growth, and new beginnings. This month is a great time to make new goals, start new projects, and renew the passion and energy you have for life. You may start the month a little hazy, maybe craving solitude and rest. You have been delving deep into your subconscious lately, and it is beginning to pay off. After the 11th, you will gain momentum until you are unstoppable. Romance, good fortune, negotiations, and opportunities are all coming your way. Spend time rekindling your passions, practising gratitude, and finding equilibrium in your everyday life. After the 23rd, you return to earth a little to reflect on and investigate financial, work, and routine matters. Make sure you keep these things private while you do so. You are motivated by expansion and personal growth this month, always looking to learn, travel, and grow whenever possible. 


Affirmation: The deeper I dive, the higher I can fly.

October will be a comfortable yet intense month for you, Scorpio. This month, you’ll be withdrawing to rest and reflect, digging up deep-seated issues and maybe even facing some demons. This period is an opportune time to work through fears and limiting beliefs. You start the month more socially, although you may find your social battery draining quite quickly. After the 11th, you will enter full solitude mode, wanting to socialise only with those you can be yourself with. The rest of the time, you will be content to keep to yourself and do your own thing. After the 23rd, a time of transformation, personal power, and change will begin. You need to be honest with what you want and not shy away from things that may scare you. Your strength, like the roots of a tree, is in your depth. This month, you will be driven by the desire for change and your need for evolution. 


Affirmation: When I care for myself, I care for others. When I care for others, I care for myself. 

Sagittarius, October is all about making connections. This month is a fantastic time to make friends, expand social circles, and dream big. Think about what you want for the future and begin planning for it. You start the month focusing on your career and long-term goals, but after the 11th, you broaden your sights to contain all your hopes and wishes. This period is perfect for collaborating with others, getting involved in your community, and being more sociable. You are at your most charming, brilliant, and exciting self. Cultivate love through friendship first. After the 23rd, things take on a more significant nature as you may feel the need to withdraw to reflect, rest, and recuperate. This time will be a valuable period to work through wounds, problems, and fears. You are motivated by relationships and commitment this month, wanting to put your energy towards things that will last. Be careful of disputes with your partner during this time. 


Affirmation: I am creating the life I desire, and I accept nothing less.

Capricorn, this month will feel uncomplicated for you as you concentrate on your career, goals, and responsibilities. October is a time to work towards long-term goals, especially those aligned with your career trajectory and work-life balance. You will start the month in an expansive headspace, finding it easy to pursue learning, new experiences, and travel during this time. You will only be interested in romance that adds something to your life, with no time for time-wasters and the uncommitted. After the 11th, you will focus on your job or vocation, and it’s a great time to take steps towards a new job, role, or career. After the 23rd, you may feel compelled to think critically about your friendships. This time is also suitable for researching organisations, clubs, or networks you wish to join now or in the future. This month, you will be driven by a need to get organised, look after yourself, and create a healthy balance of responsibilities within your life. 


Affirmation: I do not grow to become someone else; I grow to make room for more of me.

October is a time of exponential growth for you, Aquarius. This month is the ideal time for you to pursue education, travel to new places, and challenge yourself. At the start of this month, you are experiencing a massive transformation and may need time to adjust and regain your balance. You will find love and romance in people and places that help you grow and learn. After the 11th, your metamorphosis continues as you focus on communicating, thinking, and organising in new ways. After the 23rd, all you’ve learnt and gained will begin to become useful in your work life and pursuit of other long-term goals. You may need to use this time to reflect on whether your career and ideals are in alignment with what you want. This month, you’ll be pushed by the urge to be happy and authentic as well as honour your desires.


Affirmation: I am flexible and unafraid of change.

Pisces, this is a time of regeneration for you. You are undergoing shifts that are moulding you into who you want to be, and that can feel exciting and tumultuous all at once. You can make the most of this energy by stepping into your power and facing your fears and obstacles head-on. You will start the month focusing on your long-term relationships; it is a suitable time to communicate clearly with your partner. After the 11th, this time of change will intensify, and you need to either let go or be dragged. Use this time to deal with finances (particularly debts), issues with intimacy, or sudden losses. You may need to rectify the balance of power in one or all of these areas. After the 23rd, things ease up a little as all you have released and discarded make way for new growth. This period is a great time to make new plans, start new things, and dream new dreams. You are motivated by a sense of home this month, and you will prioritise feeling safe.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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Grey Cat Near Grey Vase With Sunflower

Your September 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here 

Out with the old, in with the new.

After the warm, delicious glow of August, September is here to tidy up. This month is all about organising, prioritising, and taking our time. September starts with a bunch of Virgo energy acting like a highly strung caregiver. Have you been eating your vegetables? Why is your room such a mess? What are you doing with your life? This is a fantastic time to bite the bullet and do all those tasks you said you’d do this summer. The end of the month softens a little, and we are rewarded for the tension that came before. We begin to see new ideas, dreams, and plans in the spaces left behind after our mega-clean. It’s time to create room for a new beginning. 

What to Expect This Month of September

September begins with the sun in Virgo, creating a service, health, and detail-oriented vibe that is perfect for getting organised. Venus moves through Leo, giving us a warm and creative approach to romance and life – we will want to give and receive attention, affection, and love. Mercury sits in Libra, so there will be a focus on balance, aesthetics, and human connection in our day-to-day life. Finally, Mars is in Gemini and will be all month, so we’ll be more driven to find answers, challenge ourselves intellectually, socialise, and exchange information.

On the 5th, Venus moves into Virgo, and our need for stability, practicality, and serving others is intensified. This is a great time for cleaning out our spaces, having practical discussions (especially in our relationships), and working towards goals. The 10th and 11th are big days astrologically, signalling massive change. The Pisces full moon is deep, spiritual, and compassionate – a perfect time for emotional release and reflection. The need for contemplation is further illuminated by Mercury going into retrograde. Slow down and pay attention to the details in life. Finally, there may be a sudden change in ideas, passions, or desires on the 11th as the sun trines Uranus.

On the 23rd, the sun enters Libra and things take on a lighter energy. We are more inclined to socialise, have fun, and go with the flow. Mercury moves back into Virgo, so we still have the strong influence of Virgo to keep us grounded and attuned to others’ needs. We finish the month with a Libra new moon on the 26th – a time of new beginnings. The more you can release during the Pisces full moon, the more space there is for fresh starts and healthy growth. This new moon may bring new people, relationships, and creative opportunities into your life. Where possible, hold off on starting anything concrete until after October 2nd (end of Mercury in retrograde). The sun is also in opposition with Jupiter, signalling decisions being made about which direction you want to go for personal growth and following your passions.

September for the Zodiac Signs


I am curating the life that I desire and deserve.

Time to slow down, Aries, this is a month of health for you. It’s time to focus on creating healthy habits, getting organised, and building balanced routines. You may find yourself thinking about how your career affects your day-to-day life. Does your work support the life you want or are you sacrificing your quality of life for your job? You have recently had a boost to your personal power and, this month, you will be more discerning with what you want, need, and deserve from your romantic relationships and life in general. You will find it easy to communicate clearly this September – this will be especially important after the 10th, when small miscommunications have the potential to cause big problems. You will also prioritise practicality and communicating your needs more than usual, so take advantage by purging unwanted possessions and unhelpful habits, and setting boundaries. Be aware of potential conflicts with siblings and neighbours.


I find joy in the everyday.

Are you following your dreams, Taurus? You may feel an urge for freedom from your current situation (especially around the 11th), so spend some time listening to your heart and conspire to create the life you desire. Romantically, you may start the month feeling like channelling love to yourself. After the 5th, you will be more inclined to look for people who you can be yourself around. This is a fertile time to focus on healthy habits and get organised so that things run smoothly when Mercury in retrograde hits. After the 10th, be especially wary of work miscommunications and injuries. Around the 20th, the way someone is making you feel may change the way you see them romantically. Money, work, and physical possessions will be a big motivator for you this month – and it is wise to be careful of conflicts with others over finances or differing values.


The world is my home, and I belong here.

Geminis, it’s time to come home. This month is about creating sanctuary – in your home, with your loved ones, within yourself. You will feel motivated this month, thereby looking for projects, people, and goals that fulfil your curiosity, intellect, and playfulness. The start of this month will be fun; you will be drawn to communicate authentically, work creatively, and push boundaries. After the 5th, however, you will be looking for security and unconditional love, with another or within yourself. After the 10th, be careful that your authenticity isn’t interpreted as rudeness, and that your spontaneity doesn’t become carelessness. Around the 16th, you will be feeling a burst of passion that pushes you to act in a way that may be uncomfortable. Trust your instincts to find your way through. You should be careful of family misunderstandings and problems with your home or property after the 23rd. Romantically, you will feel more capable of asking for what you want and finding the charm in the everyday. 


I observe my thoughts, I am not my thoughts.

September will be a month of the mind for you, Cancer. This is a time to think things through – your problems, your circumstances, your needs. This is a great time for communication and organising your home, habits, and thoughts. After the 5th, you will be more inclined to think intellectually about romance, so be careful of overthinking and frequently check in with how you really feel. This month (especially after the 10th), you will need to be careful of family conflicts and problems within your house and home. September starts financially strong for you, and you will likely take a more practical approach to love and relationships. This month, you will be motivated to get to the core of problems and understand yourself on a deeper level. Make time to be alone to rest and reflect. Be careful of taking drastic action or acting maliciously in times of emotional upheaval. 


I am abundant beyond my wildest dreams.

Time to get paid, Leo – this month is all about the money! September is perfect for sorting out your priorities and deciding whether the life you’re living (work, finances, and routines) reflect them. Communication, organisation, and health should all be flowing nicely, but you will not be immune to Mercury in retrograde. Double-check details, dates, and information to keep on the straight and narrow. Romantically, you will start the month in your element, feeling capable and sexy, so don’t be surprised if you are irresistible to others. After the 5th, you will be feeling more inclined to channel this power into building meaningful relationships – you won’t tolerate time-wasters and the insincere. You will be driven by your hopes and dreams this month, and the tangible things you need to make them come true. You will be more inclined to network and expand social circles, but be aware of disagreements with friends. 


I am excited to see what the future brings.

Virgos, this is your month! This is a time of new beginnings, amazing opportunities, and abundant personal growth. Romantically, you start the month independently and may need to take some space to rest and reflect – but you will be back to dripping with warm energy, creativity, and style after the 5th, in your loving element. This September is the perfect time to get your finances in order, embrace career opportunities, and build healthy routines. Just ensure you read the fine print and double-check all things money and work, especially after the 10th. You will be at your organisational and intellectual best, but you may feel like your heart is being eclipsed by your mind (especially around the 26th), so just remember to breathe and feel your feelings when needed. This month, you will be driven by your desired career trajectory and other long-term goals, so be careful of conflicts caused by your ego or perceived reputation.


I love myself, the light, and the shadow.

Libras, this is a month of reflection, rest, and even solitude for you. You can expect some endings that will later turn into new beginnings. You will be very focused on aligning the mechanics of your life – healthy habits, organisation, communication – with your ideals and sense of self. As much as you may be ready for starting new projects and improved habits, go slowly and hold off taking action while Mercury is in retrograde. You will start the month finding love in friendships, activism, and your community. After the 5th, you may withdraw from the dating world or your partner to spend some time creatively processing your deeper feelings. You will be especially motivated by learning, personal growth, and deeper understanding this month. You may also get drawn into more philosophical debates than usual. After the 23rd, you will be feeling unstoppable as you step into your just, flirtatious, and balanced power. You can also expect amazing new beginnings around the 25th of September, so spend some time checking in with what you truly want. 


I am the centre of the universe, and so are you.

Where will your dreams take you Scorpio? This month is for finding your place in the world – in your friendship groups, your community, your organisations. You may not have much time for romance at the start of this month, but after the 5th, you will feel more confident to connect with others in social situations and intellectual settings. Be careful with your money after the 5th. You will be feeling very introspective this month, feeling the need to say less and listen more. Be careful of illness and injury, and make sure not to skip any safety precautions or fine print after the 10th. Following the 23rd, you will be feeling a lot more sociable – you will be ready to take your new ideas and share them. You will be driven to transform this month, willing to explore your darker side so you can emerge stronger than ever. You may find yourself in disagreements about money or intimacy this month, so play your cards close to your chest until you know who you can trust. 


I am here to make my life better, I am here to make the world better.

Sagittarius, it’s time to get to work! This is a month of building careers and achieving goals. You will be inspired by friends, humanitarian groups, and people in your community as you work towards common objectives. Romantically, you may start the month finding love abroad or in education settings, connecting or reconnecting while learning, travelling, or exploring. Following the 5th, you will channel more energy into creativity and work than into romance. After the 10th, you should be wary of problems with technology, disagreements with friends, and plans going awry. Try to avoid signing any new contracts during Mercury in retrograde. After the 23rd, you will feel less inclined to socialise and more likely to spend your energy working – it’s a good time to get your career goals, workspace, and work projects organised. However, try not to start new jobs or projects until after Mercury retrograde. This month, you will be working towards more collaborative goals in general, but be careful about conflicts between your romantic or business partners. 


I am forever changing, evolving, and growing.

Capricorns, this is a month of growth for you. This is a time for learning, exploring, and expanding. You will be focused on career goals this month, and it is a good time to organise, plan, and communicate your work needs, wants, and ideas. You will start the month in a different headspace than usual romantically – you may have recently gone through a break-up or experienced a loss that is asking you to transform for the better because of it. After the 5th, you will likely look for or find love and creative inspiration in a new way, perhaps through travel, education, or exploration. Double-check deadlines, project briefs, and meeting times after the 10th. You should avoid starting new projects and jobs, too. You will be driven to create a healthy balance in life this month, and live an organised, healthy life in general. You should be wary of disagreements with co-workers during this time. 


My authenticity is my power.

Time to transform, Aquarius! This month is all about change – darkness into light, pain into healing, mistakes into lessons. Any pain you have recently suffered is about to be turned into power. This is a great month for travelling, learning, and trying new things. You may find yourself deep in thought, looking for answers and having epiphanies. The start of the month is a great time to deepen romantic relationships. After the 5th, your sensuality and urge for intimacy will intensify, and it’s a great time to express your darker side through creativity. Following the 10th, be on the lookout for misinformation. You will be more open to discussing your deeper thoughts after the 23rd, but be careful of what you reveal and to whom. You will be motivated by pleasure, creativity, and fulfilling your child self this month, so make time to enjoy yourself. You may feel frustration or have conflict with someone you share a mother figure-child dynamic with, so take some space when needed. 


I give and receive love unconditionally.

This month is all about partnerships for you, Pisces. Whether you’re in a relationship, have a business partner, or share your life with another person, this month is perfect for strengthening bonds. You start the month content with the love you have, but after the 5th, you may find yourself looking for something more long-term and meaningful. This is a good time to make deeper connections and take relationships to the next level. The start of September is a perfect time for you to find your voice, set some boundaries, and say how you feel. After the 10th, you should be careful of lending or borrowing money, starting new intimate relationships, or taking big risks. You may find yourself having significant relationship conversations after the 23rd – but be wary of jumping into commitments. You will be motivated by creating a sense of safety in your life through other people, in your home, or internally. You may find yourself getting into arguments with loved ones during this time, so portion out your patience accordingly. 

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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Monthly Horoscope for August

Your August 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here

Hint: it’s less intense than July.

August 2022 is not without its own set of challenges, especially in the struggle between expressing oneself and acting as a voice for the collective (artists and people who have a deep connection with art will bear the brunt of this tension). However, this month is much gentler and softer than July. Whatever obstacle takes place, Neptune is showing its best energy – which is one of compassion – during the month. This means you can overcome anything if you remember to act and speak from the heart, practise empathy, and listen closely.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 acts as a climax of sorts for the tension between self-expression and the collective. On the other hand, the New Moon in Virgo on August 27 is a great opportunity to renew your energies when it comes to looking after yourself. Do you honour and nurture your needs and wants? If you aren’t doing such a good job on this front as you’d like, you can turn over a new leaf after this date. This is an opportunity to start all over and give yourself the care you deserve.

What to Expect This Month

The month starts off with mixed energies for all 12 zodiac signs. Of course, the effects will be felt differently by each sign. On August 1, there is a harmonious aspect between the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aries. This suggests an expansion of self-expression and makes it a great day to make art or be creative. This energy is quite coherent with the energy of the Leo season. However, this aspect happens simultaneously with a conjunction between Mars and Uranus in Taurus. On a collective level, we can expect unexpected developments in our financial institutions and the food industry. 

The energies continue to be mixed. We have another harmonious aspect happening almost in tandem with a tense one – between August 6 and 8, Mars in Taurus forms a square with Saturn in Aquarius. How we assign value to material things, labour, and people will come into conflict with what we owe to society at large. This doesn’t necessarily have to spell out disaster. The collective can embrace this as an opportunity for growth and start to do better when it comes to how it assigns value. At almost the same time, Venus in Cancer forms a trine with Neptune. We are all encouraged to be more compassionate when we assign value, especially to others, and start to place less value on the material. This is all closely followed by an opposition between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. The themes that have to do with imbalances of power that we observed last July find a bit of an echo here. Our push to be more compassionate in the way we assign value is still met with resistance by institutions of power.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 invites us to shed our collective skin to become less about our own selves and place our focus on the collective. It comes right along with a tense aspect that takes place between August 10 and the 15, in which the Sun in Leo, all about self-expression, will form an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius which is all about what we owe to society at large. Artists, either by trade or affinity to the arts, will feel these energies the most. Closely on the heels of this aspect, on August 16, Mercury in Virgo forms a trine with Uranus. Surprising but mostly positive news regarding finances and the food industry (and perhaps new policies regarding the environment) are coming. 

On August 18, Venus in Cancer forms a trine with Jupiter. The value of compassion is once more expanded and highlighted. On August 21, Mercury in Virgo forms an opposition with Neptune. There are still some struggles and secrets being kept from us as a collective and, in some cases, in our individual lives. Detail-oriented, compassionate communication is the key to overcome all the hiccups. Between August 22 and August 23, Mercury forms a harmonious aspect with Pluto, meaning we’ll be able to articulate our collective feelings about power imbalances.

We finish off the month on a tenser and more chaotic note. On August 25 and 26, the Sun in Virgo forms a square with Mars in Gemini. Between August 26 and 27, Venus in Leo forms a tense aspect with Uranus, indicating surprising news about how some artists and public speakers are paid for their work. The need to serve comes into conflict with action that’s purely informed by logic. Between August 28 and 29, Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Again, the theme of the struggle between self-expression and advocating for the collective is repeated. The New Moon in Virgo on August 27 offers everyone an opportunity to hit the reset button regarding how you look after yourselves. Whether you need a better sleep schedule, a more nutritious diet or more exercise, take advantage of the energies of renewal available. Health is wealth, after all.

What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Affirmation: “I am determined to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Overall, health looks good for Aries. Of course, should you have reason to worry, visit a doctor. Aries natives will start the month full of energy and vitality when the Sun in Leo forms a trine with Jupiter, which is currently transiting their sign. The Full Moon of August 12th will be all about friendship. As Full Moons are about shedding the layers that no longer serve us, some Aries natives can expect to lose some friends. However, most of them will be invited to go within and ask themselves whether they are being good friends, what each of their close friends brings to their life, and how they can strengthen the friendships that are important to them. 

On August 18th, Venus in Leo will form a trine with Jupiter in Aries. As Leo represents the back for Aries natives, this is a great day to get a message. This astrological transit will ensure all the stress you’re carrying on your back disappears. Of course, this only applies to minor back pain. See a doctor or a chiropractor if necessary. Finally, the New Moon in Virgo on August 28th is the best time in 2022 to manifest either establishing a new, healthy habit or routine, or for you to get rid of a harmful one.

You’ll see the most movement in your finances in the first half of August. On August 1 and 2, expect a surprise as Mars and Uranus in your second house of wealth and assets act as one. Is it a positive or a negative surprise? Honestly, you never know with Uranus! Trust that your karma is good, and the Universe will choose to reward you. On August 6, 7, and 8, Mars in your house of finances will form a tense aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. You’re invited to be generous and somewhat philanthropic with your finances. If you have only been spending on yourself thus far, you’re in for a bit of a rude awakening, but it’s nothing to be too concerned about. 

Your finances continue to look good when we hit the middle of August. Between August 13 and 15, Mars will be forming a harmonious aspect (a trine) with Pluto in Capricorn. On this date, you may expect recognition from your boss, accompanied by its corresponding bonus or salary raise. On August 16, Mercury in Virgo will form a trine with Uranus in your second house. You may get a promising but unexpected opportunity that comes as a consequence of your good relationships with peers and colleagues. 

When it comes to love, there is only movement for Aries natives that are single or dating casually. Those is serious relationships can expect a rather uneventful month. Between August 10 and 12, the Sun in Leo in your fifth house of romance and casual relationships will form an opposition with Saturn in your 11 house of friendship and community. As this is a tense aspect, arguments may arise between people you consider friends and your paramour, or you may have rocky start with your new lover’s friends. Oppositions are also an opportunity for growth. You may both learn about each other and the value the other places on friendship. If you don’t like the people your other half surrounds themselves with, perhaps it’s time to call it quits. There are fewer red flags more eloquent than the people someone chooses as their friends. The same tense aspect will happen between August 14 and 15. Perhaps more clarity on the matter will emerge during these days, if what happened earlier was left up in the air.

There’s more harmonious energy on August 18, when Venus in your house of romance will form a trine with Jupiter in your own sign. If you’re single, mark this date as a lucky one to put yourself out there or go on a first date. Towards the end of the month, expect surprises in your love life – negative and positive ones. Between August 26 and 28, Venus in your house of romance and casual flings will form a square with Uranus. Uranus is here to shake things off, and the aspect it forms with Venus is a tense one. You may be in for an ugly awakening regarding the person you’re seeing casually, or positive but sudden developments may occur in this relationship. If you’re single, you may receive news you don’t like about a crush or an ex. Or you may meet someone exciting unexpectedly.

The same theme of butting heads with your lover’s friends (or vice versa) is repeated by the end of the month, when Venus in Leo forms an opposition to Saturn in Aquarius between August 28 and 29. Take it as an opportunity to observe this relationship. Perhaps there’s something to gain from this new perspective.


Affirmation: “I am prepared to meet someone exciting this month.”

Since Mars entered your sign last month, you have been vital and full of energy. Make good use of this surge in energy, for Mars will leave your sign on August 20. The bull will start the month on a hectic note when Mars, the planet of action and rage, forms a conjunction with Uranus, the planet of the sudden and the unexpected. We know how much you dislike change and unpredictable stuff, dear Taurus, that’s why we are telling you in advance to prepare yourself. Whether the surprise is good or bad, we honestly can’t say. But you’re best warned than kept in the dark, right?

Between August 6 and 8, Mars, still in your sign, will form a square with Saturn. Has your career been taking a toll on your health? You may have to call in sick around this day. We know it goes against your impeccable work ethic, but, if you do decide to log in or walk into the office despite your best instincts, you will be moody and prone to heated arguments with your boss, subordinates, and colleagues.

Between the 13 and the 15 of August, your mind will be sharp and ready for new books and other ideas and philosophies that mean expanding your current worldview. This yearning for learning has more to do with your personal life than your career, so grab that nonfiction book you’ve been dying to read or finally pick up crochet. If you work as a teacher, expect good career news on this date. You may be offered an exciting new position or a bonus.

The end of the month may mean unexpected news regarding your living situation. I know you’d hate to have to move, foot an unexpected bill related to your housing, or have to take a day off work for a much-needed renovation or repair that pops out of nowhere, but all of these seem likely scenarios. This is so because Venus in Leo in your fourth house of your home and housing will form a tense aspect with Uranus in your own house.

Regarding your career and finances, August is a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, the Full Moon on August 12 will force you to break with certain patterns in your professional life that were holding you back. After that, you’ll become an unstoppable force. The fact that Mars enters your second house of personal finances only puts you in a better position to go after whatever you want in your career and finances.

On the other hand, you may be the slave to your own words by the end of the month. Watch out for what you say between August 25 and 29. It can and will be used against you. Luckily, Taurus natives tend to think a lot before speaking and place a lot of care in what they say and how they say it. Neighbours and siblings may also bring some trouble around these dates. When it comes to matters of the heart, Taureans in long-term unions can expect a rather uneventful month. The action in August is all for single Taurus natives and those that are casually dating.

We start off on a positive note by the middle on the month. On August 16, Mercury, currently transiting your fifth house of romance, fun, and casual relationships, will form a harmonious aspect with Uranus in your own sign. You may surprisingly run into an old acquaintance and romance may flourish. You may also meet someone exciting in unexpected circumstances. There is also harmonious energy between August 22 and 23, when you may finally meet someone who shares your core values.

Taurus natives that are casually dating may expect heated arguments between August 25 and 29. It’s most likely nothing to worry about, though, especially if you make the effort not to lose your temper. Do what you do best: be patient with the exciting person you’ve been seeing. Single Taurus who are tired of being single should seize the New Moon in Virgo on August 27. This is the best day for them to manifest someone exciting coming into their lives. Those that are wishing to conceive should also mark that date on their calendars.


Affirmation: “I am willing and able to let go of my limiting beliefs.”

The first half of the month will be calm. Take it as an opportunity to rest. You will start to see some movement with the Full Moon of August 12, which is here to challenge some deeply ingrained worldview you hold. Let go of whatever aspect of it that’s limiting your prospects. A few of you can expect to reach the ending of a certain stage in your education, or finally quit your higher learning in favour of something better.

The end of the month has the potential to break havoc on your housing situation. Between August 25 and 29, the Sun in Virgo in your fifth house of children, self-expression, fun, and casual relationships, will form a square with Mars in Gemini in your second house of personal finances and assets. Perhaps your children will raise unexpected (and costly) bills. Perhaps your own inner child will push you to make a reckless financial decision you later regret.  Whatever happens, keep your calm and try to see the lesson behind them. Squares are tense aspects, but they also promote growing and learning.

Your finances are most likely to improve before August 11, when Venus will be transiting Cancer in your second house of wealth. Mark August 7 and 8 as magical dates to ask for a promotion, have a job interview or introduce yourself to potential clients. If you’re in the process of setting up a business, these are great days for launching it. August 8 and 9, however, will force you to control your shadow self regarding money.

It will be a relatively quiet month regarding romance. A few of you will part ways with a casual lover, as there is a lot of tension between Saturn in Aquarius in your fifth house of casual romance and Leo in your eleventh house of friendships. A few of you may have fallen for a friend. There is hope for you, but don’t expect a smooth road towards romance.


Affirmation: “I do not control and do not relinquish my control, either. I take full responsibility for my actions and, thus, I start going with the flow.”

Your general vitality and well-being will be a bit better before August 11. Until then, you will have the beneficiary influence of Venus transiting your first house of the body and the self. However, no need to grieve its transit, as it’s bringing all of its magnetism to your second house of personal finances after August 11.

On August 8 and 9, you’re invited to observe the effects of power structures and authority figures over your well-being. It’s important that you recognise that your boss, for example, is only an authority in your career, and has no say on your spiritual beliefs or your personal lives. This also applies to you if you’re an authority figure yourself. Don’t smother your subordinates. In short: don’t give your power away, or it could impact your well-being negatively. These are great days to work on your Solar Plexus chakra. This is so because this chakra is the centre of your confidence, personal power, and inner warrior. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 will have a profound transformative effect for you. It has the potential to be long-lasting. You’re being asked to transmute and transform. Pay attention to what thoughts and feelings arrive closer to August 12. Keep a dream journal, too. You crabs are extremely intuitive and will surely get a good handle on what it is that you’re meant to transform.

The New Moon in Virgo of August 27 is a great time to pick up a new skill (or return to a very old one you haven’t used in a while). It invites you to become a student once again. If you’re a literal student, you can manifest success in your next exam season on this date. Remember, however, that manifestation only goes so far. Give those exams your best shot by studying, too.

The energies around your finances this month are mostly positive, but there is a thorn and a twist. The thorn comes in the form of whatever part of your inner self you must transform after the Full Moon of August 12. This is so because of the tense aspects between the Sun and Venus in your second house of personal finances and Saturn in your eighth house of transformation. If you’re able to address this much needed transformation, your path to wealth will be more straightforward. If you refuse to see it, it’ll block you from progressing financially. The good news is that you have some control over this thorn.

The twist comes by the end of the month, when Venus in Leo forms a tense aspect with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, the sudden, and surprises. This could manifest as an unexpected bill or expense, or an unforeseen event that takes a toll on your wallet. Otherwise, the energies around your finances are harmonious. You kick off the month on an extremely harmonious note with the Sun in your second house forming a trine with Jupiter in your house of career and reputation. Aim for a beneficial change in jobs, a promotion or a recognition that comes with its corresponding financial compensation. On August 11, Venus enters your second house of personal finances making you magnetic to all sorts of opportunities. On August 18, Venus will form a trine with Jupiter in your house of career. You are being noticed by the right people, and this will translate into cash flowing in. 

Coupled up crabs will have challenging points of discussion with their long-term partners. Even if the energy is tense at first, keep an open mind and talk everything through and you will emerge stronger as a union. Single crabs and Cancer natives that are dating casually are recommended to do some shadow work regarding power and authority figures in their lives. Otherwise, the path to a healthy and stable romantic relationship will remain blocked.

The month starts out bumpy for partnered up crabs but ends on a much better note. Between August 8 and 9, Venus in your sign will be opposite Pluto in your seventh house of committed partnership. The way you place value on yourself and/or your partner will go into direct conflict with them. You may have to reconstruct yourself as a union and turn over a new leaf. The energy looks like one of crisis at the beginning, but, due to harmonious energy later on in the month, the crisis can be subverted and even seized as an opportunity to grow and learn together. Both members of the couple are invited to revise the existing dynamics and power imbalances.

In the case of single crabs, they are invited to do some introspection regarding their more controlling or submissive tendencies. They are both sides of the same coin. Wanting to keep a tight rule over everything that happens and following a more dominant party almost blindly are huge obstacles for love and connection to flow freely.

Single Cancer natives can expect an improvement in their love lives after August 11. On this date, Venus enters their sign, making them more magnetic to desirable suitors. Between the 13 and 15 of August, a more harmonious energy originating from Mars in your eleventh house of friendship and community forming a trine with Pluto in your seventh house of committed partnership. Perhaps Cancer natives will discover romantic feelings so far unconscious for a friend, and they are mutual. Partnered crabs will receive wonderful energy of affirmation from friends of either member. It’s a climate of shared joy and celebration.

Between August 22 and 23, Mercury in Virgo, in your third house of communication, will form another harmonious aspect with Pluto. This is a great day to have important conversations with your partner or going on a first day, as the energies around this date are both harmonious and healing. A romantic escapade with an old or new lover is in the cards for some of you. 


Affirmation: “When in doubt, I calmly practise active listening.”

The month starts on a beautiful note for the lions with the Sun in Leo forming a trine with Jupiter in Aries, in their ninth house of life philosophy and higher education. Some of you are having your academic achievements recognised or developing a lifelong interest that will be deeply enriching for your life. A few of you are planning an exciting trip abroad or going to faraway lands to expand your mind.

On August 18, there is a similar energy, this time when Venus in your sign forms a trine with Jupiter. Your sense of your own personal value is expanding. Perhaps you just acquired a new skill that makes you more attractive to the market. Perhaps, you’re seeing the results of long-term therapy or other processes of transformation and growth that makes you conclude that you are wiser and more mature now. Perhaps you experience a glow up in your appearance (though you are a Leo, this does happen multiple times a year). In any case, life seems to be smiling on you.

Your sense of value starts to be challenged by the end of the month. This is so because Venus in your sign forms a square with unpredictable Uranus in your tenth house of career. This challenge seems to come out of nowhere and catches you a bit unprepared. However, welcome it as an opportunity to update your skills or resumé. A more positive interpretation of this transit is that you receive a bit of a nudge to learn a few technological skills related to your profession.

Your finances look mostly good this month, with a couple of dates where you can expect some tension. On August 16, Mercury in your second house of personal finances, forms a harmonious aspect with Uranus. You can expect some extra cash from an unexpected source on this day or around this day. On August 21, your shared finances with your partner or roommates or an asset you share with someone else may place an unexpected bill on your lap. Perhaps use the extra cash you receive around August 16 to foot this bill without hurting your usual budget.

Between August 25 and the 26, Mercury, still in your second house of wealth, forms a harmonious aspect with Pluto in your sixth house of routine and workplace relationships. If you’re looking to change jobs, perhaps a former colleague of yours gives you the glowing recommendation you need to start over on a new team – with a better pay. Perhaps you’re rewarded with wealth for your good, healthy habits. A healthy body and mind certainly allows you to pick up more side gigs and sources of income.

The New Moon in Virgo of August 27th is your time to manifest a new beginning regarding your bank account. As a Leo, you probably have expensive taste. Put it out there in the Universe that you’re willing and able to hustle to be able to pay your own way towards the life you deserve. However, this New Moon comes paired with a tense aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Mars in your tenth house of career. The way you think about money comes into conflict with the way you behave towards your career. Perhaps it’s time to pivot and revaluate the reputation you’re building for yourself. Now is a great time to look for some professional coaching or take a trusted mentor to lunch.

In matters of the heart, partnered Leos will have the most action. Single Leos or Leos that are only looking to have some fun, things will start to pick up around the end of the year when Sagittarius, which rules over your fifth house of fun and romance, starts to get lit up. However, single and fun-loving Leos, you can look forward to after August 11th, when Venus will enter your sign and make you magnetic to all sorts of fascinating suitors.

Partnered Leos, between August 6 and 8, some heated arguments may take place. This is so because Mars in Taurus in your tenth house will form a square with Saturn in your seventh house of committed partnership. The matter of discussion seems to be your career and/or your behaviour in public (including social media). Do bear into account that committed partnership does include business partners, if you have any. In fact, if this is you, this is the most likely source of heated discussion because of how your tenth house of career comes into play in this specific aspect. 

To take this tense energy and turn it into shared growth with your partner, focus on keeping your temper under control and listening to what the other party has to say. You’re a Fire sign, Leo, so anger and other strong emotions is most likely something you struggle with. However, you’re also a fixed sign, so that means that, out of all Fire signs, you’re the most likely to be even-tempered. Rely on this strength to avoid an argument that changes the face of your bond with your partner or associate and instead look at it as an opportunity for necessary dialogue.

Between August 10 and 15, there is an opposition between the Sun in your sign and Saturn in your seventh house of committed partnership. Again, your own personal interests seem to come into direct conflict with that of your partner, or your shared interests as a union. Again, keep calm and listen and this will turn into an opportunity for positive change for the pair of you.

In the middle of this transit, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 invites you to let go of your own behavioural patterns that keep you from doing your part in your committed partnerships. This applies to romantic partnerships, business partnerships, or any one-to-one relationship outside of blood family that is important to you and adds to your life.

On August 18th, Venus in your sign forms a harmonious aspect with Jupiter in your fifth house of fun, leisure, romance, casual lovers, and children. Those of you in committed partnerships should book a romantic date around this day. You’ll be able to reconnect from a place of joy as a couple after butting heads so much. The few of you that are trying to conceive should circle this date on their calendars.

Single Leos and the ones that are dating casually can also look forward to this day, as the trine will also benefit you. Go on a first date or put yourself out there around August 18 – something good will come from that, even if it’s just a fun evening. By the end of the month, between August 28 and 29, Venus in Leo will oppose Saturn in your committed house of partnership. This energy is similar to the one you already went through in the middle of the month during the opposition between the Sun and Saturn, but there is a slight difference. Before, the focus was on your conscious identity (who you believe you are as a person) and how that came into conflict with your partner or partnership. Now, the focus is on how you assign value to things, people, and situations, and how that challenges your partner’s sense of what’s important and necessary.


Affirmation: “I don’t always have to be the one to adjust to a space. Sometimes, a space has to adjust to me.”

The beginning of the month is relatively quiet in general for Virgos. The first eventful day in August is the 12, the day of the Full Moon in Aquarius. This will affect your sixth house of routine and healthy habits. The Full Moon asks you to let go and change. However, you’re quite comfortable evaluating this area of your life, thinking about how things can be changed and improved, and implementing said changes. In that sense, the energy of this Full Moon plays to your strengths. Just sit down and do what you do best – decide which habits to let go and which ones to add to your daily routine.

On August 16, something regarding communication will surprise you. It could be a conversation or piece of news. This is so because Mercury in your sign will form a trine with Uranus. As the aspect is harmonious, the surprise will either be pleasant or neutral. However, we know some of you may have trouble with any sort of surprises. Do your best to respond instead of reacting to whatever comes up.

On August 27, the New Moon falls on your own sign. This is a great day to get a drastic makeover if you’ve been dying for one. It will turn out well. You can also use this New Moon to manifest good health and healing. Of course, as a Virgo, you already know that any intention related to your health you communicate to the Universe must be paired with tangible action such as making and keeping doctor appointments, as well as keeping up with treatment plans, otherwise, they are useless.

Expect some tension around your finances this month, but nothing you can’t handle. The overall panorama in this area will improve after August 20, when Mars enters your tenth house of career. You want the energy of Mars there, as it has to do with being proactive and actually following up with your plans. On August 25 and 26, the Sun in Virgo will form a square with Mars in your tenth house of career and reputation. Your sense of identity will come into direct conflict with your chosen profession. Some of you will experience this process as an internal one, while others may experience external events that will have the effect of you realizing you need to re-evaluate some things regarding your career and how it aligns with you as a person. You can find some comfort in that this won’t be sudden or surprising. As the most observant sign of the zodiac, you probably already have an accurate hunch of how this aspect will play out in your life.

Between August 28 and 29, Venus in Leo in your twelfth house of the subconscious, will form an opposition with Saturn in your sixth house of the workplace and workplace relationships with your peers and subordinates. Something regarding your own self-worth remains hidden from your conscious mind, and it’s affecting your work hours, habits around work, and/or workplace relationships in the workplace. Do pay attention to your dreams and how you feel towards the end of the month. Virgo natives often undersell or underestimate their own abilities. This is a great time to reflect on how worthy what you bring into the table is, and how your workplace must make place for your sanity and well-being – and not the other way around.


Affirmation: “Work and play are both important to me.”

Regarding your general well-being, the work you need to do seems to be mostly mental health-related. If your mental health is good, introspection will still benefit your overall sense of energy and vitality. This is so because on August 21, Mercury – the planet of communication and logical thought – transiting your twelfth house of the subconscious mind, will form an opposition with Neptune in your sixth house of habits and routine. On this date, you’re invited to reflect on how your communication or thought patterns have an impact on how you look after yourself.

The New Moon in Virgo of August 27 will also affect your twelfth house of the subconscious mind. Don’t miss any therapy appointments by the end of August and keep a journal of your dreams around this date. The insight you gain from this New Moon will be invaluable. New Moons are also a great time to manifest and/or hit the reset button in whatever area of life they affect. You may manifest some important healing information you’re currently storing in your subconscious to come to the forefront. Of course, as I always do, I don’t recommend you go through processes like these, which could impact your mental health, alone. Make sure you have a licensed therapist you can talk to during this time.

The month starts off with harmonious energy regarding your career. You can expect things to be uneventful in this area of your life after the middle of the month. Between August 7 and 8, Venus in Cancer in your tenth house of career will form a trine with Neptune in your sixth house of workplace relationships and habits. The value you bring to the table in your chosen line of work will most likely be rewarded around this date with a benefit you’ve been coveting – some much-needed extra vacation days, for example.

Between the 8 and 9, Venus in Cancer in your tenth house of career will oppose Pluto in your fourth house of home. Whatever role you play in your household will come into conflict with your career (either your current profession or your career goals). Take a deep breath and try to assertively make what you want the priority, and not what someone else wants. I know that, as a Libra, your first instinct is to prioritize others to avoid conflict. However, it’s important you put your career first, at least in this particular instance. If anything, being a Libra gives you the resources to know if and when to compromise, and how to communicate with the other members of your household in an assertive but diplomatic way. 

If you work from home, this could become a problem, too. Pluto as a planet rules over obsessive behaviour, too. Perhaps you have become overly consumed by your job, and not leaving the house is making it difficult to see the line between your personal and professional life clearly. When it comes to matters of the heart, all Libra natives will have an eventful month. This includes coupled-up Libras, single Libras, and those of you who are casually dating.

Libras in serious relationships will start off the month with harmonious energy binding together their social life and friendships with their chosen partner. Gather with friends and have fun. Let them know your partner better. This harmonious energy finds its reprise on August 18. Libras that are single or casually dating have a bumpy road ahead of them. Between August 6 and 8, Mars in your eighth house of sex, transformation, and fusion will form a tense aspect with Saturn in your fifth house of romance and casual relationships. Your thoughts regarding commitment, however slowly or quickly you think should happen, may come into conflict with the thoughts and needs of your current casual fling. 

Between August 10 and 15, the Sun, currently transiting your eleventh house of friendship and shared beliefs, will form an opposition with Saturn in your fifth house of romance and fun. Perhaps you’ll have to part ways with a casual lover due to differences in core beliefs, or you may walk away from a first date disappointed because of this very reason. Perhaps your casual lover will quarrel with a dear friend of yours. This theme is repeated by the end of the month on August 28 and 29.

The Full Moon of August 12 will invite you to re-evaluate some of your own patterns regarding the way you date. If you overshare or don’t give your prospective suitors enough information, make a note of that. If you want to move too quickly or too slowly, be aware of that, too. You’ll be able to walk away from this Full Moon with a lot of valuable information regarding this area of your life if you do your due diligence and find a way to think through topics like these.

Those of you who have romantic feelings for a friend will experience some tension. It doesn’t seem, however, that things will unfold towards a clear resolution. By the end of August, things between the two of you still seem to be up in the air. Sexual tension may result in arguments and disagreements between yourself and your friend.


Affirmation: “I can keep my temper in check.”

If it’s been on your mind to implement a new healthy habit into your routine or get rid of an unhealthy one, the energies in the first half of the month are on your side. August starts off on a beautiful note with the Sun in Leo forming a trine with Jupiter in your sixth house of routine and habits. Jupiter has a beneficial influence of expansion, so whatever resolution you make regarding healthy living on the first day of the month will be magnified. There’s a similar energy available on August 18, when Venus in Leo forms a trine with Jupiter.

The Full Moon in Aquarius of August 12 happens on your fourth house of home. You’re invited to rethink what patterns of thought or behaviour are keeping you or your children from feeling truly at home in your current living situation. Whether you go through this as a process of internal evaluation or something in your home drives you to put your ideas in motion, trust that this process of re-evaluation will drive you to the right shore.

On August 27, the New Moon in Virgo impacts your 11th house of friendship and community. This is the time to manifest a new quality friend or a rekindling of an old platonic connection. If you feel like you don’t necessarily need a good friend, take some time to practice gratitude for the ones you do have. Your career is full of ebbs and flows this month. The Sun in Leo in your tenth house of career starts off with a harmonious aspect we have already mentioned on August 1. This aspect will also reward your overall career journey, especially if you have harmonious relationships with your colleagues and subordinates.

There’s more of a tense aspect regarding your career between August 14 and 15, when the Sun in Leo forms an opposition to Saturn in your third house of communication. This may translate as miscommunication with your boss, audience, or in the workplace in general. We know that, as a Scorpio, you’ll be careful and strategic with this information in mind, but miscommunication may still happen. Be prepared to practice listening, empathy and patience to repair whatever work relationships that suffer as a result.

You start to become magnetic in your field after Venus enters your tenth house on August 11. If you are looking for a better job, trying to pivot, or ask for a better job title at your current company, shoot your shot after this date. You’ll be an enticing and competitive candidate. There’s also a harmonious aspect between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Aries on August 18, again rewarding your good relationships with either peers or subordinates. 

Between August 26 and 29, there will be a tense aspect between Venus in your tenth house of career, and Uranus, the planet of the sudden and the unexpected. You never know what to expect when Uranus is in the mix, so the news could either be pleasant or unpleasant. As the aspect is tense, whatever comes up feels uncomfortable to you. This planetary aspect is pushing some buttons in you for you to grow.

There is news for both coupled up Scorpios and those that are single or in casual relationships. Coupled up Scorpios can expect a challenging first half of the month, with arguments and destabilising elements, but then, things will ease after August 13. Single Scorpios or those who are just dating casually will have the exact opposite timeline – beautiful energy to meet new people or date casually before August 20 or so, and arguments by the end of the month.


Affirmation: “I don’t take things personally.”

When it comes to your routine and well-being, you have Mars, the planet of being proactive, in your sixth house of habits and the aspects of your well-being that are under your control until August 20. You have until then to get yourself in order if you need to take care of something like eating, exercise, or sleeping habits. Between August 1 and 2, Mars will form a conjunction with Uranus. A surprising event will push you straight into action regarding your habits. Evaluate whether anger or stress are negatively impacting your health.

On August 12, the Full Moon in Aquarius falls on your second house of personal finances. If you reflect on your spending, saving, and investing habits, and find some areas for growth, you’ll be rewarded later for your efforts. Your finances seem stable throughout a month, except for the tense aspect between Venus and Saturn between August 28 and 29. You may see a bit of a dip then. The New Moon of August 27 offers you the perfect opportunity to manifest the career opportunity or redirection you need.

Regarding matters of the heart, single and casually dating archers will have an uneventful month. Sagittarius natives in serious relationships will see some tension between August 26 and 29. Try not to be too cranky with your partner. If they are the moody ones, gently set some boundaries but do not take it personally.


Affirmation: “Purging and hitting the reset button in some areas of my life erode my comfort zone, but helps me actualise my potential.”

Conflicts with important people and/or casual lovers in your life seem to be taking a bit of a toll on your well-being. Consider whether you may be burnt out from a relationship in your life (it could be romantic or not), and if you are, consider why. Perhaps some healthy distance is what you need. You definitely need to reconnect with yourself and your own individual needs.

The theme of personal philosophies and beliefs also comes into the forefront regarding your well-being. Perhaps you are not getting the treatment you need due to lack of information. Maybe you are sceptical of a type of holistic therapy (or even licensed psychotherapy) which would really add to your well-being. The New Moon in Virgo of August 27 gives you the opportunity to hit the reset button and start to reconsider certain beliefs that may be holding you back.

Your finances are undergoing a purge. It may feel a bit uncomfortable while the process unfolds during the month, but you’ll be better off once it’s over. Between August 6 and 5, Mars in Taurus in your fifth house of childhood, self-expression and fun will form a square with Saturn in your second house of personal finances. You may be overspending on frivolous matters like a hobby or things a child of yours wants, but not needs, and neglecting necessary bills because of that. The tense energy of this aspect will show you that. 

Between August 10 and 17, when the Sun Leo in your eighth house of fusion and shared finances and assets will oppose Saturn, again in your second house of finances. This time, the expenses you share with someone else, be it a partner, associate, or roommate, are taking a toll on your own personal wealth. The purge that takes place in August reaches a climax during this tense aspect with the Full Moon of August 12, inviting you to rethink financial choices and patterns. Finally, on August 28 and 29, Venus in your eighth house, regarding how you assign value to the people you share finances with, and Saturn again in your second house, will form another opposition. This aspect is an opportunity to have some closure on the matter of the reorganisation of your finances.

In matters of love, both coupled up and single Capricorns can expect some movement. Coupled Capricorns can expect a mostly positive month with one exception. That exception is the opposition between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. What your partner values comes into direct conflict with certain power struggles and issues regarding authority you have. You may have a heated argument around this date, but it’s nothing you can’t face together as a couple if you remain calm and united, even if you still advocate for yourselves and set compromises. There is a harmonious aspect taking place simultaneously between August 7 and 8, when Venus in Cancer forms a trine with Neptune in your third house. Perhaps a sibling of yours acts as a mediator between yourself and your partner during your conflict, or your partner resorts to effective but compassionate communication to resort the problem.

For Capricorns that are single or dating casually, make sure to make your moves before August 20. Until then, you’ll have Mars, the planet of proactivity, in your fifth house of romance and fun. You may start off the month with some unexpected news when Mars comes together with Uranus between August 1 and the 2. Some people will receive good news (albeit unexpected), and others will not. It truly depends on the individual Capricorn and their birth chart. On August 8, Mars forms a tense aspect with Saturn in your second house. This house not only has to do with your personal finances, but also with the way you assign value to people and the way you value yourself. Some of the Capricorns dating casually may decide to part ways with the person they’ve been seeing because they feel their value as a potential partner isn’t being appreciated.

Between August 13 and 15, Mars in Taurus will form a trine with Pluto in your first house of identity. Be cautious around this date. Power imbalances during first dates and casual relationships may bring up anger or the literal worst in you. Try to process what you feel alone or with a trusted friend before expressing what you feel to the person you’re seeing in a way you later regret. On August 16, Mercury in Virgo in your ninth house forms a trine with Uranus in your fifth house of fun and romance. This is a lucky date for single Capricorns. They may meet a suitor who shares core values with them. If you get set up on a date, don’t turn that opportunity down. Finally, the end of the month also spells a bit of disaster when Venus in your eighth house of sex forms a tense aspect with Uranus in your fifth house of romance. Some of you who’ve been seeing someone may discover a lack of chemistry. 


Affirmation: “I decide to do whatever it takes so my home adds to my sense of well-being.”

Between August 6 and 7, Mars in your fourth house of home, your roots, and your parents will form a square with Saturn in your first house of identity. This can manifest in various ways. You may need to work on your soul relationship with your parents. Whether you have a good or non-existent relationship with them, or whether they are living or not, whether you accept their vital energy as the people that gave you life is important. 

You may also see a negative impact on your energy and vitality due to more mundane problems in your household. Stress due to repairs or unexpected bills in your home can affect you physically. Some of you may feel unsafe or unwelcome in your house, due to very real or imagined (but not any less impactful) threats in your home. Repressing emotions may also be the source of your current discomfort. Make sure to have the phone number of a certified therapist at hand.

The Full Moon of August 12 falls on your own sign. It invites you to rethink who you think you are and let go of any limiting beliefs. For example, you may think yourself as being well past over the age in which you can learn new concepts. Think again. Or you may think you’re incapable of finding love due to a supposed flaw in character. Think again. Whatever you think about yourself that’s keeping you from what you want – let it go. I know, easier said than done, but you’ll be better off if you’re honest with yourself and do the work to no longer be in a position that may be comfortable, but not challenging or inspiring.

The New Moon in Virgo of August 27 is an opportunity for you to manifest transformation and acts as a perfect corollary for the Full Moon of August 12. It gives you the energy to find the ally or allies you need in the process of transforming yourself. There will be one significant high and one significant low regarding your finances this month. The peak of the month will happen between August 7 and 8. Expect some good news regarding money (and perhaps some public recognition for your work) around this date. The low will take place on August 21, when Mercury in Virgo in your eighth house of transformation and shared finances forms an opposition with Neptune in your second house of personal finances. Someone who has a stake in the finances you share may have been keeping something from you. Even if it’s a minor detail that was kept from you, you may react poorly to the news. If your business partner and/or the people you live with are perfectly transparent with you regarding your shared finances, self-delusion may be at play and will rear its ugly head around this month.

Coupled-up water bearers have a mostly positive month ahead, with a few bumps on the road that they can embrace with their partners as opportunities for growth. Things will start to pick up specially after August 11, when Venus will enter their seventh house of committed partnership. Water bearers dating casually will start to see movement after August 20, when Mars enters your fifth house of fun, romance, and casual relationships. The water bearers wanting to meet a man or someone with a masculine energy, regardless of gender, may get lucky after August 20. 


Affirmation: “My subconscious speaks, and I am prepared to listen.”

Between August 7 and 8, expressing yourself, especially through the arts, may be particularly healing. The Full Moon in Aquarius of August 12 will stir things up in your subconscious mind. Don’t miss therapy appointments around this date. You’re in the verge of a deeply healing epiphany. You may start off the month by dusting off that dream journal of yours as well and placing a jade tumble under your pillow. Your subconscious mind has something to say – show up and listen.

Your finances are looking good and expanding in August. You’re quite the money magnet, dear fish. On August 1, the Sun in Leo in your fourth house forms a trine with Jupiter in your second house of personal finances. Everything is connected. The way you deal with your emotions is paying dividends. On August 18, a similar energy will also ensure a boost in your finances. Who said being emotional didn’t pay the bills? It’s a particularly good month for those of you who are artists by trade.

Coupled-up Pisceans have a mostly good month ahead, with a couple of bumps down the road that they can embrace to grow stronger with their partners. Said bumps will take place on August 21, August 25, and between August 26 and 29. During this period of tense energy, however, the New Moon in Virgo takes place on August 27. This is an opportunity for Pisceans to manifest new love, regardless of their relationship status. Single Pisceans should shoot their shot and put themselves out there especially before August 11, where Venus, the planet of love and receptivity, will remain on their fifth house of fun and romance. Between August 7 and 8, the energies are particularly promising.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler.


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July 2022 Astrological Forecast

Your July 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here

An intense month with mixed energies awaits.

The energy of July is mostly tense. The main culprits are Pluto and Neptune. They are transpersonal planets. This means that, when they decide to throw a tantrum, the whole of humanity has to listen. However, all of the planets seem to be arguing with (or at the very least challenging) each other. 

On a collective level, there are organisations that affect the lives of many that are very active – both for good and bad. There seems to be a push and pull from within. Lawmakers, both national and international, central banks and other important financial institutions, as well as media outlets that have a global reach seem to be working non-stop. The good news is that this tense planetary energy that can manifest as stressful events can become an opportunity for growth and learning on a personal level – if it’s approached with the right mindset, that is.

What to Expect This Month

Mars enters Taurus on the 1st, forcing us to slow down our actions. Mercury also enters Cancer on this date, making us more compassionate in the way we communicate. There will be a lot of tense aspects that have either Pluto or Neptune as key players. The full moon in Capricorn of the 13th will give us the final blow in these changing times for the workforce. Ever since the pandemic, things have changed drastically. Collectively, this full moon will materialise as old ways of working finally dying out. 

On the 19th and 20th, the Sun will oppose Pluto. This will help shine a light on power imbalances, abuse, and taboo topics. On the 28th, the new moon in Leo offers us an opportunity to manifest a new beginning regarding creative endeavours and/or inner child healing. On the same day, Jupiter goes retrograde until November. This retrograde invites you to reflect on your own sense of purpose. You’ll reap the rewards of this inner dialogue once it goes direct.

The 31st is quite a date, astrologically speaking. The Sun in Leo will form a harmonious aspect with Jupiter in Aries, making this a great day when we will possibly discover a healing piece of art. On the same day, Mercury in Leo will oppose Saturn in Aquarius. Even though this is a great day for self-expression, we’re also reminded to keep the balance between the individual voice and the voice of the collective. On the 31st, we also have a conjunction between Mars and Uranus. Innovation is coming and can’t be stopped.    

What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Affirmation: “I am determined to find out how to nurture and care for my own energy and vitality.”

Most Aries natives seem to be enjoying a surge in vitality and energy since Jupiter entered their sign last December. This vitality will remain with you throughout the month until Jupiter goes retrograde on the 28th. After that date and until November the 23rd, you will be encouraged to look within for this source of energy that seemed to come out of nowhere. On the 31st, however, you will have a surge of creative energy when the Sun forms a trine with Jupiter – perhaps this is an indication that making art is what replenishes and nourishes you.

The full moon of the 13th may mean a change of jobs for you. Expect some surprises in your finances this month. Whether they are good or bad, we really can’t say, as Uranus has been in your second house of personal assets and finances for a while now, sometimes throwing gold mines your way and sometimes tough times in which bills seem to appear non-stop. The 28th will be a tough one for your personal finances as Mercury in Leo will square Uranus. Your communication style seems to be costing you money. Remember that you can turn this tense energy into an opportunity. Self-awareness will be rewarded. On the 31st, expect the unexpected. Your ruler, Mars, will conjunct Uranus. If you can wait out your rage, perhaps a new source of money will be revealed. Perhaps, it will hit you with an unexpected bill or economic loss. Be prepared for either outcome and trust that empty spaces will soon be filled by divinity.

When it comes to romance, whether you are coupled-up or single, this month is more about flirtation and fun than compromise or sacrifice. On the 23rd, there is a beautiful trine between Jupiter in your sign and Mercury in Leo. This is a great day to flirt with that person you have had your eyes on for a while or seduce your long-term partner with your words. Beware of your temper between the 26th and the 27th. Your ruler, Mars, will form a square with Mercury. For the single Aries out there, the new moon in Leo on the 28th is a great time to manifest a new suitor.


Affirmation: “I use my anger as motivation to do good things, I do not let it get the best of me.”

First, the good news: no sluggishness for you this month. Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters your sign on July 1st. You will feel proactive and ready to take on the world. However, your anger will also be flying high, especially the first two days of this month. Because of a tense aspect between Mars and Pluto, this is a time where arguments (or even fights) may start or escalate. 

The full moon of the 13th invites you to let go of any life philosophies or mentors that may be constraining your horizons more than expanding them. A few of you will decide to quit university or otherwise interrupt – temporarily or permanently – your higher studies. The new moon in Leo happens on the same day as a tense aspect between Mercury and Uranus, so beware of the words you speak – especially to those who share a home with you. The 31st is a day to be both cautious and open-minded.

Try to refrain from acting, as your actions may have a disagreeable and unexpected result due to a conjunction between Uranus and Mars. Your love life will be quiet this month. Your finances will start to lose a bit of steam after the 18th, when Venus moves from your second house to the third, but it’s nothing you need to worry about.    


Affirmation: “I am prepared to transform into a better version of myself.”

The full moon of the 13th is a great time to do shadow work or start therapy. You’re fed up with certain aspects of your personality. You are ready for a positive transformation. The day before, a harmonious aspect between Venus, which will transit your sign during the first half of the month, will help you see the light when it comes to the way you choose what and who to commit to. The new moon of the 28th is a great day to manifest a short holiday if you need one, or to put yourself out there using your words for whatever you want to have in your life.

Your finances seem hectic. You will start to see a true improvement after the 18th, once Venus – one of the two benefic planets alongside Jupiter – enters Cancer in your second house of personal assets. The day before and the 18th itself, there is a harmonious aspect also in your second house. This aspect is between Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune – expect good tidings. If your profession is related to the arts, this will be a particularly good date for you. The days after that, the 19th and 20th, will be more tense, and you may suffer from some kind of economic loss. Your love life is relatively quiet this month. If you’re actively looking for a partner, concentrate your efforts on the days before the 18th, as Venus will be in your sign until that date.


Affirmation: “I express my most negative feelings through art.”

On July 2nd, Mercury forms a trine with Saturn and a square with Neptune. You are doing your best to do what you must with your words, but there seems to be some confusion on the other end (or, worse, someone trying to lie to you or manipulate you). Look into self-delusion as well. Between July 16th and 17th, you will gain some clarity on this matter. This is a great day to make art if you’re at all artistically inclined. 

Your finances will see an improvement in the second half of the month, when Venus – one of the planets tied to wealth – enters your own sign on the 18th. The panorama regarding money looks positive, with two exceptions: between the 26th and 27th, your own temper can go against you when manifesting wealth. The new moon in Leo is a bit of a mixed bag for you. It is a great time to manifest wealth, but there is a catch. Uranus will play its part and give you the unexpected. 

The love lives of the crabs will be hectic. This includes coupled-up Cancers, those who are dating casually, and those who are single. The coupled-up Cancers will have the hardest time. It doesn’t mean you’ll break up if your relationship is solid, but expect all sorts of challenges, as Pluto is placed in your seventh house of partnership and will bring some tense energies. Look at what happens around the full moon of the 13th in terms of how the month will unfold for your partnership. When it comes to those of you who are either single or dating casually, things will pick up after the 18th, when Venus enters your sign.  


Affirmation: “My body is sacred. I treat my body like the temple it is.”

The full moon in Capricorn of the 13th invites you to take a hard look at your routine and your habits, and start choosing a healthier lifestyle. The new moon of the 28th gives you a great opportunity to manifest new beginnings regarding health and habits. On the same day, however, you may receive unexpected news regarding your career. 

This month, you’ll be very focused on your career. On the 1st, Mars enters your tenth house of career, vocation, and public reputation, making you very proactive when it comes to building and establishing a name for yourself. If you’re currently looking for job opportunities, a date to watch out for is the 28th, when Uranus will form a conjunction with Mars. If you work in tech or want to get a foot in the door in that field, this date is particularly important. July will also be very hectic for our lionesses, independently of their relationship status. Coupled-up Leos have a great potential for a healing conversation with their long-term partners on July 2nd. For the Leos who are either single and looking or dating casually, the road is a bit more bumpy.

Try to do whatever needs to be done in this area of life before the end of the month. Jupiter, currently located in your fifth house of romance and casual relationships, will go retrograde on the 28th. Right now, it seems that suitors are knocking on your door left, right, and centre. After that date, you will experience a bit of a drought, as the universe wants you to work on yourself. The 31st does offer one last opportunity to meet someone special or consolidate a casual relationship as the Sun in your sign forms a trine with Jupiter.   


Affirmation: “I let myself be looked after by my loved ones.”

The new moon in Leo on the 28th is a time for Virgos to circle in their calendar. It’s important that they journal their dreams around this time. This is so because they may receive divine guidance there. I know that, as a Virgo, you’re unlikely to skip your therapy appointments, but do your best not to skip them at the end of the month. The new moon gives you a valuable opportunity to manifest being freed from obstacles that are consciously in your subconscious mind. Most Virgos have experienced great health (or at least an amazing routine that keeps them above water) since Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, entered their sixth house.

On the 9th, Mercury in your house of friendship and community will form a square with Jupiter. You may have to face the tough reality that you can’t take care of yourself alone. We aren’t talking about doctors, but your friends and community. You can’t do everything yourself, Virgo. You’ll work yourself to death. Let your community handle some of the details. Let them look after you like you look after them. The 31st finally shines a light on that pesky obstacle in your own self that’s been keeping you unhealthy or stressed, as the Sun in the house of your subconscious mind will form a trine with Jupiter. 

It’ll be a relatively quiet month for your career. It seems the theme of this month is to look after yourself and your bonds with the people you love most. If you’re looking to get promoted or switch jobs, do so before the 18th. Venus will remain in your house of career until that date. A date to circle in your calendar regarding career is the 12th. However, read any contracts very carefully. The two days after, Venus will form a tense aspect with Neptune, the planet of lies and deception. All steps you take in your career before the 18th will be in the right direction with the important exception of forming a business partnership. Wait before making that decision – the stars are not in your favour in that regard.

It will be a hectic month in love for all Virgos. Coupled-up Virgos may receive some unexpected news from their partners on the 2nd. The 12th and 13th, as well as the 17th and 18th, are more harmonious dates to spend time together and/or patch things up. Neptune is currently located in your house of committed partnerships, and it will form a lot of tense aspects during this month. If your partner is cheating on you or not acting in your best interests, trust that the truth will be revealed. I know that, as a Virgo, you will welcome the truth with open arms, even if it hurts. Please note that this is only true for some Virgos – a lot are in solid partnerships that not even Neptune can destroy. 

For the Virgos who are looking for a partner and/or dating around, things will start to pick up on the 1st and 2nd of the month. However, beware of who you meet. Because Mars will be in a tense aspect with Pluto, you might end up meeting a rather dominant suitor. The full moon of the 13th is a great time to see what may be holding you back from finding your person. If you don’t do your inner work on time, don’t worry – your subconscious blocks regarding romance will be revealed between the 19th and 20th.   


Affirmation: “Sometimes the universe closes a window to open a door. I always look for the silver lining.”

The full moon of the 13th may cause you to move out of your house or have to do urgent home repairs and improvements. Trust that the universe is intervening in your favour, even if it may seem to be against you. Divinity wants you to have a home you love, one that is truly a safe haven for you. The new moon on the 28th may also bring good news wearing the costume of bad news. You may part ways with a friend who is no longer serving you. This is also a great day to manifest new friends if you feel you could use some. Regarding your health, the 17th and 18th are great days to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Because of certain planetary movements, you may find that diagnosis you’ve been looking for or a better form of treatment. Of course, if your problem is urgent, don’t wait to see the right healthcare professional.

Your career demands your attention in July from day 1. July 2nd is a great day for self-expression tied to your career, so update your resumé and cover letter or advocate for yourself in the workplace. However, because of the influence of Neptune, practise caution. You may accept new proposals, but do lots of research and read the fine print. If you’re unsure about what your next step should be, you will have an epiphany between the 16th and 17th when the Sun conjuncts Mercury. Perhaps it won’t be an epiphany, perhaps someone you trust will mention it in conversation. You’ll know it when you see it. The 24th and 25th are dates to watch out for if you have a business partner or associate – you may have an argument or even part ways.

When it comes to love, Libras in serious partnerships may prepare for arguments in advance. The tense dates for coupled-up Libras are the 9th, 24th, and 25th. Jupiter, currently in your house of committed partnership, goes retrograde on the 28th. This doesn’t necessarily mean bad news. It does mean you will have to do a lot of inner work to see great results with your partner in November when it goes direct. Some great dates for partnered-up Libras, where there are a lot of harmonious energies available, are the 23rd and 31st. Single Libras or Libras who are dating casually will have a mostly positive month, with the exception of the 31st.    


Affirmation: “I am worthy of my dream job.”

The full moon of the 13th falls in your third house of short trips, neighbours, siblings, and students if you happen to work as a teacher. Like all full moons, expect the stagnant energy to quickly fade away. You’re a Scorpio, so you see the beauty in the process. Your health will remain the same throughout July. 

Your career will start to pick up speed on the 19th. Start to put yourself out there and send resumés if you’re looking for something new. If you’re looking to move up in your current role, start conversations with decision-makers after this date. On the 22nd, you’ll start to shine in the workplace. You’ll be very magnetic as an applicant. The 23rd can be a day of great luck to finally achieve that career milestone you’ve been working towards for years. The 26th and 27th, on the other hand, are rather tense and may bring arguments with key people in your job. Try to handle your temper. The new moon of the 28th is a great day to manifest a new beginning in your career.

The 31st brings mixed energies for this area of your life as, on the one hand, your magnetism may bring you the career opportunity of a lifetime. On the other hand, Mercury, the planet of communication transiting your house of career, will form a tense aspect with Saturn. Perhaps it’s time you face the music if you haven’t been performing as well as you’d like. Coupled-up Scorpios: watch out for your anger and your need to be the dominant one. The 1st and 2nd will be rather tense days. Angry words may also be exchanged between the 26th and 27th. On the 28th, you may be in for an ugly surprise regarding your partner.

If your relationship is solid, it won’t break it apart, but you’ll both have to make an effort to solve it. Analyse your own tendencies towards self-sabotage. The 31st will be the climax of this ugly news. Single Scorpios or those who date casually will have a tough first half of the month. In the second half, starting on the 17th, Neptune – currently located in your house of romance and casual relationships – will start to form harmonious aspects with other planets.   


Affirmation: “I feel my anger in healthy ways. I don’t let it run the show.”

As a Sagittarius, you’d live and die by the ideas you believe to be true. The new moon on the 28th will be a great day for you to manifest something regarding your life philosophy. If you’re a professor or teacher or if you need a visa to migrate to another country, manifest those. Your health will more or less remain the same. Mars enters your sixth house of daily habits and routines, giving you a lot of energy to finally pick up that healthy habit you’ve been considering. However, watch out for your anger during July. It can quite literally end up making you sick. It’s okay to feel it, but don’t let it consume you. 

Your finances may bring you some stress this month. Try to have some money saved, even if it’s just a little. You may suffer a financial blow between the 1st and 2nd. The full moon in Capricorn will encourage you to let go of recurring expenses that are no longer necessary or even people who end up emptying out your bank account. 

Coupled-up archers will have a relatively quiet month, whereas those of you who are single or casually dating will see more movement in this area of life. Coupled-up Sagittarius should plan a romantic date with their partner between the 12th and 13th. On the 18th, Venus, the diplomat, leaves your seventh house of commitment partnership, so some bickering may start after that. For single Sagittarius, have all the fun you can until Jupiter goes retrograde on the 28th. The 23rd and 31st are two dates to circle in your calendar to go on a blind date, put yourself out there or make things official with your casual flame.   


Affirmation: “I remain calm during frustrating moments.”

First, the good news regarding health and vitality: the full moon of the 13th, which happens on your sign, will give you the reset you desperately need. After that date, you will feel more energetic. Now, the not-so-great news. It’s not a bad month for health for you per se, but aspects of it may bring you frustration. The first bumps in the road take place on the 1st and 2nd. Then, there are other ones between the 18th and 20th. The new moon in Leo takes place in your eighth house of processes of transformation. The 28th is therefore a great day to manifest a new therapist who truly gets you or start a new alternative therapy to fix your mind and soul.

Your finances this month look overall great, with the exception of the 31st. However, whatever happens on the 31st regarding your finances will most likely be minor. You’re not a Capricorn for nothing, after all. Try to remain calm during that setback. July is a month with a lot of harmonious energy regarding money for you. It’s a great time to save, invest, or pick up a new side hustle.

Love will be hectic for single goats or those who are dating around. Coupled-up Capricorns will have a great time at the beginning of the month. On the 18th, Venus enters their seventh house of committed partnership, making things even better. Single Capricorns will start to see things pick up speed from the very first day of July. They should watch out for their temper or more dominant tendencies on the 1st and 2nd. You want to possess your lover, and this makes you two butt heads. The 31st will bring a surprise, but it could be positive or negative.         


Affirmation: “I am a wealth and health magnet.”

The full moon on the 13th will be intense. Expect bizarre and very vivid dreams. It will happen in your 12th house of the subconscious mind and the oniric world. You do love this sort of thing, though, water bearer. It will still be challenging because it may bring to the surface things you have repressed. The 2nd is a great day to expect a surge in vitality or some necessary information from your doctor. Between the 12th and the 13th, you may also expect some good news regarding your health, especially if you suffer from insomnia or anxiety. The 31st may present more of a challenging energy for your health and well-being, but you can handle it if you do your absolute best.

Regarding your finances, the first half of the month is challenging, but the energy changes completely from the 17th onwards. Money will start to flow in with less obstacles. Before that date, beware of what you say in the workplace and be wary of someone who may lead you to think your work is worth less than it actually is. After the 17th, though, enjoy the unexpected cash flow. Aquarius in serious partnerships will experience more bumps in the road than single Aquarius or Aquarius at the very beginning of their relationships. Coupled-up water bearers will start to see activity after the 19th. The 23rd is a beautiful date to plan an escapade or romantic date with that special someone.

If you need to turn over a new leaf as a couple, the new moon of the 28th is a great time to manifest as a new beginning. Single Aquarians dying to meet their soulmate can also manifest this on this date. The 31st offers a mix of energies for coupled-up Aquarians, as the Sun in their house of committed partnership will form a trine with Jupiter. This offers a unique opportunity to conceive and/or reconnect with fun as a couple. However, on the same day, an argument may take place, as Mercury, representing your partner, forms a tense aspect with Saturn, placed on your sign. For single Aquarians, the month will be mostly positive, with the 11th, 12th, and 13th as notable dates. Aquarians that may be dating casually may face an ugly, unexpected truth about a prospective partner between the 26th and 27th. This is only true for some specific Aquarians out there, though.  


Affirmation: “I am ready to meet my soulmate.”

You may have some difficulties regarding your health at the beginning of the month, but expect things to improve after the 17th. Some factors that can reunite you with good health faster include whether you have a creative outlet, whether you listen to your inner child, and whether you feel truly ‘at home’ in your current living conditions. The full moon may push you to re-evaluate whether your group of friends is the right one for you, and even force you to part ways with some of them. I know this hurt, dear Pisces, but trust that it’s for the best.

Ever since Jupiter entered your second house of personal finances in December, you’ve been making it rain. On the 9th, a tense aspect between Mercury and Jupiter may raise up an unexpected bill. On the 28th, Jupiter goes retrograde. Money will still flow in, but not with the same potency as before. This is a great time to rethink how you perceive money, how abundant is your mentality, and perhaps start plans regarding a business or side hustle you’ve been dying to start. On the 31st, you may expect a bonus or pay raise.

Coupled-up Pisceans will experience no change whatsoever. Single Pisceans will start to see action from July 1st. If you’ve been working on yourself to become a better partner, Saturn may finally reward you with your soulmate around this month. On the 9th, between the 18th and 20th, on the 24th and 25th, the energies around romance will be rather tense for you. The rest is all absolutely positive. This is the month to put yourself out there and go on many first dates.  

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler. 


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June 2022 Astrological Forecast

Your June 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here

The stars predict a rollercoaster month for some.

Mercury goes direct on the 3rd, so we all start by taking a deep breath and experiencing some relief. We’re now free to sign leases and contracts, take the next step in our relationships, or make big purchases without any unexpected situations coming back to bite us. However, Saturn does go retrograde the following day. Those who won’t commit to a conscious internal process of reflection regarding their duties will suffer the consequences of this retrograde later.

This goes for all zodiac signs in general: prepare to be strategic in the way you communicate and the people you date. Some tricky situations regarding communication in all areas of your life and dating, both casually and within a serious relationship, will come up. They will be resolved in due course if you put your best foot forward, but prepare to leave carelessness behind.

What to Expect This Month

The month starts on a very mixed note with Mercury going direct on the 3rd, only for Saturn to go retrograde the next day. With Mercury direct, things are finally what they seem, and we can stop looking for the fine print (both literally and metaphorically). We’re finally free to act in ways that will have long-term consequences without preparing for unpleasant surprises. However, the Saturn retrograde that starts on the 4th of this month and ends on October 22nd will demand a conscious process of introspection on our part. This process regards our duties. What do we owe our family? What is expected of us to deliver our best in our careers? What are our duties to our community, especially those who are marginalised? These are all questions you should make time to reflect on. You may choose to skip this process. However, if you do so, life will strike out after the retrograde is over.

On the 10th, we have a harmonious aspect between Mercury in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury deals with communication and the mind, and Pluto deals with processes of transformation and the healing that happens after destruction. Grief is particularly relevant on this day. Circle this date as a great time to journal on traumatic things. You’re very likely to be able to articulate what you feel regarding Plutonian themes. Unexpected conversations may happen on this day regarding these topics. And even if they feel uncomfortable at the moment, embrace them as a healing opportunity. On the 11th, Uranus in Taurus conjuncts Venus in the same sign. On this day, expect the unexpected in your love life, both for the bad and the good. 

This month, the Full Moon happens on the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on the 14th. This is an invitation to leave behind certain elements of political beliefs, religions, and life philosophies that may be holding you back. If you have a tendency toward fanaticism or getting overly committed to a certain line of thinking, start to question it. It’s not doing you any favours. If one of your teachers or mentors brings out the worst in you, gently let them go – or at least start being more critical of what they say. They may still have some valuable lessons for you, but not everything they say is gospel.

On the 18th, we have a more tense aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Venus in Taurus. This can manifest in a variety of ways: conflicts of interest between yourself and a partner or potential partner, a partner’s demands or expectations getting in the way of your duties, and your own sense of value coming into conflict with your responsibilities. Be prepared to defend what’s essential. 

On the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer and there’s a trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. The focus becomes more on our emotions and our home. More importantly, there is a harmonious aspect between Venus (the planet of love, romance, aesthetics, pleasure and, most importantly, the way we assign value) and Pluto (the planet of transformation and rebirth). If you’re in any way artistically inclined, make some time on your schedule on this date to create some art, in whatever shape or form. Not only will it be a good piece of art, it will probably have healing effects on those who interact with it. You may also find some sense of healing regarding past events in your love life around this date, so don’t skip any therapy appointments – you may be on the edge of a breakthrough!

On the 23rd, Venus enters Gemini. Words and conversation suddenly become more attractive. On the 28th, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces. We’re invited to go within and reflect on compassion, but also our own delusional tendencies and the ways we deny ourselves of the factual truth. On the same day, the New Moon in Cancer invites us to manifest a new beginning regarding our homes and our relationship with our parents (if they are not among us, remember that you can still work on your relationship with them at a soul level), expanding our families, the closest members of our support networks, and giving and receiving the emotional nourishment we need.     

What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Affirmation: “I decide to honour my emotions, whether they are positive or negative, and make space for them.”

Last month, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and expansion, entered your zodiac sign. It will stay there until May 16th, 2023. This mostly means good news for you overall. However, on the 29th of this month, Jupiter enters into a tense aspect (a square with the Sun in Cancer). This means that your need to expand and find purpose for your actions will be in conflict with the more emotional side in your endeavours that you may be neglecting. If you’re looking to earn more, for example, you may not be tapping into repressed emotions that may be holding you back. Money vibrates in exactly the same way as trust.

If, due to emotional issues, you lack trust in either yourself or important players in your life that have proven to be trustworthy, this tense aspect may drive you to come to terms with it. If you hope to attract the right partner, make sure you are ready to be open and vulnerable with the people you date. Your physical energy and vitality look good throughout the month. Should you experience any medical issues this month, besides going to the doctor, consider turning to alternative practices like the bio-decoding of emotions as a complement. This alternative therapy sees physical illness as a manifestation of unresolved emotional issues. 


Affirmation: “I am open to the unexpected and trust that the universe is looking out for me.”

June will be a very active month for you. Your finances overall will continue as they are, with the notable exception of the 16th, when you may find out some heartbreaking news regarding money or other assets. You will see a turning point in your love life on the 11th. Sadly, whether it’s a positive or negative turning point, we can’t tell as Uranus will take the wheels on your love life on that day. It’s wisest to expect the unexpected with that planet. The 10th is a potent day for healing any mental or physical matters. Mercury retrograde was especially affecting you. When it goes direct on the 3rd, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your words will no longer be misunderstood, and communication will start to go as normal, without a hitch.

On the 10th, Mercury in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. This is a beautiful day to do some healing through the use of words. If you meant to have a conversation with someone important to you to mend your bond with them, June 10th is a great day to do so. On June 11th, Venus will conjunct Uranus in your sign. This brings with it a mixed bag of possible outcomes. From meeting a partner who will challenge your way of thinking and who’s generally very innovative in your outlook to completely rethinking what you value and why due to an unfortunate incident, anything can happen. I know that, as a Taurus, you prefer more concrete predictions, but Uranus is unpredictable in nature. Expect the unexpected. On the 18th, Venus in your sign forms a tense aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. If your love life has made you neglect your career or other duties, prepare for a rude awakening. 


Affirmation: “I honour my duties and do my best.”

This is a great month for love, especially after the 23rd. Your finances will stay as they are until exactly the end of the month. After June 29th, there will be movement, both positive and negative. There won’t be much movement regarding your health. If you’ve been underperforming, this may be a particularly difficult month regarding your career. On the 13th, Mercury enters Gemini. You’ll be the star of every conversation you have. If you work on communicating in some way, you may achieve some important career milestones this month.

On the 16th, the Sun in your sign enters into a tense aspect (a square) with Saturn in Aquarius. If you’ve been underperforming in your career or not paying attention to other duties (including family and your community), this will be a difficult day for you. You’ll have to face the music. But you have nothing to worry about if you’ve been doing your best in everything you absolutely have to do. On the 23rd, Venus enters Gemini. You’ll become especially magnetic to all sorts of suitors, and you may even find a new partner after this date. If you’re already in a serious relationship, be prepared for things to get spicier in the bedroom towards the end of the month. 


Affirmation: “I seek what sets my soul on fire and motivates me to take action.”

For our dear crabs, June will be relatively quiet and uneventful until the 29th. As long as you get your sense of purpose sorted by this date and start taking concrete action towards achieving your goals, you can use the New Moon to manifest whatever your heart desires regarding finances, health, or love. We recommend you rest and practise self-care in advance for the events that will take place after this date. You will need all the energy you can get for when the energies change on the 29th.

It’s also advisable to talk to a therapist or trusted friend about what motivates you or gives you purpose, as well as how this sense of motivation (or lack thereof) may be affecting the way you act – or fail to act. This is so because this miraculous New Moon happens at the same time as a tense aspect (a square) between Jupiter, which is the planet of purpose (among other more well-known characteristics), which is currently transiting Aries, the zodiac sign associated with taking action.   


Affirmation: “I choose the right collaborators to make my dreams come true.”

June is all about collaboration for the lions. It could be a great month for finding love or turning over a new leaf in an existing relationship. Collaboration could help you find the clue to heal existing illnesses and keep your overall health. Finding a partner in crime to launch a side business could be the clue to making some extra money this month. This is so because the climate in your zodiac sign itself is quiet. There are no transits of note affecting Leo directly. However, as Saturn – the planet of responsibility and duty – is currently placed on Aquarius (the zodiac sign that represents romantic and business partners for Leo), and Saturn has both tense and harmonious aspects with other planets this month, here’s the key to harness the current astrological climate and make it work in your favour.

On the 4th, Saturn in Aquarius goes retrograde. Your partner may become more introspective, or you may need to do some inner digging yourself to find out what’s truly keeping you back from finding your soulmate. On the 18th, Venus in Taurus forms a tense aspect (a square) with Saturn in Aquarius. You can harness this as an opportunity to grow your career (represented by Taurus in your tenth house) by facing the opportunities for growth presented between the tension of what makes you valuable in your career and what your partner/collaborator brings to the table. The energies of this month may also translate into a relatively quiet month for you personally, but a need for you to step up for a partner or an associate who’s facing a lot of difficulties.   


Affirmation: “I attract my dream career by putting myself out there.”

June is a huge month for your career, with both ups and downs. If you want to improve your finances, you will have better luck after the 23rd. If you want to take up a new healthy habit or generally improve your physical health, you can take advantage of the Full Moon this month. If you’re single, you’ll remain single. Partnered-up Virgos, on the other hand, may experience some bumps in the road towards the end of the month.

On the 13th, your ruler, Mercury, will enter Gemini on your tenth house of career. Your words acquire a new weight in your job or overall industry. This is a great time to write pieces you can publish on LinkedIn or in a well-known publication in your industry or be a guest on a relevant podcast. On the 16th, there’s tension between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, as they will form a square. If you have a partner, there may be some bickering. Try to remain patient and don’t make any decisions too quickly. On the 23rd, you become magnetic as a professional. If you want to get a new job, start applying around this date. If you want to get a promotion in your current job, ask for it around this date. 


Affirmation: “I accept my efforts take some time to pay off.”

June is all about transformation, travel, and defying your philosophy around life. None of this is easy, but it can be rewarding if you embrace the challenge. Single Libras should get lucky at any point, since last month, Jupiter – the planet of good luck – entered their seventh house of partnership. Partnered Libras may see conflict between one of their close friends and their partners, but as Libras, they are innate mediators and should be more than able to solve the situation before it escalates. The 10th is a great day for taking concrete steps for improving health, be it physical or mental. Personal finances won’t see much of a change, either positive or negative, but there may be some movement regarding either shared finances or an inheritance. On the 10th, there’s a harmonious aspect between Mercury (placed on Libra’s eighth house of transformation and shared finances) and Pluto (the planet of rebirth). This may entail an unexpected inheritance or a breakthrough regarding present healing efforts.

On the 11th, Venus and Uranus join forces again on Libra’s eighth house of transformation. Shared investments may start to bring in unexpected profit or Libras may start to heal their relationship to pleasure and the way they perceive their own self-worth – looks like that hard work in therapy is starting to finally make a difference! On the 16th, an important mentor of yours may let you down, or you will be forced to confront some of your more extreme core beliefs. Specifically, some of our Libra teachers may need to revise the way they teach and how they form relationships with their students. On the 18th, the square between Venus and Saturn will bring in more painful memories surrounding pleasure and the inner child. Look for support wherever you can. Finally, on the 23rd, Venus enters Gemini, bringing some much-needed harmony when it comes to travel plans and life philosophies.  


Affirmation: “I proactively take care of those I love without losing sight of my needs.”

June is a relatively quiet month surrounding your health and finances. The one exception for your finances is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, which can help you finally get rid of either an external situation or person who’s been acting like a leech for your bank account or a negative habit that’s leading you to overspend. It will be a very hectic month in your love life, with both highs and lows.

On the 3rd, if you haven’t been able to see eye to eye with your partner or if there has been a lot of bickering due to misunderstandings or miscommunication, things will start to become smoother and more harmonious as Mercury goes direct in your seventh house of partnership. The 10th is a great day for any healing that’s needed in your relationship or, if you’re single, any of your own beliefs or attitudes that are stopping you from getting partnered up. The 18th brings with it more tense energy surrounding your love life. Your partner will be in direct conflict with one of your parents, an aspect of your home, or one of your children – and you’ll have to deal with the mess. 


Affirmation: “I listen to my body and give it rest when it needs to rest.”

Your finances may see a significant improvement after the 10th. It seems some of your efforts regarding the way you manage your time or efforts towards improving one of your relationships with a client, boss, or colleague will finally pay off. You’ll reap the rewards as financial gain. Your love life is very active this month, with both highlights and rather tense situations coming up. You may experience fatigue towards the middle of the month. If you can, give your body the rest it needs.

The biggest day of the month for you is the 14th. The Full Moon will hit you, hard. This can manifest as physical exhaustion. However, if you’ve been doing your homework, this can be a great opportunity to get rid of any idea you have of yourself that’s been holding you back. Regarding your love life, on the 16th, some lies your partner may have told you may come up, or you’ll have to comfort them after someone important to them lets them down. On the 23rd, opportunities for new love will start to flourish. Take advantage of them.  


Affirmation: “I do my best and trust the universe with the rest.”

Your love life will stay as-is throughout June, with a promising new beginning starting to manifest around the 29th. Your health will also be stable throughout the month, with the 10th offering some harmonious energies that are ideal for conceiving or getting a diagnosis related to the heart or the circulatory system. The area with the most movement in June will definitely be your finances. On the 4th, Saturn will go retrograde in your second house of personal assets and money. Constraints that seemed to be on the outside regarding your money will let up a bit. Work on some limiting beliefs during this time, and you’ll manifest abundance. On the 10th, there’s a harmonious aspect between Mercury in your fifth house of children, self-expression, and casual romance, and Pluto in your first house.

This date is a great time to conceive. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms related to your blood, circulatory system, or heart, the healthcare professionals you see around this time will be aided by the astrological energy to diagnose you correctly or show you a more effective treatment. On the 16th, there’s some harmonious energy between the Sun in your sixth house of the workplace and daily habits and Saturn in your second house of finances and assets. Your previous efforts to be on top of the details and have a good relationship with bosses and colleagues will pay off in more money coming your way. There’s a more tense energy surrounding your finances on the 18th, when Venus in Taurus will square Saturn in Aquarius. Your need to assert yourself in some way will ruffle a few feathers, and it may cost you. The New Moon on the 29th happens in your seventh house of committed partnership. This is a great time to manifest a new companion.    


Affirmation: “I love, embrace and listen to my inner child – especially about what she has to say about mother and father.”

Your love life will stay more or less stable. Your finances may suffer on the 16th. Your children, inner child, or a casual lover may raise up an unexpected bill that you’ll have to take care of. Your own health has been very demanding. Since Saturn entered your sign in April after a retrograde period in which it came back to Capricorn for a spell, you’ve been asked to pull up your socks and make some extra effort in all areas of life. On the 4th, Saturn goes retrograde until October. Its effects will still be there, but they will be far more subtle and mostly manifest as an inner process that you can choose to nurture or ignore. The choice you make now will have an impact later when it comes direct in October. If you’ve come to peace with your inner sense of duty, you will be rewarded by outside forces in October.

This is something that isn’t said enough of Saturn: it does reward honest hard work. If you choose to ignore it, you will feel relief in the short-term, but prepare for October. The good news is you have a choice. On the 16th, there is a beautiful trine between the Sun in your fifth house of self-expression and Saturn in your first house. Make some art and show people who you are. It can bring in a positive outcome. On the 18th, there’s a more tense energy between Venus in your fourth house of home, family, and parents, and Saturn in your first. You’ll be confronted with some issues related to the place you live or some unresolved issues with your parents. It can be painful, but take it as an opportunity for growth. Step up your game if you haven’t been helping out your ailing parents enough, and try to let go of any anger you may still carry towards them. 


Affirmation: “I am prepared to face the truth about my family, and I acknowledge my inner child as a member of said family.”

June will be a relatively quiet month for your love life, and we see no reason for you to be concerned about your health (if you do or your GP does, please don’t ignore your own instinct or their professional advice). There will be some movement regarding your finances that have been looking good since Jupiter – the planet of expansion and good luck – moved to your second house of assets and finances last month. However, watch out for the square between this planet and the Sun in Cancer on your house of self-expression and children on the 29th.

If you’re trying for a child, fertility treatments may end up costing a pretty penny, or you will have unexpected bills for your child. Your inner child can act up and do some damage to your bank account, too. The 29th is also a beautiful day to conceive or make art. All of you Pisceans are fond of some sort of artistic medium, so don’t miss out on giving yourself the gift of making time for art. Other dates to watch out for relate to Neptune’s transit in your sign. Neptune will have a tense aspect with the Sun in Gemini on the 16th. Some truths may be revealed regarding your parents, your family history, or your home – and they will be painful to hear. This planet will go retrograde on the 28th. Beware of self-delusion from this day on.  

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians or medical practitioners, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of The Gaggler. 


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Astrological Forecast

Your May 2022 Astrological Forecast Is Here

A game-changing eclipse is upon us.

May 2022 comes on the heels of the new moon and eclipse in Taurus. Your idea of stability and wealth may have been challenged in quite a harsh, sudden manner. We start off the month on a more cheerful note on May 1, with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Pisces. Romanticism is flying high. This is a great time to go on a first date, especially for Pisces and Virgo. 

What to Expect This Month

On May 4 and May 5, the sun is conjunct Uranus in Taurus. This is a great day when the impulse to change is heightened and highlighted. It may feel harsh for some Taureans, especially those who have a harder time with change, but trust that it’s for the best. Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th in the sign of Gemini. Beware about any actions or agreements you come to around this date, as they may need to be revisited later. Avoid big purchases and signing contracts – figurative and literal.

Around the middle of the month, on May 15 and May 16, sun in Taurus square Saturn in Aquarius followed by the full moon and eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th. This continues with the tension between Taurus and the more Uranian sign of change Aquarius, this time adding Saturn to the mix. The impulse to change and innovate is still there, but it starts to be challenged by some practical matters that forces limits upon change. With the full moon and eclipse, there is release, but it can be a very chaotic and traumatic release. 

On May 17 and May 18, Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This energy is there for the taking, but it can be used for good or for ill. It can be a burst of creative inspiration for many, especially Scorpio, from where great creative works can be born. It can also be a time for some people to get cheated on and conned. Be careful around this time; some very skillful conmen and people that don’t necessarily have the right intentions are out there. On May 18-20, there’s a Trine between the sun in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a great day for a healing session, therapy, or shadow work. Trauma comes to the forefront in a harmonious manner to be addressed and healed.  

Finally, we end the month on May 28-30, with Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aries. We started off with quite a feminine energy that’s all about being magnetic, and we end off on a more masculine note that’s all about getting empowered and embracing the bountiful energy that’s out there for the taking.

What This Means for Your Zodiac’s Horoscope


Affirmation: “I do my best work when I listen to my intuition first.”

This month calls you to be more balanced in your approach to life and finally rewards you with a burst of energy by the end. The first conjunction between Venus and Jupiter can be challenging for you, as it encourages you to look within and trust your gut – two things that don’t come too easily for you. Around the 4th and 5th, be careful with your finances. You may have to deal with an unexpected expense or bill. The month ends on a beautiful note for you. You will have plenty of energy to complete all of your projects and then some. You feel powerful and strong.  


Affirmation: “I can adapt to change, I can thrive with change.”

The new moon from the past month may have shaken things a bit for you, but it was just a small sample of what this month has in store for you. May will be a rollercoaster, full of thrills but also drops. The best thing you can do is embrace change. The Taureans that go with the flow and learn to see the beauty in change are the ones who will get the most enjoyment out of the month. Your love life will be hectic around the full moon and eclipse. Trust that everything is happening for your highest good. Some of you will meet your soulmate right after all of this is over. 


Affirmation: “I question my own beliefs so they don’t limit me.”

The transit that will affect you the most is Mercury retrograde on the 10th. You’re used to doing things a mile a minute, and it will force you to slow down and look within. Do some journaling or art. Learn how to listen to yourself speaking. You will experience big career moments, first at the beginning of the month (where you’ll feel like you have a thousand opportunities calling your name) and then by the end of the month (where you’ll be ready to take action and become unstoppable). 


Affirmation: “Love is directed my way.”

Whether you’ve been trying to meet someone new or release your ex and finally move on, this will finally manifest with the Trine between the Sun and Pluto of the 18th to the 20th. If you’ve been in pain, healing energies will come your way. If you do end up meeting someone, it will be someone who will grow to love you deeply exactly as you are, but who will also encourage you to grow and change. 


Affirmation: “I release anything that’s bringing me down.”

The full moon in Scorpio is a great time to let go of anything in your home life that isn’t serving you anymore. Declutter your space and get rid of any items that don’t bring you joy anymore. All of that empty space will help you manifest anything you want to attract into your life later on.  


Affirmation: “I use my words to build my reality.”

The beginning of the month is a great time for you to meet someone new or go on a first date. By contrast, mistrust anyone you meet around the 17th and the 18th, as you’ll be particularly prone to being duped by a suitor or lover. The energy around the full moon will feel intense, but you may finally drop some anxious attachments and toxic communication patterns if you learn to embrace said energy. 


Affirmation: “I go slowly and enjoy the present moment.”

You feel like your luck in love has been waning. It is not like it is a complete drought of fun and romance, but it is rare and hard to come by. By the end of the month, things will change drastically, but be patient until then. A nice partner who matches up to your ideal will appear. Take things slow until Mercury goes direct. Do not take anyone who wants to go too quickly seriously. Slow and steady wins the race. 


Affirmation: “Healing in my love life is just around the corner.”

If you want a brand new beginning with a current partner or to meet someone who finally lives up to your standards, pay attention to what happens around the full moon and eclipse. It will reveal something key about yourself that you’re trying to find in others instead of healing in yourself. Once you gain this insight, you will finally find the missing piece that’s been holding up your love life. 


Affirmation: “I am magnetic.”

A surge of creativity is coming your way by the end of the month. You will become a magnet for all sorts of opportunities, both in love and career. However, you will have to purge your subconscious mind before this and do some serious healing to truly embrace these opportunities and avoid seeing them vanish.  


Affirmation: “I express myself to heal my soul.”

Self-expression will be big for you this month. Whether you’re an artist or you simply learn to be more assertive, you will make big steps in this area. You will be incredibly fertile this month – do with that information what you will! The Trine of 18th to the 20th will be a time of respite after your string of unlucky events. You will shine through making art from your pain and your trauma or simply embracing it quietly. 


Affirmation: “I grow stronger in adversity.”

This will be a bit of a difficult month for you. However, if you learn from the lessons that the universe throws your way, you can blossom in quite a beautiful way by the end. Mercury retrograde in particular will hit you hard. Take it easy until it goes direct next month. Refrain from changing your life in big, dramatic ways just yet. Introspect and reflect. 


Affirmation: “I am wise and attract wealth.”

The beginning of the month is the best time for you to find love. After Mercury goes retrograde, try to avoid dating new people if you can. As Venus, the planet of valuables is exalted on your own sign and being magnified by Jupiter, this is also a great time to manifest wealth. After the 10th and especially around the 18th, however, there will be some ill-intentioned people who will notice your good heart and tendency to be the best in people and try to con you. Do not fall for it!


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