Christine Roos

Christine Roos

Watches You Really, Really Want

10 watches for every kind of Spice Girl.

The Spice Girls gave us many things – iconic 90s style featuring cargo pants and athleisure, banging tunes and, of course, the original girl power. The superstar group dominated the decade with their catchy tunes and well-defined styles – and who says you have to let that glory era go? Channel your inner Spice Girl with a watch that epitomizes your favourite style. And the best part is, you can choose from save or splurge!

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If you are… SPORTY SPICE

You want… A sporty, multipurpose watch that won’t drag you down as you run through your day.

SAVE with the Agatha Blue dial sports watch. Use code MK77 for upto 15% off

Blue Dial Sports Watch

aed 116 Agatha

SPLURGE on the Fitbit Versa 2 smart watch

Versa 2 Smart Watch in Pink

aed 950.33 Fitbit

If you are… POSH SPICE

You want… A watch that is absolutely classic and will stand the test of time. Sleek leather or minimalist metal will go with every stylish outfit in your closet.

SAVE with the Casio 25mm analogue leather strap watch. Use code MK77 for upto 15% off.

25mm Analogue Leather Strap Watch

aed 99 Casio

SPLURGE on the Coach modern luxury silver watch. Use code AC730 for upto 10% off.

Modern Luxury Silver Watch

aed 775 Coach

If you are… GINGER SPICE

You want… Something different and striking. You are not part of the pack and want to show off your individuality and fun nature.

SAVE with the Rebecca Minkoff Major GRL PWR watch

Major GRL PWR Watch, 35mm ON SALE

aed 346.52 Rebecca Minkoff
aed495.03 30

SPLURGE on the Coach Park 26 Watch. Use code AC730 for upto 10% off.

Park 26 Watch

aed 1150 Coach

If you are… BABY SPICE

You want… Anything girly, soft and pink. Choose rose gold and a delicately decorated watch face for a feminine look that’s still adult.

SAVE with the Casio Round analogue sports watch. Use code MK77 for upto 15% off.

Round Analogue Sports Watch

aed 119 Casio

SPLURGE on the Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden pink vegan leather strap watch

Enchanted Garden Pink Vegan Leather Strap Watch, 30mm

aed 435.62 Olivia Burton

If you are… SCARY SPICE

You want… Something masculine or gender-neutral that won’t get in your way and also tell the world you mean business.

SAVE with the Agatha Freedom leopard print watch. Use code MK77 for upto 15% off.

Freedom Leopard Print Watch

aed 116 Agatha

SPLURGE on the Versus Versace fire island watch

Versus Fire Island

aed 470.41 Versus Versace

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