Top 8 Investment Companies in the UAE

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Investing in the UAE has always been straightforward and supported heavily by a business-friendly regulatory, financial, and legal environment. As one of the freest and most lucrative economies in the world, the UAE has seen unprecedented growth in its investment market in the past decade, establishing the country as a preferred global investment hub for Emirati, foreign, and expatriate investors.

However, it is rather challenging for aspiring investors to figure out which UAE investment companies are really worth the time, energy, and risk due to the rapidly increasing rollout of new asset management companies and financial advisors in the local market.

Here are Gaggler’s top 8 picks of the best investment companies in the UAE.

AIX Investment Group

As an award-winning international financial institution with over thirty-five years of cumulative experience in the industry, AIX Investment Group is one of the leading investment companies in the UAE, with offices in Qatar and Switzerland. Their success is built on a foundation of data-driven analytics, proprietary algorithms, and experience traversing complex financial markets.

AIX caters to investors from diverse backgrounds, industries, and investment requirements. All their services and products are driven by the extensive expertise of a team comprising qualified advisors while adopting the highest risk management standards and fundamental and technical analysis.

By pushing the boundaries of traditional investing, they focus on offering clients custom-tailored investment solutions. This is a key factor that has steered them to be reliable advisors, both locally and internationally.

Downtown, Dubai Burj Khalifa, Dubai +971 4 546 0000, https://www.aixinvestment.com/ 

Dubai Investments

Set up in 1995, Dubai Investments is one of the first companies to be listed in Dubai. Their longevity in the industry has heavily supported their leading position in the market and well portrays the image of a matured company that has reached strategic stability.

Over the years, they have exponentially grown with investments in various sectors including manufacturing and industrial, real estate, education, healthcare, and financial services. Dubai Investments actively participates in green practices and tries to align its service approach and principles with the UAE government’s sustainability goals. They also offer special consideration for companies producing products of the future.

Dubai Investments Park, Dubai +971 4 812 2400, https://www.dubaiinvestments.com/.

Al Tamimi Investments

Al Tamimi Investments (ATI) is a diversified holding company based in Dubai, UAE, featuring an investment portfolio of successful partnerships and businesses. Over the years, they have been operating throughout the Arabian Gulf, the United States, and the wider Middle East area.  

As a renowned social organization and an impact investment company, they also strive to offer unique and innovative solutions catering to sustainability issues. Today, they control massive operations across six industries in the UAE – manufacturing, retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, and corporate support services.

Their primary goal is to try and maximize every business opportunity presented to them and develop a mutually beneficial and sustainable partnership with emerging entrepreneurs and companies of the same mind.

Dubai Healthcare City, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai, +971 4 279 6200, https://www.tamimiinvestments.com/  

Alkhair Capital

As a subsidiary of the well-known bank, Alkhair, headquartered in Bahrain, Alkhair Capital is dedicated to providing strict Islamic investment services. They cater to a growing clientele in the Middle East, who want to balance their religious beliefs while participating in the financial markets. This company performs with a vision to be one of the top global providers of investment banking services and products that are Shariah-compliant.

The company features an integrated business model built around six main business lines – asset management, corporate finance, treasury, strategic mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and capital markets.

DIFC, Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai, +971 4 518 9111, https://www.alkhaircapital.ae/.

ADCB Asset Management

Based in Abu Dhabi Global Market, ADCB Asset Management is another leading investment company in the UAE. Compared to most of the other companies on this list, ADCB is a relatively young company in the market, established in 2018. However, it has grown at an impressive speed and now takes a stable position in the market.

The company performs on a strategy to let customers choose between three options: 1) self-directed investments, 2) advisory solutions, and 3) discretionary investment management. The transparency in their strategies is the key reason that has facilitated their ability to build a solid client base with just five years into the market.

ADGM Square, Al Sila Tower, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi, 600 50 2322, https://adcbam.com/en/.

Fajr Capital

As a leading private equity investor in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, Fajr Capital focuses on impact-driven investment. It creates enduring value for its shareholders and the communities they serve. Their services are centered primarily on supporting the long-term strategic, financial, and operational development of high-growth companies.

The company’s client list includes some of the highest-profile sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East, ranging from Brunei and Abu Dhabi to other major urban cities across the Gulf. Their partnership-centric investment philosophy is based on the principle of “investing in what we know, where we know, and with whom we know.”  

DIFC, Gate Village 5, Dubai, +971 4 373 5900, https://fajrcapital.com/.

NBK Capital Partners

Established in 2005, NBK Capital Partners (NBKCP) is a subsidiary of the National Bank Of Kuwait. While it is headquartered in Dubai, they also have satellite offices in Istanbul, Kuwait City, and Manama in Bahrain. This company is a leading alternative investment manager across multiple asset classes, including Private Equity, Private Credit, and Real Estate in the GCC region and countries like Turkey and North Africa.

During the last decade, the NBKCP has managed to successfully achieve a track record in the MENA region through investments in 37 companies and 22 portfolio exits. NBKCP is believed to have one of the best track records among investment funds in the region.

Trade Centre, Precinct Building 4, Dubai, +971 4 365 2800, https://www.nbkcpartners.com/.

Emirates NBD Asset Management

Renowned as one of the top 5 asset managers in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Emirates NBD Asset Management is a subsidiary of the giant Emirates NBD bank (the UAE’s second-biggest bank). However, the company has enough independence and stability to adapt as required in the fast-moving world of investments while retaining sufficient oversight from the parent bank to keep operations on track.

The company’s core investment concept is to offer a truly diverse range of conventional and Sharia-compliant options across the equity, fixed income, global multi-asset, and money market asset classes. Through this, they aim to design completely unique portfolios to meet the specifications of all client requirements.

DIFC, The Gate Building, Dubai +971 4 370 0022, https://legacy.emiratesnbd.com/en/asset-management/.

From this list of impressive top 8 investment companies operating in the region, it is evident that the UAE’s investment landscape offers a diverse range of opportunities for investors. Investment companies operating in the country play a vital role in providing these options to investors, locally and globally. As with any investment decision, it is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investments, and it is always advisable to seek professional financial advice before committing to any investment.


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