Juhi Malhotra

Juhi Malhotra

The Easy Way to Upgrade Your Sideboard

Sideboard, buffet, console… whatever you call it, make it a focal point in your home with our easy styling tips.

A sideboard or buffet is a multi-use wonder that offers extra storage, a serving space and a display area. Choosing the right one for your home can be tricky, since it has to fit into your space and style. Here’s how to find the perfect sideboard for your home – and how to style it.

1. Select the Right Sideboard

Your sideboard should match the design and style of the rest of your space, while also being a statement piece that adds more interest to the room. It’s also a great fit for an odd space against a long, empty wall that needs more visual weight and character.

Linclon Sideboard

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2. Create Balance

While decorating a buffet, focus on balance, color, and layering. Items need to be perfectly balanced in terms of symmetry and height. The easiest way to do this is by placing two beautiful lamps on either side of the buffet – this fills the visual space and adds lighting. A chair on either side fills the horizontal visual space along a long wall, with the added bonus of creating a cosy sitting corner.


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3. Have a Focal Point

A large wall clock gives the perfect central visual balance. You can also replace the clock with large-scale art propped against the wall, or dramatic sculptural mirrors that bring in more glamour to the room.

Miri Clock

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Framed Print Barcelona II

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Haru Wall Decoration 

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Nocturn Vases Set of 2

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4. Group and Layer Items

To add more dynamics to the sideboard, add in something that’s off-center and asymmetrical. Create groups and layers of accessories of different heights, colors and textures to enhance the display – this creates a sculptural shape and adds interest vertically and horizontally. You can also bring in a personal touch with treasured items you picked up while travelling. Adding flowers or greens offers freshness and life; we love orchids or succulents since their height and irregular movement balance a sideboard beautifully.


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5. Dress for the Seasons

Always keep the look simple and sophisticated so it can be easily updated with the changing festivities and seasons. Swap summertime flowers with an ice bucket in a muted colour filled with fall gourds. Grouping candles and decorations specific to the festivity brings the perfect mood to the space.

GLITTRIG Candlestick Set of 3 Ivory Gold Colour

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