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The Best and Worst Dressed at the AMAs

Who killed it at the American Music Awards and who really should’ve known better…

The American Music Awards is always a stellar fashion night, with celebs dressing to the nines. Previous years have given us Britney and Justin’s now iconic all-denim look, but luckily celebs have gotten better stylists since then. Or have they… Here are our best and worst looks from the American Music Awards red carpet.


Selena Gomez

The star looked phenomenal in a striking lime green minidress and slick, classic bob. The diamond necklace and glowing tan don’t hurt, either! 10/10, Selena.

Camila Cabello

Now this is princess style done right! The colour is gorgeous on her and that braid is the perfect addition to an already beautifully ethereal look.


OK, so Lizzo can literally do no wrong but this look is just fantastic. The soft orange colour, the Sixties style hair echoing the ruffles, the jewellery keeping it edgy… and that micro bag! She killed it.

Heidi Klum

Some people said it was boring, but we think if a look works for you, why not stick with it? Feathers, sequins and still the best legs in the business – this is one supermodel who knows her strengths and consistently plays to them.

Billy Porter

The Broadway star always brings his A-game to the red carpet, and the American Music Awards is no different. This sculptural white look with the shoes peeking out just so is perfection.


Christina Aguilera

Wow… what can we say about this outfit other than it looks like a Zaha Hadid building…? The dated belt doesn’t help, either. Definitely not her best look.


We know it’s Marc Jacobs but this is just Too. Much. A busy dress needs minimal makeup, not the entire rainbow of eyeshadows. And the bleached eyebrows are definitely the death nail in the coffin.


Love her but this look doesn’t work – it looks like she just stepped out of the shower, into a gaudy gown. Nope.

Billie Eilish

Yeah, it’s retro Burberry but that print will just never be cool again. The casual silhouette also doesn’t gel with the edgy crystal mesh sleeves and veil.

Taylor Swift

There’s nothing really wrong with this look except it’s a bit… boring. The dress, hair and accessories are all meh. We know you can do better, Taylor.

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