Product Review: Indulgent Snacks That Are Truly Freakin’ Healthy

Healthy snacks don’t have to be blah.

Consistently eating healthy can be a challenge, especially when you’re changing over to or juggling alternative ways of eating, or simply trying to eat less sugar. But while it can feel great to make healthier choices, it can also be daunting (and eventually tedious) if you do too much, too fast, especially if you begin to feel perpetually deprived of your favourite snacks and treats. And with Ramadan in full swing, it can get just that much more challenging.

Inspired by great recipes with functional benefits, Freakin’ Healthy believes “healthy” snacks don’t have to be just filling enough to help you make it to your next meal or to help hit your calorie goals. A wide lineup of snack products and alternative foods features everything from granola, protein balls, and cookies to raw chocolate, all contained in high quality packaging and widely available, as well as online. 

Freakin’ Healthy snacks and treats are made with natural ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, and refined sugar. They’re also 100% plant-based and rated Star K kosher. We reviewed some of their goodies, and it’s safe to say that they have successfully created snacks that cater to the healthy demographic looking for an alternative to sugary snacks at a very competitive price point for the GCC market. Plus, they make a great quick munch if you’re running late for suhoor, need a sweet post-iftar pick-me-up, or just transitioning away from refined sugar.

Read on for what we thought. 

Nut Butter Bites

The Coconut Butter Bites are a standout product, with an amazingly sweet taste that doesn’t require any added sugar (and doesn’t have any). The Peanut Butter Bites are perfect for those who prefer a crunchy peanut butter flavour, and the Hazelnut Butter Bites leave a deliciously warm aftertaste of hazelnuts. 

Both the Peanut Butter Bites and the Hazelnut Butter Bites are less sweet than the Coconut Bites and are suitable for those who prefer flavours that are less sugary. All bites range between 80-100 calories each. 

Superfood Bars and Cookies

Freakin’ Healthy’s Superfood Bars are packed with nutritious ingredients like matcha green tea, lemon, tart cherry, and cashews. The Matcha Green Tea Lemon Bar is objectively great and healthy, especially if you enjoy sharp flavours like meringue. The Superfood Bar with Tart Cherry and Cashew is even more snippy, and perhaps the tart cherry could have been better used as a complement rather than the main flavour.

The Apple Pie on a Hazelnut Biscuit is a unique concept, but there may be too much going on for some tastes with the dates, nuts, and other ingredients. However, if you enjoy Greek yogurt with granola, this snack might be a good option for you. 

The Double Chocolate Cookies come in super-cute packaging, but they have a dry and chalky aftertaste, possibly from the flaxseed powder or rice flour, which may detract from the overall taste. The Classic Vanilla Cookie is less chalky, but still not our personal favourite. The Chocolate Chip Cookies have the same powdery aftertaste, which might put off those who are new to healthy snacks, but if that’s not you, these are a great alternative to regular treats.

The Almond Vanilla Bar is a standout product with its delicious nutty flavour and the addition of vanilla. It has a very small ingredients list that is not masked by other things, making it a great snack for anyone who wants a healthy and tasty treat. The Almond Coconut Bar is also great, with subtle nut flavours and a nice balance of coconut. The Almond Coconut Protein Balls are also a great post-workout treat that is well balanced in terms of flavour and texture.

Overall, Freakin’ Healthy’s snacks are great for satisfying a sugar craving without sacrificing flavour or nutrition. The treats are perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to conventional processed “junk food” snacks and refined sugar.

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored content. We have partnered with Freakin’ Healthy to bring you this product review. However, all opinions expressed in this post are our own and we only endorse products that we have personally tested and believe in. We appreciate your support in allowing us to continue creating valuable content for our readers.


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Top 10 Self-Storage Facilities in Dubai

Clutter-free living is real.

The demand for self-storage solutions has steadily increased globally over the past few years. More specifically, in Dubai, the need for self-storage has been fueled by the increasing population of expat residents, the housing crisis, urbanisation, the increasing trend of downsizing homes, and a booming economy.

The rise of e-commerce and online businesses in Dubai has contributed equally to the surging demand in the self-storage industry. More and more emerging entrepreneurs are looking for affordable and secure storage for their inventory. Recently, tourists are also opting for short-term self-storage solutions to protect their luggage and other travel items during their vacation here.  

Studies predict the self-storage market in the UAE will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.8% between 2021 and 2026. While this sounds promising to anyone wanting a self-storage unit in Dubai, the options available in the emirate have made it challenging to identify a reliable solution that is worth the cost. To simplify that, we have compiled a hand-picked list of the top 10 self-storage facilities in Dubai.


Complying with an impressive set of international quality standards and procedures, Extraspace claims popularity as one of Dubai’s top 10 self-storage facilities. While they specialize in both personal and commercial self-storage services, they also stand out noticeably for their shipping and moving solutions.

Extraspace self-storage facilities feature fully-insulated walls and ceilings, a zoned sprinkler system approved by Dubai civil defense, 24-hour security with trained security guards approved by Dubai police, on-site 24/7 CCTV monitoring rooms, and monitored individual door alarms by PIN code access.

The hygiene and safety practices in the facility are on par with approved global standards. They follow a rotational cleaning and pest control program by a full-time cleaning team. They also provide supplementary services such as packaging supplies.

The process of renting self-storage at Extraspace is designed with convenience, and affordability in mind, making them a go-to option for self-storage options in Dubai. In addition, the company’s initiative to establish an environmentally-friendly business distinguishes itself from other self-storage companies in the UAE.

04 330 6788, https://extraspaceme.com/.


This self-storage company was founded based on a simple solution of using a box to store belongings you don’t regularly use but wouldn’t want to throw away. Although they started operations initially in a local neighborhood community to troubleshoot the founder’s personal conundrum of ‘a lot of stuff and very little space’, the amazing client response and engagement made them expand into other regions in the UAE, including Dubai.

They particularly have a high demand for warehouse storage facilities for furniture and perform on a pay-as-you-go basis. Boxit services feature an option where their trained staff can pack and pick up your items from your doorstep, store them in self-storage units, and bring them back to you when you need them again.

As one of the leading self-storage facilities in Dubai, Boxit is always looking to create unique and customizable solutions for making organized and clutter-free living an easy possibility.

800 BOXIT (26948), https://www.boxitstorage.com/dubai/


Now renowned as one of the pioneer self-storage companies in Dubai, STORALL launched to fulfill the growing need of expats, residents, and new settlers seeking economical personal and commercial storage solutions. The company retains its stand in the market by continuously considering every immediate need and the potential future requirement that its clientele would require to make their storage experience happy and satisfied.

STORALL features a large choice of secure storage solutions, such as general storage rooms, climate-controlled storage rooms, large drive-up access, palletized rack space, and loose cargo storage areas. Besides self-storage, they offer packing and removal, warehousing / 3PL, and related services.

04 880 3644, https://www.storall.ae/

ARENA Storage

ARENA Storage has redefined how residents, expats, tourists, and businesses can store their belongings and other valuables away from home and business premises. Using a unique experience strategy, they pay careful attention to details in meeting customer needs and continuously adapt the most in-demand features in all their self-storage solutions.

Some of their signature features include convenient storage for all belongings up to 50 square feet per month, individual lockable units, fully air-conditioned units, climate and pest control, insurance options, civil defense & SIRA-approved security systems, and 24/7 customer support access.

Self-storage units at ARENA Storage are also well-known for high ceilings that offer customers a significant advantage when it comes to maximum storage space utilization. It helps customers store more items efficiently, organize better, retrieve items easily, and, most importantly, get the right value for their money.

The company aims to empower customers to embrace a clutter-free lifestyle with effortless and cost-effective self-storage facilities. They do this by thoughtfully designing solutions that cater to the most unique personal and commercial needs of the UAE’s diverse population.

+971 58 520 7541, https://arenastorage.ae/.

Storage Keys

Storage Keys began operations with the primary need to eliminate the common hassle involved with moving and storage in the UAE. The company’s ability to secure a prominent place in the local self-storage industry is credited to its state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly trained team of storage experts. While Storage Keys offers a comprehensive range of personal and business self-storage services, it is a local favorite and almost a household name for its reliable moving and warehousing solutions.

Climate-controlled and spotless individual storage units, 24/7 access, accessible UAE warehouse via Emirates Bypass road, state-of-the-art IP security and surveillance by fully-vetted professionals, insurance coverage, flexible lease options, easily scalable units, and wide loading/unloading bays to accommodate items of all size are some of the notable offerings in their self-storage services.

+971 56 501 8785, https://storagekeys.com/

EAZY Moving & Storage

Recognized as another fast-growing self-storage company in the UAE, EAZY Moving & Storage serves various market segments, ranging from individual customers to private corporations and government entities. They are, in fact, one of the most preferred providers of government moving and storage services.

The company’s certified team, featuring industry-specialized experts and skilled workers, is a key factor in enabling a seamless customer experience with complete satisfaction. Self-storage solutions at EAZY Moving & Storage are customizable for both personal and commercial storage needs. Besides self-storage, they also offer convenient relocation, moving, and freight management services through dedicated teams.

800 3299, https://eazy.ae/

Lockable Store

Backed by an innovative, active, and hard-working team of professionals, Lockable Store is known for providing a handy storage solution for personal and corporate needs. The extensive personalization that comes at competitive pricing makes them stand out in the local self-storage market. They have a variety of storage space options, from boxed storage rooms to indoor and outdoor units, short or long-term solutions and climate-controlled spaces.

All their storage facilities are monitored with continuous surveillance and provide 24/7 access to the customers. At Lockable Store, customers also benefit from their extra services that facilitate an affordable and convenient pickup option. Through this service, you can get their team to your doorstep, have them pick up everything you want to be placed in storage, transport the items to your unit, and unpack them for you.

055 449 9177, https://www.lockablestore.com/


As a British-owned and operated self-storage facility, Morespace services are designed to serve the belief that needing more space shouldn’t be stressful. Their self-storage solutions are built on three concepts: modern, convenient, and secure. Their customer service has been instrumental in driving customer loyalty and brand reputation in Dubai.

The business self-storage solutions at Morespace offer specialised units for equipment storage, stock and inventory storage, document storage, and even facilitate space requirements for office moves and renovations. Their personal storage solutions focus on space requirements when moving homes or having temporary renovations – and for students and those traveling abroad. Customers can also benefit from their pack-and-move service for added convenience.

04 321 6850, https://www.morespace.ae/


With a focus on affordability and convenience, SpaceHub offers purpose-built storage solutions tailored to customer needs. Their services feature practical and handy holder systems with all necessary packing materials, flexible payment and agreement options, and scalable units. Self-storage facilities at SpaceHub maintain an optimum temperature and humidity setting evenly throughout the entire storage area. This helps rule out the formation of condensation and ensures all belongings remain intact and precisely the same as they were brought for storage.

Their domestic storage solutions focus on seasonal storage, space requirements when moving or renovating houses, business travel and vacation, and memorable items storage. For business storage, they offer solutions catering to seasonal storage like exhibition, conference goods, and other space needs that arise when moving, renovating, or during quarantine. They are also well-known for their flexible and personalised warehouse storage solutions, especially among small and medium businesses in Dubai.

800 012 0026, https://spacehubstore.com/uae/

The Home Storage

As another leading self-storage facility in Dubai, The Home Storage is a family-owned company that performs in line with local customs and traditions. All their services are constantly reviewed and improved to meet the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Their success stems from a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly staff who help deliver a smooth self-storage experience to customers. They also offer affordable moving, packing, and truck rental services to support any special requirements that may arise before and after renting a self-storage unit.

04 347 8144, https://www.thehomestoragedubai.com/


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