Ree-cycled Trainers For Regenerated Communities

Take a socially-minded step forward with Reebok’s sustainably-focused sneakers.

The Gaggler loves all things with a sustainable focus – and when its fashion, fitness and forward-thinking community combined in one recycled reiteration of a classic sneaker, it races to the top of new season shopping wish list.

Launched in the region this month, Reebok’s Ree-Cycled Classic Leather Legacy and Legacy 83 are both made with a minimum 30% of [Ree]Cycled materials, and have been built with a sustainable future in mind. 

But aside from their eco-friendly construction, the shoes have also been designed to celebrate community and the differing backgrounds, personalities and outlooks that give the ability to make positive changes for the future, and shape our own legacies – with a thought-provoking campaign that highlights these perspectives.

Launched globally with the second iteration of Reebok’s ‘Write Your legacy’ campaign, the latest project was created by three ‘Classics Collaborators’ from across the globe; The Kickback – a group that empowers youth in North American communities by turning sport, sneakers and art into projects that show kids a world they never knew existed; RAAH, founded in Birmingham in the UK to amplify the unheard voices of young people, refugees and victims of human trafficking and generate vital discussions around human rights issues through mentorship and community projects; and South Korea’s Youngmin Kang, part of Seoul-based design collective ISIT, who makes one-of-a-kind sculptural furniture from waste plastic and seeks to change the conversation on waste and re-use in South Korea.

Creating a bespoke piece of furniture by melting different coloured plastics together, replicating the Legacy 83’s colourways through this customizable Pantone, Youngmin’s contribution to the “Write Your Legacy” campaign aims to provoke questions. “I want people to say, ‘Is it trash, or is it so much more?’” he explains. “That’s the question I want people to ask when they see the things I’ve created. I see my Legacy. What do you see?” ​

Recognising that what and how we create now impacts our future, each of the campaign collaborators use their talent and creations to pave the way for a better future for their communities. And while the means of how they impact their communities varies, the focus on their legacy is shared – you can’t change what came before you, but you can change what comes next. ​

For more information, visit Reebok’s Facebook and Instagram

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