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What New Moon in Sagittarius Means for You

Ready for a total solar eclipse?

This weekend on Saturday – December 4 at 11:42 Gulf Standard Time to be exact – we will have a total eclipse of the new moon in Sagittarius. The new moon is the start of each monthly moon cycle, and solar eclipses unleash the power of new beginnings into overdrive! You may already feel the energy of change, even a sense of impatience for an awaited shift in circumstances (even if you haven’t been clear on what you want them to be). A solar eclipse is a powerful time to work with our physical world and personal life circumstances. This is a time to really ask, “Is this the direction I want to continue travelling in?” Keep reading to learn more about the area of life that will come into focus for your sun and rising sign!

Sagi Season

Sagittarius is the last of the fire signs on the zodiac wheel, and it rules the liver and thighs. As an archetype, the sign represents the philosopher or teacher, and the associated themes are all about freedom, truth, and a deep sense of justice. The Sagittarius spirit seeks new levels of wisdom and a desire to test its boundaries – isn’t it always your Sagi friend who is excited for the next vacation? Just don’t ask her to plan it!

For the next three weeks, you have an invitation to explore the following question: What is MY truth? You can also see if you can tap into your inner guru to guide you into your plans for 2022. The sign of the archer can sometimes fall into dogmatic thinking and be a stickler for a single (i.e. their) truth. Watch out for any righteous arguments or binary thinking. Perhaps you can be open to other perspectives on this path of growth?

Neptune: The Fog Finally Lifts

This week, Neptune – the spiritual ruler of Pisces – stations directly. Neptune has strong symbolism of water and emotion, representing both your collective illusions and spiritual nature. For the last five months, you may well have felt a lack of clarity or ‘mental fog’ around you – particularly Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, and Pisces – but you may find things becoming clearer again now that Neptune stations directly. The time is right to come out of self-imposed solitude.

Solar Eclipse by Sign

To complement your new moon intentions this weekend, check both your sun and rising sign to see what area of your life is ripe for a fresh start.


Self-expression is not selfish! In fact, it’s the most giving and inspiring thing you can do. Where can you allow some fun and romance in your life? You deserve it after all – there is a child waiting to put down some of that armour and come out to play!


Our habits define us, right? If you are the sum of what you do every day, get honest: how does that look? Desire for routines and practices that are small, but commitments over time is the way to work this eclipse energy!


This eclipse is falling in the area of life that governs long-term relationships. Anywhere you need a change-up (single or married) is now up for review. No one communicates like you, so this is an invitation for a discussion with your significant other or potential partner – you have to start somewhere.


With the moon as your ruler so prominent, you are particularly sensitive to the energies at this time. The invitation is simple and possibly a little bit uncomfortable, but you need to see where you are lacking a feeling of intimacy with the people in your life. People want to invest in you. You just need to be open to the goodness that this can bring.


After a year of restrictions, there is a fire burning within you to explore both geographically and your own desires. Be open to new happenings that will broaden your mind in a way you haven’t felt before this year.


Becoming the culmination of who we are is now always loud and showy through the sacred acts of service and support to others. You are stepping into a more visible role now for your talent in doing exactly this. Don’t be afraid to enjoy it – and ask for a pay rise?


More than ever, the world needs your natural diplomacy and sense of idealism, particularly when working with large groups (perhaps even embarking on some collective healing). You are also being invited to see who you allow into your very wide social circle and whether everybody there warrants access to you.


Going deep and seeking out some quiet during this new moon would not be a bad thing – walks on the beach or meditation (in whatever way you find peace) will help you still that conscious mind and find answers from within yourself. No need to listen to other people right now. You got this!


This one feels personal to you, of course. You’re not afraid of change. This eclipse is asking you to commit to that change now as the first step. How do YOU come across to the world versus how do you want to be received? In your authenticity, right? So, it’s time for a fresh start with a fresh face to the world! 


Money on your mind, Capricorn? Hehe. It goes deeper than that – money is reflective of our own value systems and this new moon is asking you to define where you draw value from and HOW you demonstrate it to others. People often don’t know this about you, but you actually want your life’s work to mean something beyond the material, so why not take that step?


Get curious now. Really curious. What’s the word on the street? Whatever people are saying that is getting you fired up is an invitation for you to move away from polarity and embrace the many ways the world can be viewed. If you feel like a new hobby or connecting with friends (old and new), you might be surprised how good that feels.


It’s never easy having to go back to our emotional roots, and you might feel your sensitivity being triggered by the holiday period. That’s okay. What boundaries are you putting down for the coming year? Just make sure it’s a permeable membrane that allows for incoming love.

Candice Young is a moon lover, astrologer, and empowerment coach based in Dubai. Follow her on Instagram @ninthouseastrology to learn more.

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