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Meet Your New Budget Capsule Wardrobe

These 21 pieces are all you need – and all under AED 180!

Spent all your money over the holidays? When the start of the year stretches a bit long in front of you, and your wardrobe leaves you with no inspiration, what is a fashion-loving girl to do? Find a budget capsule wardrobe, of course! You don’t need to overhaul your entire closet, but adding a few affordable pieces that you can mix and match will help stretch your options. A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully assembled selection of clothing that you’ll want to wear on repeat. When everything is good quality and works together seamlessly, getting dressed is a breeze!

How to build a capsule wardrobe?

DO spring clean your closet completely so you know exactly what you have and what you need.

DO look at your lifestyle – if you’re a homebody who doesn’t go out every weekend, you don’t need a closet full of cocktail dresses.

DON’T throw away things just because they’re missing a button or have a stuck zip – get them repaired.

DO consider your personal style, as that will inform the basics you choose.

DO add in a few interesting prints and textures, like animal print or sequins.  

DO stick to the “one in, one out” rule when spring cleaning and shopping.

DON’T buy something that doesn’t fit properly and doesn’t go with at least four other pieces in your wardrobe.

DO spruce up your actual closet with proper hangers – no wire hangers allowed! – cedar blocks for freshness and scented drawer liners.

No more “I have nothing to wear!” tantrums every morning – shop your new budget capsule wardrobe right here:


Our pick:
R&B animal printed short sleeve crop top – Use code 6ST004 for upto 22% off
H&M viscose utility shirt – Use codes MM205 or HH605 for upto 25% off
Only Onllinette long sleeves V-neck top – Use code 6ST004 for upto 22% off
Zara contrast poplin top
Zara ribbed high neck t-shirt
Splash textured shirt – Use code SP370 for utpo 10% off
Splash textured T-shirt with crew neck – Use code SP370 for utpo 10% off

Onllinette Long Sleeves V Neck Top In Black ON SALE

aed 104 Only
aed149 30

Contrast Poplin Top

aed 119 Zara Collection

Ribbed High Neck T Shirt

aed 79 Zara Collection

Textured Shirt With Spread Collar And Short Sleeves

aed 70 Splash

Textured T Shirt With Crew Neck And Short Sleeves

aed 60 Splash


Our pick:
Lee Cooper Originals shirt dress – Use code RMZM for upto 10% off
Vila high low pleated dress
Layeur Elizabeth high-waisted jersey skirt – Use code GULF for upto 10% off
Reserved button through faux leather skirt
Garage elastic waistband sequin midi skirt – Use code 6ST004 for upto 22% off
Max Fashions textured cropped jumpsuit
H&M straight high ankle jeans – Use codes MM205 or HH605 for upto 25% off
Mango slit hem trousers
Max Fashion textured palazzos with paperbag waist

Originals Shirt Dress Blue ON SALE

aed 111 Lee Cooper
aed170 35

High Low Pleated Dress ON SALE

aed 174 Vila
aed315 45

Elizabeth High Waisted Jersey Skirt ON SALE

aed 170 Layeur
aed845 80

Button Through Leather Skirt

aed 169 Reserved

Elastic Waistband Sequin Midi Skirt Silver ON SALE

aed 40 Garage
aed60 33

Textured Cropped Jumpsuit With Tie Up

aed 95 Max

Straight High Ankle Jeans

aed 139 H&M

Slit Hem Trousers

aed 169 Mango

Textured Palazzos With Paperbag Waist

aed 65 Max


Our pick:
Asos Design wide fit Lake bow pointed ballet flats
Truffle Collection white woven block sandals – Use code RMZM for upto 10% off
Truffle Collection black mid heel block sandals – Use code RMZM for upto 10% off
Mango pleated volume bag
Asos Design large minimal backpack

Wide Fit Lake Bow Pointed Ballet Flats In Black

White Woven Block Sandals ON SALE

aed 127 Truffle Collection
aed159 20

Black Mid Heel Block Sandals ON SALE

aed 111 Truffle Collection
aed139 20

Pleated Volume Bag

aed 99 Mango

Large Minimal Backpack

aed 116.89 Asos Design

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