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Setting intentions

Let’s Talk about Your Intention for Today

Because goals are for the future.

As we are at the beginning of the month, let’s have a look at setting intentions. It’s a big word that has found increasing popularity recently, but what’s all the fuss about? I am a huge believer in goal setting and doing it the right way, as it is such a crucial element in moving forward with our lives and achieving the dreams and vision we have set for ourselves. As important and incredibly valuable as it is to go through the goal-setting process, it also tends to be very future-orientated. 

But what about today? What about this very moment? How do we ensure we live every day in a way that will take us towards our goals on a consistent basis?

This is where intentions come in. There have been many studies that show how our thoughts and intentions can affect our environment and our overall experience of life. In a renowned case study, Dr. Masaru Emoto showed that the modular structure of water can be changed through the intention of the observer. Whether the person looking at the water sample was sending prayers or hateful thoughts towards it had a direct impact on its composition. Incidentally, 60% of our bodies are made of water, so it’s only logical that we also are influenced by how we think!

Anything that happens in our life starts with an intention – whether that is what career you choose, where you live, what you eat, who you surround yourself with, and what you do in your spare time. Most of the time these intentions are set subconsciously so we do not even realise how we are constantly creating our reality and experience of life. 

In order to achieve our goals, we need to show up every single day with the intention to give it our best shot, and consciously use this power to get what we really want. There is a saying that is becoming more and more widespread these days: “Where attention goes, energy flows.” If you take the time to set intentions deliberately, it sets energy in motion that is beyond your personal effort and will support you in all your endeavours. You can co-create life supported by the invisible force that is behind all things. 

Intentions can be set at any given time, and it can drive your focus on who you are right now and help you cultivate a growth mindset. It encourages you to honour your values and inspires you to live your day as the person you need to become in order to achieve your goals. It sets in motion energy that’s beyond your personal effort and will support you in being successful – consistently setting intentions really can be life-changing. 

I try to set intentions daily. Of course, there are days when I forget, but the key is to develop a regular practice. There are no rules to setting intentions the ‘right’ way, but here are some tips that will help you get started: 

  1. Connect to your valuesWhat’s important to you and how can you bring more of that into your life today? 
  2. Have your vision in mind: Remember your vision and who you need to become to fulfil your purpose. 
  3. Think large scale: Don’t stop at yourself, but also consider the world around you and how you want to impact your environment. 
  4. Bring pen to paper: Write out your intention on a paper. It gets it out of your head and becomes so much more powerful as the first step of manifesting it. 
  5. State it positively: Avoid using words such as ‘don’t’, ‘not’, and ‘won’t’ – the subconscious can absorb negative words, so you’ll end up creating what you don’t want! 
  6. Let your heart speak: It’s good to think deep, but don’t get lost in overthinking. Get your head out of the way and see what comes from within. 
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