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Hey, Let’s All Be Goal Diggers!

Struggling to reach your goals stops here.

As we’re well into the second half of 2021, now’s a good time to reflect upon how we’ve progressed towards the goals set at the beginning of the year. My guess is that you’re on track with some of them, whereas others may be collecting dust in one of the dark corners of your mind. 

With the world still undergoing significant change and many of us facing uncertainty, the question of how we can be most effective in our lives – regardless of circumstance – becomes even more important. What I have realised is that goal setting is half the battle in moving towards your ideal future, but it’s just as much about the process of getting there as actually achieving it. 

Would you take a magical pill if it guaranteed that you would achieve all of your goals overnight? 

It might surprise you, but I would not. The process of developing who I want to be is what I’m really interested in. Of course, I want to accomplish the goal. That’s the point, after all. But who I must become to do that is the biggest gift.

How do you think you’ll feel looking back on a hard day – when you were taking micro steps towards your goals even when you just weren’t feeling it – compared to now, when you see how much you’ve grown and how far you’ve come along? It’s a whole lot more fulfilling when you finally get to tick the goal off your list than if you had been handed the end result overnight with no effort at all. 

When going through this process of becoming, you’re receiving not only the gold, but also other treasures – the diamonds, the pearls, and the tiaras. So yes, I definitely choose to be a goal digger over a gold digger. Here are five simple keys that are often missed on the journey to goal achievement – but require no magic pills:

  1. Ensure they are SMART goals: Most of us are aware of the smart criteria (SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timebound), but when it comes down to setting our goals in life, they often can be a bit wishy-washy.
  2. They are not ‘should’ goals: A mentor once reminded me to not ‘should’ on myself. Make sure your goals are fully aligned with your ideal future and not something you feel you ‘should’ be striving for. 
  3. They are big enough: There is a distinction between big and little goals. Little goals are really ‘don’t wants’ – they are not going to keep you committed and consistent in the long run.
  4. You are willing to take responsibility: You must be committed to give it your best shot. If you’re not willing to do that, scratch it! You will need heightened focus to achieve goals, so get rid of the ones you’re not going to take responsibility for. 
  5. Write them down and look at them regularly: One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to write down my goals every day. It keeps your eyes on the prize and signals to your subconscious mind that you mean it! 

Look back at what you set out to do at the beginning of the year and see how far you have come. Give yourself a pat on the back for any progress you have made, and adjust your goals to incorporate these five tips so that you can smash them effortlessly and be rewarded with the full treasure chest. 

Beate Sifkovits is a Transformational Mindset Coach based in Dubai. Learn more about her and how to being a successful goal digger on her website, allboss.me.

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