Camellia Bojtor

Let Your Inner Goddess Shine

How to exude confidence and dress for success.

A bold expression of female empowerment, Lady Gaga touched on the importance of how we, as women, dress for the outside world and highlighted how critical what we wear is, to how we feel. Or, one might say, vice-versa. 

Wearing an oversized Marc Jacobs men’s suit to the ELLE annual ‘Women in Hollywood’ event a few years ago, Lady Gaga stated, “In this suit, I felt like me today.”

From the time of the suffragettes at the turn of the 20th century, through to the 1980s, the suit has played a powerful transformational role as women have asserted themselves in a male-dominated world. 

From Chanel through to Yves Saint Laurent, the female suit has been reimagined in multiple shapes and forms and remains a classic choice for the businesswoman. Following the 1990s, however, women have moved beyond trying to emulate men and have embraced their femininity. 

With more female CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders than ever before, women have greater means for self-expression. Determining what they believe to be appropriate for the office, business wear has come a long way since the shoulder-padded suits of the 80s.

So, what does this mean for dressing for female empowerment today, we ask, as we celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, this March?

First things first, dressing to empower yourself means dressing for YOU! Whatever you wear, the main thing is that it brings out your inner confidence and enables you to shine. 

If you’ve got an interview coming up, then the suit is the go-to for corporate positions. But in today’s world where the office hierarchy is no more, and innovation and creativity are the buzz words of the day, a dress with sneakers may well be an appropriate choice for your workplace. Today, anything goes. 

With that said we’ve put together three shoppable looks inspired by this season’s trends. From trending checked blazers through to a classic LBD with a twist and faux-leather pants, these outfits exude power and confidence to command the respect you well and truly deserve!


Our pick:
Stradivarius flowy blazer in yellow & green checks
MAX MARA Cortona dusky rose stretch-silk top
H&M calf-length skirt
Carvela KOLUMN tan croc print flared heel sandals
Coccinelle Fenice tote bag
Coccinelle message in a bracelet

Flowy Blazer in Yellow & Green Checks

aed 124.57 Stradivarius

Cortona Dusky Rose Stretch Silk Top

aed 694.97 Max Mara Leisure

Calf Length Skirt

aed 99 H&M

Kolumn Tan Croc Print Flared Heel Sandals

aed 570.35 Carvela

Fenice Tote Bag

aed 1326.57 Coccinelle

Message in a Bracelet

aed 145.09 Coccinelle


Our pick:
Tommy Hilfiger The Monogram print dress in black
Fontana 2.0 Women’s Single-breasted Coat With Embroidery
New Look pale pink suedette strappy pointed court shoe
Cromia leather tote bag
New Look gold circle link earrings

Th Monogram Print Dress Black

aed 1000 Tommy Hilfiger

Fontana 2.0 Women’s Single-breasted Coat With Embroidery ON SALE

aed 331.60 Fabhunt
aed659 50

Pale Pink Suedette Strappy Pointed Court Shoes

aed 103.60 New Look

Leather Tote Bag

aed 1002.73 Cromia

Gold Circle Link Earrings

aed 33.12 New Look


Our pick:
SHEIN notch collar roll tab sleeve blazer
The Flower Girls Link Lily boxy shirt
AQUA paperbag-waist faux leather pants
L’Intervalle Ivy Oxford leather oxfords
Riva tassel details front flap cross body bag
AQUA Love Knot stud earrings in 18k gold-plated sterling silver

Notch Collar Roll Tab Sleeve Blazer

aed 78.77 Shein

Link Lily Boxy Shirt

aed 282.78 The Flower Girls

Paperbag Waist Faux Leather Pants

aed 388.11 Aqua

Ivy Oxford Leather Pumps

aed 661.14 L’intervalle

Tassel Details Front Flap Cross Body Bag

aed 266.64 Riva

Love Knot Stud Earrings in 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver

aed 198.02 Aqua

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