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Is Your Inner Critic Weighing You Down?

Consider these six tips immediately.

We all have an inner critic that often does more harm than good. It’s this inner voice that can further demoralise you when in doubt. Negative self-talk or comparisons are something that everyone experiences from time to time, and it can affect your mind, causing unwanted stress and leaving you feeling disappointed. 

It can manifest in several ways, with negative thoughts plaguing your mind – I am not good enough, I can never do anything right, I will never be able to get that job. While being criticised and compared pushes some to do better in order to prove their worth, it can affect the morale of others, creating self-doubt and even causing serious mental health issues. Some of the effects of negative self-talk and comparisons include the following: 

  1. It can create limiting beliefs such as ‘I am not worthy of being loved’ or ‘I can’t open my own business.’
  2. You might tend to believe that perfection is key to greatness and develop perfectionist tendencies.
  3. You develop a tendency to self-judge and do better than others, simply because your definition of success, happiness, and love is based on how it looks on others.
  4. It could make you feel needy and insecure in your relationships, where even a ‘playful’ amount of criticism can have a negative impact on you.
Negative self-talk

The biggest drawback of negative self-talk is that it is not positive. Studies have shown that positive self-talk is a great predictor of productivity, success, and overall well-being. So how can you avoid comparisons and negative self-talk? The following six steps can help.

1. Identify When You Are Being Self-Critical 

Learn to recognise when you are being overly critical of yourself and how it makes you feel – miserable, cruel, short-sighted, or maybe unconfident? Another way to spot negative self-talk is to notice things you say to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a friend or family member.

2. Don’t Always Mistake Your Thoughts and Emotions for Reality

Oftentimes, we get so swayed by our biases and judgments that it can get delusional or far from the truth. Have you experienced your mind telling you that you can’t do something, but when you actually mustered up the courage to do it, you found out that it wasn’t so tough after all? That’s precisely why you must listen to your inner intuition more than your inner critic, and not mistake your biased observations to be accurate.

3. Shift Your Perspective 

At times, shifting our perspective and thinking long-term rather than dwelling on current thoughts can really help. For instance, when you are upset about something, ask yourself if it will matter in five years – or even after a month, for that matter. Another way is to look at your negative rumination from a holistic healing perspective. This will help you realise that most of your tensions aren’t as big as they appear. 

holistic healing

4. Speak to Yourself Like a Friend

Your inner critic can easily become your worst enemy. In such moments, speak to yourself as you would to a dear friend or family member. When you catch yourself speaking negatively, ask yourself how your friends would handle this instead. What would they say to me? How would it make me feel better?  

5. Time It Out

Thought-stopping is another interesting way to simply distract and stop a thought. It’s not suppressing your thoughts, but channeling them in a more productive way. This can include visualising a stop sign or thinking something else, which is especially important for thoughts like ‘I am not good enough or ‘I’ll never be able to do this,’ 

6. Name It 

Thinking of your inner critic as a force outside of yourself (and even giving it a goofy nickname) makes your negative self-talk less threatening and easier to realise how silly some of your critical thoughts are. There was once a Saturday Night Live character known as Debbie Downer, who would find the negative in any situation. If your inner critic has this unwavering skill as well, then you can simply think, “Debbie Downer is doing her thing again.”

At first, it might seem difficult to take charge of your thoughts and shun the part of your mind that creeps its way into overthinking, self-sabotaging, and negativity, but you must confront them and create a counter-narrative. Practising some of these ways on a timely basis will rewire your brain in the long run and set you up for thinking positively about yourself. At the end of the day, how you speak to yourself matters just as much as how you would speak to a loved one – with care, kindness, compassion. You are worth it! 


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Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Crystal Water Bottles

Positively energised.

Crystal-infused water bottles have been gaining popularity among wellness enthusiasts in recent years. These bottles, designed to infuse water with the healing properties of crystals, enhance the energy and benefits of the water. Read more to learn how to use these unique bottles.

Different crystals are associated with different properties and energies. For example, amethyst is believed to promote peace and relaxation, while rose quartz, is with love and compassion. Research or consult with a crystal healer to determine which crystal would be most beneficial for you. It’s important to choose the right crystal for your needs.

All of us at Gaggler are obsessed with wellness, water, and the wonderful healing properties of crystals. Joining the club with the likes of Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham, we believe that crystals hold energy and are the gateway to physical and emotional benefits. While it is not scientifically proven, crystal-infused water may just be the placebo effect we are looking to incorporate into our healing.

Why Use Healing Crystals?

Healing crystals have been used for centuries by different cultures as a form of alternative healing. They are believed to have unique properties that can assist in the healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. In recent years, there has been a surge in popularity for these crystals, with people turning to them as a form of self-care and holistic healing. But what exactly are healing crystals made of, how do you select the best one for you, and how do you care for them?

What Are Healing Crystals Made Of?

Healing crystals are made of minerals that are found in the earth’s crust. These minerals are believed to have specific energetic properties that can affect our own energy fields. Crystals are formed from the cooling of molten rock (magma) or the evaporation of mineral-rich water. The minerals form into a crystalline structure, which is what gives each crystal its unique qualities. 

For example, amethyst is said to help with anxiety and stress, while rose quartz is believed to promote love and emotional healing. Some crystals, such as clear quartz, are said to have universal healing properties and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Selecting the Best Crystal for You

Selecting the right crystal for you is a personal and intuitive process. You may be drawn to a particular crystal based on its appearance or the way it makes you feel. Here are some tips to help you select the best crystal for you:

Research: Do some research on the different types of crystals and their properties. This can help you narrow your choices and find a crystal that aligns with your specific needs.

Trust your intuition: When selecting a crystal, trust your intuition. You may be drawn to a certain color or shape or feel a strong connection to a particular crystal. Listen to your instincts and choose the crystal that feels right for you.

Hold the crystal: Hold the crystal in your hand and feel its energy. Does it feel warm or cold? Heavy or light? Pay attention to the way the crystal makes you feel.

Ask for guidance: If you’re having trouble selecting a crystal, ask for guidance. Close your eyes and ask the universe to guide you to the crystal that is best for you.

Once you’ve chosen your crystal, start by cleansing it to remove any negative energy. You can do this by holding it under running water, smudging it, or placing it on a bed of salt. Next, fill your crystal-infused water bottle with fresh, filtered water for several hours or overnight. The longer the crystal is in the water, the more potent the infusion will be. Take a moment to set an intention for your water. This can be a simple affirmation or a specific goal you wish to focus on. In this way, you will direct the energy of the crystal-infused water toward a particular outcome.

To care for your crystal-infused water bottle, be sure to clean it with hot, soapy water. Avoid exposing the bottle to extreme temperatures or dropping it, as this can damage the crystal inside.

Benefits of Drinking Crystal-Infused Water

Water is a powerful cleanser and purifier. When a crystal is placed in water, the water molecules absorb the energy from the crystal, creating a vibrational imprint of the crystal’s energy in the water. This is because water is a highly receptive element that can absorb and transmit energy.

It has been scientifically proven that water has memory and can hold information in the form of vibrational frequencies. When a crystal is placed in water, its vibrational frequency is transferred to the water molecules, creating crystal-infused water that can be used for consumption. It is a simple and effective way to access the healing properties of the crystals and promote overall well-being.

Wellness in a Bottle

Crystal-infused water bottles are designed to help harness the power of crystals. Each crystal has its unique properties, and the water bottles are specifically designed to match the properties to the corresponding centers, also known as chakras, in the body. For example, the Rose Quartz crystal is known to promote self-love, compassion, and healing of the heart chakra, while the Amethyst crystal is known to enhance intuition and calmness.

Crystal-infused water bottles also provide physical benefits. For instance, many crystals are believed to have detoxifying properties and aid in removing toxins from your body. Some crystals are also believed to enhance the immune system or improve digestion.

A good quality crystal-infused water bottle is made from lead-free borosilicate glass, ensuring the water remains safe for consumption. The crystals are placed in the bottle, and the stainless steel and silicone seal keeps them securely in place. Fascinated by crystal-infused water bottles as much as we are? We have recommended a few below if you’re interested in incorporating crystal-infused water into your daily routine.


Aventurine Crystal Water Bottle

AED 280.00


Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle

AED 280.00


Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle

AED 280.00

Crystal-Infused water bottles are a recent trend that has rapidly gained popularity in the wellness community. While the scientific evidence supporting the claims made regarding their benefits is limited, many people who have used crystals, swear by them. Gaggler founder, Monica, started using crystals 2 years ago and is always seen with a stack of crystals on her wrist. Using a crystal-infused water bottle is a stylish and convenient way to stay hydrated throughout the day and explore the power of crystal healing, if wearing crystals isn’t for you.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. To the extent that this article features the advice of physicians, medical practitioners, or industry experts, the views expressed are the views of the cited expert and do not necessarily represent the views of Gaggler.


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