Kimberley Denise showing Zara clothes bag

I Am Already On Vacation With These 14 Items From Zara

Our virtual shop-up of Zara’s Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

As another week goes by with new COVID-19 movement restrictions to keep us safe at home, I can’t help but think about what travel plans the summer will have in store for me and those around me. I am determined to find ways to make this summer feel “normal.” And just because I’m not jumping on to a plane just yet, doesn’t mean I’m not shopping for things that make me feel like I’m going somewhere exciting. So, I’ve turned to one of my favourite retailers, Zara, to load up on budget-friendly dresses, tops, trousers, sneakers, mules, and more that make me feel like I’m somewhere sipping a pina colada in the sand (even though it’s just my balcony). Are you curious to see what I added to my cart? Watch my video and keep scrolling to see what I bought to feel ‘summery’.


LOOK 1: Check Print 2 Ways

Check prints and gingham are well represented in Zara’s Spring/Summer collection. You can style up this blue and black check dress with aqua mules or make it a casual day look paired with white animal print sneakers. 

Check Dress, PRP AED 129, available at zara.com

Crossover Leather Mid-Heel Mules, PRP AED 299, available at zara.com

Animal Print Sneakers, PRP AED 129, available at zara.com

LOOK 2: Volume Here I Come

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection cuts are all very feminine with a lot of volume shoulders inspired by Rotate Birger Christensen. This voluminous taffeta dress is a favourite and sure to make you stand out in a crowd (in a good way). It’s fluffy, stylish, easy-to-wear, and super comfy. Here, we choose to go casual and paired it with multi-coloured sneakers.

Voluminous Taffeta Dress, PRP AED 289, available at zara.com

Multi-Piece Sneakers, PRP AED 269, available at zara.com

 LOOK 3: Crop Top Casual Chic

Imagine a summer night out in Europe, just chilling with a pair of sneakers but still keeping it a bit sexy with high-waisted trousers and a puffy crop top, again an inspiration drawn from Rotate Birger Christensen.

Crop Top With Smocked Detail, PRP AED 169, available at zara.com

High-Waist Trousers With Belt, PRP AED 199, available at zara.com

Animal Print Leather Sneakers, PRP AED 369, available at zara.com

LOOK 4: Crop Top Day Casual

If denim is your favourite, take Look 3 and make it more day-casual with high-waisted denim jeans but still keep the look feminine by pairing it with mules. There are a lot of denim jeans in different cuts to suit everyone’s style in the Zara Spring/Summer 2020 collection. 

Z1975 Baggy Paperbag Jeans, PRP AED 169, available at zara.com

Block Heel Mules With Square Toe, PRP AED 199, available at zara.com

LOOK 5: Lilac Suit 2 Ways

This Spring/Summer 2020 collection is inspired by the natural vibes of Jacquemus who works with a lot of neutral colours like beige and white, but also with lilac which has to be THE colour of 2020 because we just love it so much. Here, we combined lilac tailored cropped trousers with a funky Smiley t-shirt. Adding an oversized blazer in the same colour ups the style factor but still keeps it on-trend. 

You could also make this look more casual by swapping the tailored lilac trousers with a pair of high-waisted jeans from Look 4 and you’re still totally trend-ready for Spring/Summer 2020!

Smiley® Print T-Shirt, PRP AED 99, available at zara.com

Basic Blazer, PRP AED 199, available at zara.com

Cropped Trousers, PRP AED 129, available at zara.com


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Spring-Summer 2023 Fashion Trends

Go bold this season.

Ahh Summer, what an amazing time of year, unless you live in Dubai and sweating from places you didn’t know existed! Whether you are travelling out of the heat or sticking it out in the UAE, I have rounded up some summer favourites for this season to keep you cool, calm and stylish.

Oversize It

It’s no secret that I love oversized everything. So the high heat of summer is no exception. In fact, oversized clothing is a big trend for summer this year. Long hemlines are showing up again in the form of full-length skirts and maxi dresses. I found these little gems at Emilia Ohrtmann. The fabrics are so beautiful and soft, I especially loved the Amaia Dress, the colour is absolutely stunning in this soft dove tone and I contrasted it with a brown leather belt. Her oversized Lily dress is an easy go-to for hot summer days and since sparkling bags are set to be another huge hit this summer, I’ve teamed it with this sequin clutch from Desert Totes.

Deborah wears Emilia Ohrtmann

Deborah wears Emilia Ohrtmann

Deborah wears Emilia Ohrtmann & Desert Totes

Flower Power

Next up, Flower Power! It’s time to pull out those big, bold florals! The runways for Spring-Summer 2023 are beaming with floral designs, from all-over ditzy prints to bold 3D floral shapes, this season has them all. Needless to say, I don’t think we’ll see too many people rocking Loewe’s runway tribute to the Anthurium Flower any time soon. Nevertheless, the concept was a stunning and dramatic opening for the summer season, topped off with deflated balloon shoes and contrasting bold hues.

Loewe Spring/Summer 2023. Photography by Cris Fragkou

Loewe Spring/Summer 2023. Photography by Cris Fragkou

Loewe Spring/Summer 2023. Photography by Cris Fragkou

For a more wearable version of this trend, head over to Carolina Herrera for some inspiration of a head-to-toe ditsy print with a 3D element – this could be paired down and worn with a crisp white leather skirt for an evening look. Magda Butrym, also known as, The Queen of Florals gives an alternative to this trend with a more subtle tone-on-tone version of the 3D floral, with this chic oversized mackintosh. Lastly, Simone Rocha, shows us how to play with feminine floral shades on bolder shapes with masculine detailing for a fashion-forward summer look.

Carolina Herrera Spring-Summer 2023

Magda Butrym Spring Summer 2023

Simone Rocha Spring-Summer 2023

Cobalt Bold

Another trend I cannot wait for is cobalt blue for the summer season. This shade is one of my all-time favourites when it comes to going bold. In the past, I’ve tried to get hold of this colour but it’s so hard to find the right colour and shape in the same garment, so to know Spring-Summer 2023 is the season of cobalt, brings me much joy! I’m going to be looking for oversized tops, pop colour bags and evening wear in cobalt.

To head down the simplest route for cobalt, select a slim-line lightweight top and pair it with tailored trousers and you’re good to go. The colour is a good standalone statement piece so you won’t need too many accessories or details to make it look sleek and on-trend. I like this version from Cos. If you’re feeling bold, they also have a satin shirt which will definitely make a statement at the office, simply paired with black trousers will do nicely to tone the look down a little. If you want to go all out, the easiest way is with a full suit, oversized blazer and wide-leg pants to match. Maybe save it for that important presentation or for the review with the boss, nothing says confidence more than a full cobalt blue pantsuit!

Long-sleeved Top at Cos

Satin Shirt at Cos

Alexander McQueen Cobalt Suit

Whatever you take away from the Spring-Summer 2023, make it bold!

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