Camellia Bojtor

Camellia Bojtor

Grandma Bags Are Back With A Bang!

Think vintage-inspired, classically shaped bags that hark back to a bygone era.

Popularized in the 50s by the likes of Channel and Hermes, the handbags of the period were traditionally boxed shaped. In the 60s they would come to take on a rounder, softer form, thanks to Gucci, as worn by Jackie Kennedy. Other styles include the straw picnic bag and the drawstring bag. Here’s a selection of 5 of our favourites – available to shop now!


The traditional box shape handbag is perfect for formal occasions. Pair with a smart dress suit and heels.

Our picks:
Charlotte Reid Mei Sing animal print satchel bag
Iconic floral printed clutch with detachable top handle
Nico Giani box tote
Complet Micro Valery belt bag

Mei Sing Animal Print Satchel Bag with Metallic Strap ON SALE

aed 90 Charlotte Reid
aed150 40

Floral Printed Clutch with Detachable Top Handle ON SALE

aed 80 Iconic
aed160 50

Box Tote ON SALE

aed 800.76 Nico Giani
aed1,774 55

Micro Valery Belt Bag ON SALE

aed 668.52 Complét
aed1,157 42


The straw handbag is perfect for a day at the beach or park. Pair with a casual cotton white outfit.

KAYU Black Jane clutch
ARANAZ Circuolo straw tote
Dune Dathryn basket grab bag

Black Jane Clutch ON SALE

aed 525 Kayu
aed875 40

Circuolo Straw Tote ON SALE

aed 282.84 Aranaz
aed566 50

Dathryn Basket Grab Bag, White

aed 355.37 Dune London


The drawstring purse is a practical accessory to fit all your day to day essentials. Perfect for a casual look for running about town in.

Our picks:
H&M hole patterned bucket bag
Mango Cuquino metallic hoop hobo

Hole Patterned Bucket Bag

aed 149.00 H&M

Cuquino Metallic Hoop Hobo ON SALE

aed 95 Mango
aed169 44


This vintage handbag features stunning lock detailing. Perfect for a retro yet sophisticated look.

Our picks:
AIJUN women’s vintage clutch 
V Bags Store retro vintage shoulder purse
Zara gold minaudiere

Retro Vintage Kiss Lock Shoulder Purse ON SALE

aed 36.95 AliExpress
aed41 10

Sequin And Bead Embroidery Cocktail Clutch

aed 112.16 AIJUN

Gold Minaudière

aed 199.00 Zara Collection


The handbag with oversized handles is the ultimate vintage accessory. Pair with kitten heels and other retro accessories such as the handkerchief scarf.

Our picks:
Zara Blue Collection minaudiere in black
Vintage flower pattern tote

Blue Collection Minaudière

aed 269.00 Zara Collection

Vintage Flower Pattern Tote ON SALE

aed 63.75 Generic
aed77 17

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Image Courtesy: Kevin laminto on Unsplash