Back to Style School: GAGGLER x RETOLD

Re-educate your wardrobe with lessons on sustainable style this September.

September is fashion month. It’s also the start of the new school year. And while this will undoubtedly be the strangest September on record, as we battle not only a global pandemic but also climate change, now is the perfect time to re-educate ourselves on fashion and sustainability, and get back to style school.

The Gaggler is all about championing sustainable style, and this month, we’ve partnered with pre-owned fashion destination RETOLD to bring you the first GAGGLER x RETOLD Curated Style Experience, focused specifically on highlighting the most sustainable way of shopping – the pre-loved fashion fix.

The Gaggler X RETOLD | A Sustainable Style Experience

A cherished shopping secret of Dubai’s most stylish women tucked away in a peaceful plaza off of Umm Sequim street in Al Barsha, RETOLD is the women’s fashion boutique that stocks a totally unique and diverse array of pre-loved fashion at drastically reduced prices.

With sustainability and accessibility the core of its brand values, RETOLD offers an ever-changing collection of clothing and accessories from both high-street and luxury brands, hand-picked by RETOLD’s fashion experts to ensure every piece in-store is a truly fabulous fashion find.

Giving customers the chance to shop guilt-free on a variety of levels, aside from snapping up an incredible bargain, each pre-loved piece you buy helps to minimise your carbon footprint by saving an item that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Safe in the knowledge that every purchase you make won’t be impacting negatively on the environment, RETOLD also allows customers to monetise the unworn items languishing in their wardrobes, transforming closet clutter into cold, hard cash. What’s not to love?

“The fashion industry is one of the dirtiest on the planet, and the pollution it creates causes extensive ecological destruction and devastating socio-economic impact across the globe,” says RETOLD founder and Chief storyteller, Sian Rowlands. “In a bid to change the way society thinks about fashion, moving mindsets away from fast, throw-away consumerism, RETOLD’s mission is to open the eyes of every shopper in the region, educating them about how to shop with both style and sustainability in mind which, in turn, makes a direct and positive impact upon climate change.”

And since The Gaggler is all about making smart and stylish choices in every aspect of life, we’ve teamed up with RETOLD to offer readers the savviest fashion purchase of the season.

Starting September 1, The GAGGLER x RETOLD Curated Style Experience will be exclusively available to buy online at

GAGGLER x RETOLD High Street Style Experience ON SALE

aed 250.00 RETOLD
aed800 69

GAGGLER x RETOLD Premium Experience ON SALE

aed 400.00 RETOLD
aed1000 60

Available in two options  – one high street, one premium –  each Curated Style Experience comprises a package bundle of at least two perfect conditioned, pre-owned fashion items (one top and one accessory), as well as a RETOLD discount voucher for an additional purchase that allows customers to complete their outfit in true, sustainable style.

Delivered to your door in a reusable tote bag to help reduce plastic waste, each Curated Style Experience also gives customers access to a personal styling session from the RETOLD in-store fashion expert to help create the perfect look from head to toe.

“The Gaggler and it’s readers are as passionate about sustainability as every RETOLD ‘Storyteller’ – so creating a style experience that’s not only bespoke but sustainable too, aligns with our ‘BE BETTER, DO BETTER’ objectives for 2020,” says The Gaggler’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Monica Malhotra. “By educating and empowering each one of our Gaggler Gang, we’re helping them to make better lifestyle choices,’ she adds. “Our community comes to us because they want to learn new things – whether it’s how to save money, improve their work/life balance, perfectly style up an outfit, help save the planet, or discover the best beauty products out there. So our collaboration with RETOLD makes the perfect, sustainable new season fashion purchase.”

The GAGGLER X RETOLD Curated style Experience is available to buy exclusively at, priced Dhs250 for the High Street Experience, and Dhs400 for the Premium Experience.

Buy yours now at