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About The Gaggler

Over the past two years, The Gaggler has grown to become an emerging name in online media, providing today’s women in the Middle East and beyond with a daily dose of inspiration and guidance, through our real stories, real experiences, and real advice.

By offering meaningful editorial features, curated shoppable stories, relatable first-hand personal accounts, bespoke Feel Good Kits and how-to guides, The Gaggler supports women towards leading an empowered, inspired and stylish life.

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The Gaggler team is a naturally curious bunch, questioning it all. We are unafraid to delve into topics others leave aside. We present all that we discover so that our readers can take what serves them and leave the rest aside. 

We operate from a place of neutrality and open mindedness when we try new trends. Basically, we go ‘there’ first so you don’t have to, and we put forward what we think is worth your time and money – no fluff, no fuss…just the facts. 

We are dedicated to finding ways to make your life more inspired, beautiful and manageable. With a focus on Beauty, Wellness, LifestyleFashion, and Sustainability, we meet you where you are in every part of your life.


We believe beauty products need not be filled with ‘nasties’ to deliver effective skincare benefits and makeup results. We celebrate clean and ethical beauty products, and the founders behind these brands. Our beauty stories and ‘Real Girl Review‘ feature the latest beauty finds in the region and we share our honest and objective feedback so you can make an informed purchase that is right for you. We believe fashion choices can be conscious and great personal style can be achieved with a handful of beautifully made, timeless, and ethical essentials that will last for years. Our fashion stories feature homegrown, as well as, conscious fashion brands we love, for you to consider as your personal style evolves. We believe a woman’s wellness investment is at the core of living her best life and being beautiful from the inside out. Our wellness stories feature candid advice and recommendations from regional experts, and services provided by leading professionals so you have current insights at your fingertips during your wellness journey with us.

Feel Good

With our Feel Good Kit we believe whole health is the cornerstone of life itself. The happiest moments are experienced when mind, body and spirit are unified in joyous equilibrium. Working with meditation and journaling experts here and internationally, our Feel Good Kit provides the perfect start to a path of wellbeing. Our Feel Good Kit combines meditation, journaling prompts and a getting started guide to kickstart your 30-day mental wellbeing practice and turn it into a life-long habit. Feeling good and being the best version of yourself becomes a way of life. You’ll wonder how you managed without it!


In the Gaggler Newsletter, we round up the region’s ‘best of’ beauty, wellness, lifestyle and fashion happenings. Whether it’s current events, trends, expert advice, tutorials, and so much more, we round up conversation-starters you’ll want to be ‘in the know’. We’re all time starved, and FOMO is real. By subscribing, you’ll receive all the important, feel-good stuff without having to scour through what’s relevant and what’s not. We’ve got you covered – subscribe here.
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Be a part of something bigger, something special – The Gaggler Middle East Group on Facebook and The Gaggler Instagram. We’d even go so far as calling it a ‘movement’!

In our Facebook group, we celebrate and welcome all women in the region making their way to live an empowered, inspired and stylish life. This group is a safe space for members and a private community featuring inquisitive women armed with just as many questions as they have answers. We also have exclusive member-only offers and events that are shared only in this group. So, if you are curious about what more you can get out of life, join us here, to find out.

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