Fiona Jenkins

Fiona Jenkins

5 Cool Sunglasses Chains To Elevate Your Eyewear

The retro sunglasses accessory is back – and better than ever.

Forget about leaving your sunnies behind in a taxi or squashing it as you sit down on the couch – the cult 70s eyewear accessory is back! Dainty sunglasses chains are one of our favourite functional accessories and since they tend to be super affordable, why not get more than one? And before you start thinking that it will turn you into a grandma, relax – celebs like Gigi Hadid have proudly sported pearl versions.

We found 5 of our favourites you can shop right here:
Asos Design sunglasses chain with pearls
Trendyol glasses chain
Mango sunglasses beads chain
Mango sunglasses braided chain
Elandy non-slip retro metal eyeglass beaded glasses chain

Sunglasses Chain with Pearls

aed 31.88 Asos Design

Glasses Chain

aed 30 Trendyol

Sunglasses Beads Chain

aed 79 Mango

Sunglasses Braided Chain

aed 79 Mango

Retro Beaded Glasses Chain (Gold)

aed 35.48 Elandy

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Image Courtesy: @elizcardinal