3 Outdoor Movie Outfits for Your Next Date Night

Enjoy the season’s blockbusters in a blockbuster outfit.

There’s a raft of blockbuster movies due for release over the coming weeks, with some of the most anticipated flicks including Charlie’s Angels, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Frozen 2 and Little Women. For the perfect way to kick back, relax and unwind, grab a friend and a box of popcorn and head down to one of Dubai’s many outdoor cinemas.

From West 14 to Nikki Beach and the Vox Outdoor at Aloft City Centre Deira, you can now enjoy the big screen out in the open and under the stars. With these three outfits on what to wear to the cinema, the only decision you’ll have to make is what movie to watch!


Loose and comfy clothing and open toe, flat footwear is ideal for beach-side cinemas from Zero Gravity to Nikki Beach. Think beach-chic.

The look:
Arshys Starry Night square kaftan
Carrie Forbes Elisa slides
Elizabeth Scarlet Ellyphant beach bag


Relaxed with a touch of glam is the perfect look for rooftop cinemas. Check out the Vox Outdoor cinemas at the Rooftop Galleria Mall and Aloft City Centre Deira.

The look:
Forever 21 halter neck body
Verona full maxi skirt in abstract print
Unisa Mesure KS Wallnut wedges
Mango Maxi fringe bag


Fun and funky is the way to go for pool and grass-side cinemas. Check out JLT and West 14.

The look:
House of Fatam Lulu dress shirt
Cariuma Catiba low off white leather black logo sneakers
Mango croc-effect bag


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Workwear Capsule Collection

Suit Up with This Workwear Capsule Collection

No more mornings spent worrying about what to wear!

It’s 2022 and, as the pandemic is slowing down, the world is starting to return to the workplace. If you’re eager to get back out there, but have completely forgotten what it takes to get ready for a workday, allow our workwear capsule collection to relieve some of that morning stress. What is a capsule collection? It’s a selection of concise and cohesive pieces that interchangeably play well together and leave you looking and feeling presentable. This collection includes curated pieces ranging from tops to bottoms and even handbags.

All Buttoned Up

There is no better basic clothing item than the iconic button-up collared shirt. My recommendation is to have one in a classic white colour that is well-tailored, and another in a playful style for a bit of versatility in a neutral colour or a print of your choice.

Want to Keep It Classic? Check out the classic white Ralph Lauren Oxford Slim fit. It’s clean, chic, and to the point.

Garment-Dyed Oxford Shirt, Ralph Lauren

Garment-Dyed Oxford Shirt, Ralph Lauren

How to Style: A tip that works for me, as a taller woman, is to purchase the men’s version of this shirt. Not only are the arms longer, but the bodice is as well. It has a bit of stretch in the fabric, too.

Want to Change It Up? Are you looking for a button-up that is a classic white colour, but comes with a few more bells and whistles? Check out this beautiful tuxedo-style shirt from COS. 

Tuxedo-Bib Shirt, COS

Tuxedo-Bib Shirt, COS

How to Style: What makes this shirt so cool is not only the tiny accordion details down the front, but also the drawstring detail at the waist, making it adjustable and creating a feminine silhouette.

Want a Bit of Colour? You can always bet on blue when it comes to a bit of neutral colour for your capsule wardrobe, like this Ralph Lauren Striped Knit Oxford.

Striped Knit Oxford Shirt, Ralph Lauren

Striped Knit Oxford Shirt, Ralph Lauren

How to Style: This print is simplistic, with its impact being in colour, so it can easily pair with just about any piece from the capsule.

The Perfect Pant

Because not all body types are created equal, there is definitely an art to acquiring the perfect pair of work pants for each person. When it comes to a capsule wardrobe, the main point is to find the pair that is versatile and can be worn with all the other pieces.

Take Me Down Tapered Lane: Try these Reiss high-waisted trousers in a tailored fit and available in both regular and petite fit, as well as black and navy. I suggest selecting both colours for a range of style options.

Black Slim Leg Tapered Trousers, Reiss 

Black Slim Leg Tapered Trousers, Reiss 

Navy Slim Leg Tapered Trousers, Reiss 

Navy Slim Leg Tapered Trousers, Reiss 

How to Style: These tailored tapered style pants fit just about any figure as they are a higher rise and a slimmer leg, giving the illusion of longer legs. They can be paired with either of the blazers below and both the flats and bags in this capsule.

Be a Trail(Blazer)

Blazers are often the finishing piece to a professional look, bringing all the elements together in a polished way. Every workwear capsule wardrobe needs a blazer in black as well as a versatile statement-making coloured blazer. 

Always Bet on Black: Want to only make a small splash in your bank account? Then take this all-black blazer from Tahari, a brand known for creating classic quality womenswear pieces at an attainable price point. Plus, it’s single-breasted (one button), so it pulls at the waist, creating a great shape. 

One-Button Blazer, Tahari

One-Button Blazer, Tahari

Want to Splurge? Then try the Jabina Fundamental Blazer from Boss. The name says it all with ‘fundamental’, which makes it functional across your capsule wardrobe. Like the Tahari option, it has only one button, creating a fitted silhouette.

Jabina Fundamental Blazer, Jabina

Jabina Fundamental Blazer, Jabina 

How to Style: Pair the blazer together with any of the aforementioned pieces, like the COS Tuxedo Shirt and the tapered pants from Reiss.

Turn Heads with Red: Looking for a not-so-basic blazer that makes a bold statement? If so, the ‘Alexis’ from House of Devereaux is an awesome option. This shade of red works with all skin tones and is a great addition to your capsule wardrobe. 

'Alexis', House of Devereaux

‘Alexis’, House of Devereaux 

How to Style: Red is such a versatile colour, working with both blue and black. The ‘Alexis’ can therefore be worn with either of the pants from Reiss as well as the button-down shirts suggested.


When it comes to a work wardrobe, you need a great pair of footwear that is not only fashionable, but also functional. A great pair of quality flats will last you a long time, and keep you comfortable and cute all day long.

Keep It Cute Cole: Cole Haan has been a footwear phenom for decades, and its best-selling ‘Cloudfeel’ ballet flats come coloured in both black as well as brush-black, along with medium and wide widths. It’s made with “cushioned Grandfoam to make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud”, with a cute little bow detail that adds a feminine touch.

Black Cloudfeel All-Day Ballet Flat, Cole Haan

Black Cloudfeel All-Day Ballet Flat, Cole Haan

Brush Cloudfeel All-Day Ballet Flat, Cole Haan

Brush Cloudfeel All-Day Ballet Flat, Cole Haan

How to Style: Because both flats are neutral, they can be paired with each piece, from the black blazer to the red blazer and both bags below. The black pair can be worn with either the red blazer or black blazer, while the brush pair of flats can be worn with each look. 

Bag It Up and Go

One of the final pieces needed for a great capsule wardrobe is a functional bag that holds all the things you need to build your empire. It must come with compartments and be easy to carry while coordinating with your complete capsule look.

Cole”Partments: Finding great flats along with a great bag from the same brand makes your shopping so much easier. The ‘Grand Ambition’ bag from Cole Haan fits the bill of providing chic style with a bucket silhouette, functionality with multiple compartments, as well as a back phone pocket – not to mention it comes with both a top handle as well as a crossbody strap, depending on how you wish to carry it. Plus, it has feet, so it stands on its own. It’s available in three neutral colours: black, British tan, and oat.

Black Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

Black Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

British Tan Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

British Tan Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

Oat Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

Oat Grand Ambition Bucket Bag, Cole Haan

How to Style: All three colours of this functionally fabulous handbag are neutral, so you can’t go wrong with any selection. Pair with either a blazer or trousers. 

For more tips on how to style this complete workwear capsule wardrobe, check out a few of the possible looks below and how they work together. And if you need assistance in creating a personalised capsule wardrobe, the House of Devereaux and its capsule wardrobe services can assist.








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Guide to buy One-Piece Swimsuit

Let’s Talk About the One-Piece Wonder

Your search for summer’s hottest swimsuits just ended.

If you’re packing your suitcase for somewhere fabulous this summer, there’s one piece that you simply can’t go without : the all-versatile swimsuit. Heck, you don’t just swim and sunbathe by the beach or the swimming pool in it. You can wear it as a leotard when you’re doing yoga at dawn, under your jeans when you’re shopping, and with a sarong when you’re sipping sundowners – a great swimming suit goes so much further than your average bikini. And while there’s always a time and a place for a terrific two-piece, we’re all about the one-piece wonder this summer, especially when there are so many super-cool cossies out there! Here are our top picks.

Emma swimsuit, MARA HOFFMAN 

Emma swimsuit, MARA HOFFMAN 

Estelle floral-print swimsuit, Zimmermann

Printed recycled one-piece swimsuit, Yoox

Nina belted swimsuit, SOLID & STRIPED

Nina belted swimsuit, SOLID & STRIPED

Underwired swimsuit, MAGDA BUTRYM

Underwired swimsuit, MAGDA BUTRYM

Jamaica one-shoulder swimsuit, MELISSA ODABASH

Jamaica one-shoulder swimsuit, MELISSA ODABASH

Scallop-textured swimsuit, MANGO

Scallop-textured swimsuit, MANGO

Recycled Poly Off-Shoulder Swimsuit, Yoox

Positano logo swimsuit, Totême

Positano logo swimsuit, Totême

Charlotte lace-up swimsuit, OYE SWIMWEAR

Charlotte lace-up swimsuit, OYE SWIMWEAR

Rico Eco One Piece Swimsuit, Bond-Eye

Rico Eco One Piece Swimsuit, Bond-Eye

Coral One Piece Swimsuit, Maygel Coronel

Coral One Piece Swimsuit, Maygel Coronel


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Neons trend summer 2022

Who Says Neons Are Impossible to Pull Off?

This summer, we’re embracing standing out.

But it’s just so bright! I’m not that bold! Would any of these colours even work for me?

These questions come to mind for many women when they consider the neon colour trend. Here, I’m going to help you figure out how to take your summer wardrobe to the next level and finesse one of fashion’s hottest trends for summer 2022. Whether you want to go full-on bold or embrace just a tiny bit of fluorescent, here’s how to do it.

My future’s so bright I’ve got to wear shades!

If you’re unsure about anything neon, try a pair of summer sunnies, like these fun options below. 

Want to Splurge?

Check out the Medusa Biggie Sunglasses from Versace that were made famous by Notorious B.I.G. in the ’90s. When it comes to fashion, we’re definitely seeing a resurgence of the very recent past. These shades are available in three different colours (fluorescent fuchsia, acid green, and fluorescent yellow).

How to Style It

Pair it with a sundress, a subtle pair of sandals, and some hoop earrings. These glasses are bold enough, so there’s no need to overdo it.

Fluorescent Fuchsia Medusa Biggie Sunglasses, Versace

Acid Green Medusa Biggie Sunglasses, Versace

Fluorescent Yellow Medusa Biggie Sunglasses, Versace

Want a Sleeker Look?

If gold lion heads aren’t your thing, but going bold is, then branch out with this bright-green option from Boohoo on Voga’s Closet.

How to Style It

Like with the Versace picks, simplicity is key when wearing such a bold accessory. 

Boohoo Thick Frame Sunglasses, Voga Closet

Take a dip in the neon nail pond 

Are you looking for something that’s a bit more temporary, but will still raise your summer style temperature? Then don’t be afraid to experiment with extra loud shades for your next mani-pedi appointment with neon colours or nail art.

Want a Cute Little Coat?

Why not try Cote nail colours? They come in orange, pink, green, and yellow – and are vegan and cruelty-free! Cote also keeps the customer nail experience in mind, with formulas that are both long-lasting and chip-resistant.

No. 114 Neon Orange Nail Polish, Cote

No. 113 Neon Pink Nail Polish, Cote

No. 115 Neon Green Nail Polish, Cote

No. 116 Neon Yellow Nail Polish, Cote

Want to Blend Natural and Neon?

Try a bit of nude along with a hint of neon nail art for some temporary abstract fun, like these custom gel press-on nails from En Route Nails on Etsy.

Lime Green Abstract Swirls Custom Press On Nails, Etsy

The Not-So-Basic Neon Bag

When it comes to trends, every woman wants a great bag that’s stylish yet versatile, so knowing which neon shade could work in your wardrobe is important. I find that pink is a solid bet for a beauty of any skin tone. 

Want to Splurge?  

Italian brand Pinko’s chain bag is the perfect size for fitting all of our stash, from mobile phones to makeup. Its pebble-leather finish also means that it’s always in style, from season to season. A take on its popular ‘Love’ bag, this beauty seems to only be found in-store in the UAE, so I would act fast!

Pink Chain Bag, Pinko

Pink Chain Bag, Pinko

Want a Splash?

Check out this almost five-star rated and reviewed quilted crossbody with chevron detail and chain accent on Amazon. It also comes with a quaint little inside pocket – big enough to fit an iPhone!

Pink Crossbody Bag, Amazon

How to Style It

Pair it with a clean white T-shirt and summer denim, and out the door you go!

Neon from Tip to Toe 

If you’re like most women who love a great pair of shoes and wouldn’t dare miss a moment to find something special for summer, check out these brightly hued options.

Want to Splurge?   

Like Amina Muaddi, Malone Souliers has made a major splash in the region – and across the world – for its dynamic shoe designs and use of PVC. The ‘Maureen’ mules are no exception, with a stiletto heel and sharp pointed toe. 

Malone Souliers x Ounass Maureen 100 Mules in PVC, Ounass

Want a Splash?

Massimo Dutti is known for its classic interpretation of modern trends, and these heeled leather sandals made from Nappa sheepskin deserve be seen at your next Sunday brunch. 

Heeled Leather Mule Sandals, Massimo Dutti

How to Style It

Wear a nice, muted dress or jumpsuit that will allow your colourful footwear to be the focal point and conversation starter.

Now, This Is Next-Level Neon

This is for our ladies who love to live out loud and use style to express themselves. Whether you choose a dress, a printed jumpsuit, or a statement blazer, these styles are definitely extra when it comes to neon extravagance. 

Want to Dress to Impress?

This fluorescent green midi dress from Zara comes with a dose of extra flair, courtesy of key buttonholes on both sides. 

Buttoned cut out dress, ZARA

How to Style It

Open button holes seem too daring? Throw a white button-down underneath and pair with medium-wash skinny jeans and heeled sandals with black sunnies to balance the look.

Want a Playful Look?

Known for its vibrant prints, Desigual creates styles for those who aren’t afraid of a bit of colour. The ‘Coral’ jumpsuit is both beach- and brunch-ready with billowy open bottoms (not to mention that it’s made from sustainable materials). 

Coral Jumpsuit, Desigual

How to Style It

Throw on a denim jacket and chunky statement necklace for a bit more pop.

Want to Blaze through Summer?

House of Devereaux specialises in custom-made suiting, and its latest collection Tres Jolie is all about fun details for summer. Case in point: the playful fringe of the ‘Fete’ blazer in a bright, neon green paired with the ‘Ambre’ shorts. All items are made to order.

Fete Blazer, House of Devereaux 

How to Style It

Keep it crisp and clean with a white linen shirt, high-waisted medium-wash denim or shorts, and a coloured stiletto pump for full-on flash.

Keeping Neon Cultural

Modernity and tradition can blend seamlessly this summer with abayas in bright, beautiful shades.

Want a Streak of Colour?

Based out of The Galleria Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, Strass Abaya designs pieces with subtle details and rich fabrics, like this lime-green version with pearlescent beading. 

Lime Green Abaya, Strass Abaya 


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15 Places To Buy Abayas Across the Region

Traditional, trendy, embroidered – it’s all here.

We all know that abayas are often worn in countries where Islam is the dominant religion, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, and the UAE. However, they’re becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world, Europe and North America included.

Abayas can be worn in many different styles, and are often decorated with embroidery or other embellishments. They’re also an excellent option for modest dressing and can be styled in various ways to suit different occasions. There are many reasons why women choose to wear abayas, including religious beliefs, cultural traditions, fashion, and personal style.

Incidentally, if you are interested in giving them a try, there are many places where you can buy one. Abayas are available at a wide range of prices, depending on the quality and style of the garment. You can often find abayas for sale in department stores, online retailers, and specialty shops. Here, we reveal the 15 best places to buy an abaya in the Middle East, whether you’re on the lookout for something traditional or modern.

1. Hanayen

A woman should always be in with the latest fashion that fits her personal style, and Hanayen is committed to inspiring you to look beautiful and stylish. The designers and sales associates work with you to ensure you look your best. Hanayen offers a good collection of abayas, as well as sheilas and gashwas. The abayas at this store come in various designs, such as the popular Swarovski-encrusted abaya dress and an array of colours. 

Hanayen, multiple branches in UAE and Oman, 04 2843666, hanayen.com

2. Al Motahajiba

Al Motahajiba’s is a one-stop destination for abayas. This store has several branches spread across the UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Its 36 branches are located across the Middle East, out of which 10 are in the UAE. They have a wide variety of designs to suit your taste and preferences. This store offers formal abaya dresses for special occasions and trendy casual abayas for everyday wear that shoppers highly recommend. 

Al Motahajiba, multiple branches in the region, 04 2840046, almotahajiba.com

3. Dar Al Kashkha

Kashkha offers traditional design elements focused on  elegance and quality. They provide a variety of styles so you can choose one to fit your body type, personality, and lifestyle. The store’s collection is inspired by Arabian heritage and exudes sophistication. Dar Al Kashkha uses authentic, Arab-inspired designs and quality fabrics to create the styles women have loved for generations. Kashkha custom makes all clothing so that each piece is unique with hand-made embroidery, needlework, and elegant embellishments. They offer diverse collections of abaya dresses that you can choose from, ranging from a casual look for the day to a sleek and chic look for a night out.

Dar Al Kashkha, multiple branches in the middle east, 04 284 0440, kashkha.com

4. Abu Hail Centre

Located in Deira, Abu Hail Centre is the leading destination for women in the Dubai looking for an abaya dress. From unique luxury designs to affordable styles, Abu Hail Centre presents you with an opportunity to get a one-stop fix for all your abaya needs and worth the trek. The Emirati-styled products are traditionally designed, hand-crafted, and beautifully embroidered. Their in-house tailors make alterations or can custom create a new abaya dress that will perfectly fit your style, taste, and preference. 

Abu Hail Centre, Abu Hail Road, Deira, Dubai, 04 2669600

5. Nuna Atelier

Nuna’s abayas are loved by A-list celebrities from around the world, including model Kendall Jenner and reality star Khloe Kardashian. The abaya dress from Nuna’s collection gives traditional clothing a modern twist. Their abaya dress raises the bar on stylish, yet modest fashion. Each abaya is custom-made to fit your taste and uses high-quality fine materials. By shopping here, you can be sure that every detail of your look will be perfect for any event you have coming up. Nuna Atelier will work directly with you to ensure that each piece is precisely what you want.

Nuna Atelier, Al Sayyah Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, 04 340 9100, nunaatelier.com 


Chi-ka has provided the UAE market with a one-of-a-kind abaya dress, infusing Japanese inspired design into an Emirati establishment. The brand’s primary appeal revolves around its kimono patterns, which can be found in its classic, modern, and avant-garde collections. All of their abayas are made using craftsmanship and attention to detail, combining oriental and Arabic designs into a unique style that is elegant and versatile. 

Chi-ka, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, 050 744 5911/ 04 345 0000, chikacolleection.com

7. Abaya Mall

Abaya Mall offers a wide range of shopping choices for affordable, quality abayas. Located in Mirdif, you can shop freely at this mall that houses a wide range of abaya dress retailers, both large and small. The mall’s on-site tailors can even make you a personalized abaya. You’ll also discover bridal outfits and other retail establishments at the mall. Abaya Mall offers a wide range of choices. Visit Abaya Mall, and you’ll find the latest fashion trends fabricated by talented tailors. Whether you’re looking for vibrant colours or subtle styles, you can find what you need here.

Abaya Mall, 24 B St, (As Beside Star International School) Mirdif, Dubai, 04 251 4071, abayamall.com

8. Abaya Place

This well-known abaya shop is the next stop on our list of the best places to shop in Abu Dhabi. Their inventory consists of a wide range of collections and designs. They also have formal abayas with stone-studded details, ideal for special occasions. This shop has various items that you can choose from, including jalabiyas and sheilas in multiple colours. If you’re looking for quality and style, then this is where you need to be. The top-rated shop has beautiful and high-quality abayas at a reasonable price. This store has one of the largest collections of abayas in the city.

Abaya Place, Madinat Zayed Shopping and Gold Center, Abu Dhabi, 02 633 8008

9. Dazzle Abaya Boutique

If you want to buy abayas, and you don’t want to spend a small fortune, Dazzle Abaya Boutique provides excellent value for the money. This abaya shop in Abu Hail Center offers a wide range of everyday outfits for modest fashion at budget pricing. You can choose from traditional black abayas to solid shades of grey, navy, and more, or those with complex trims or lacework. According to one shopper, this store offers the most wonderful abaya shopping experience with customer service going above and beyond.

Dazzle Abaya Boutique, NMC Building and Abu Hail Center, Dubai, 05 6974 5500, dazzleabaya.com

10. VIP Lady Abaya

VIP Lady Abaya is your ultimate destination for the latest fashion and designer wear. Make your style statement with an elegant VIP Lady design, including abayas, sheilas, gowns, kaftans, and farashas.  Choose from a variety of contemporary and exquisite fashionable designs. 

VIP Lady Abaya, Al Wasit Center, Wasit Street, Sharjah, 054 336 2621

11. Dar Al Oyoon Abaya & Sheila Shop Sharjah

This store offers a wide range of trendy abaya dresses and sheilas. You can pick from a large selection of elegant, classy, casual, or chic abaya options in various colours, fabrics, and designs. With their vast selection of unique abaya dresses, they have a design for every occasion and budget. Their customer service will ensure you have the right look for any event or season. With a 4.6-star review on Google, you will surely love this shop as they feature beautiful designs with their abayas.

Dar Al Oyoon Abaya & Sheila Shop Sharjah, Al Habtoor Tower – Shop: 39/C, Ground Floor – King Faisal Road, Sharjah, 055 322 7796, daraloyoonabaya.com

12. Al Batool Abaya Shop Sharjah

One of the top-rated shops in Sharjah, this store has a collection of abayas in different colours, styles, and designs. They have high-quality and stylish abaya dresses and are located in the Gold Souq, Sharjah. The professional staff members are on hand to assist you in finding the perfect abaya dress that’ll flatter your body type, so you can choose from a wide selection of high-quality fabrics and comfortable designs that suit your taste. This store is loved by shoppers, having awesome collections made with quality materials at an affordable price. They also do alterations and stitching according to your need.

Al Batool Abaya Shop, Safari mall, Industrial Area, Muwailih Commercial, Sharjah

13. Mauzan

Mauzan is a great place to find a high-quality abaya dress that suits every frame and occasion. With a focus on elegance and femininity, these fashion-forward abaya designs feature beading, soft and flowing fabrics, and flattering cuts. The designs are delicate and beautiful and represent modern Arab women. You can find their stores in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain. Mauzan is highly regarded by shoppers.

Mauzan, multiple branches, 03 781 0424, mauzan.com

14. Al Araba Sheila and Abaya 

The Al Araba Sheila and Abaya store is located at the Madinat Zayed Shopping and Gold Centre in Abu Dhabi. You can explore the latest modest fashion trends with different abaya dress styles for women, jalabiyas for men, and sheilas. If you are looking for an abaya that reflects your unique style and personality, both in fashion and tradition, this store is the place to go. After all, an abaya is more than just a piece of clothing; it represents Arab culture! This store features beautiful, emerging abaya dress designs focusing on elegance and femininity.

Al Araba Shiela and Abaya Trading, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Muroor Road (East Road), Madinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi City, 02 621 3349

15. Louzan

Louzan Fashion has various abayas to pick from, whether you’re seeking formal abayas or more practical ones for everyday wear. The Dubai-based luxury abaya dress brand offers the largest variety of abayas in the local market, carefully crafted for your style and comfort. Whatever your preference in design or silhouette, Louzan features the perfect style for you – whether it’s a printed silk abaya dress from their summer collection or one of their more traditional designs featuring prints with delicate embroidery.

Louzan, Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai Festival City, 04 269 8545, louzanfashion.com


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A woman posing in a black dress

15 Must-Haves for Your Modest Closet

Workwear essentials, pops of colour, and more.

Emerging from the culturally rich Middle East, the modest movement has taken the fashion scene by storm. Several luxury and high street brands have released modest-friendly collections, including kaftans, tunics, and maxi dresses to quench our sartorial thirst. Here, we share our top picks to remain comfortably stylish in Ramadan – and beyond.


The White Shirt

A white shirt is undoubtedly a staple. Upgrade yours with this summery yet chic version that features cutwork embroidery.

White Zara Shirt

Shirt with Cutwork Embroidery, Zara

The Jersey Top

Depending on the occasion, this long-sleeved crew neck can be dressed up or down. Pair it with sneakers and denim for a more casual look.

Vogacloset  Jersey Top

Basic Long Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt, Vogacloset

The Polka Dot Blouse

This lace-trimmed silk blouse can slip seamlessly from the boardroom to date night with your partner. Combine it with a tweed two-piece for a sophisticated and modern feel.

Net-A-Porter Polka Dot Blouse

Polka Dot Silk Crepe de Chine Blouse, Net-A-Porter


The Black Culottes

Complete your blazer and shirt duo with a pair of wide-legged pants. Whether you are pairing them with heels for a polished outfit or dad sneakers for a street style look, this one’s a must-own.

Pull & Bear Black Culottes

Basic Culottes with Elastic Waistband, Pull & Bear

The Maxi Skirt

Replace your trousers with this luxurious gold satin wonder. This elegant masterpiece promises comfort without compromising on its grandeur.

Net-A-Porter Maxi Skirt

Lise Satin Maxi Skirt, Net-A-Porter

The High-Waist Jeans

Universally flattering are the high-waisted straight jeans that bring together the best of both worlds. And if you haven’t already, now is the time to get yourself a pair.

High-Waist Jeans Namshi

High Waist Straight Jeans, Namshi


The Jumpsuit

Never again stand in front of your closet complaining that you have nothing to wear! This sea green jumpsuit will easily take you from the office to lunch with the girls.

Zara Jumpsuit

Belted Playsuit, Zara

The Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe – wear it over wide-legged pants as a long-line top, unbuttoned as a light coat, or with knee-high boots as a dress (if it’s long enough).

H & M Shirt Dress

Jacquard-Weave Shirt Dress, H&M

The Maxi Dress

At the heart of modest fashion lies the maxi dress. This frilly version, complete with a classy belt, is sure to make you dressy in no time.

Modest Me Maxi Dress

Frilled Maxi Dress, Modest Me


The Abaya

Upgrade your abaya collection with this embroidered piece, letting its blue hue elevate your classic jeans-and-white-shirt combo – perfect for Ramadan and Eid! 

Hanayen Abaya

Blue Shade Abaya, Hanayen

The Statement Kaftan

Go on, spoil yourself with this gorgeously embellished kaftan. Pair it with drop earrings and stiletto heels to make you feel like a princess.

United Designers Statement Kaftan

Frill-Cuff Floral Lace Kaftan, United Designers

The Kimono

Wear this luxurious floral kimono as a statement piece or as a subtle way to cover up a not-so-modest top.

Massimo Dutti Kimono

Long Floral Print Kimono, Massimo Dutti


The Turban

Take your outfit up a notch with this beaded turban that features sequins, glass beads, and a front knot pattern – truly fit for a queen.

Bloomingdales Turban

Philipa Bead Turban, Bloomingdales

The Modal Maxi Hijab

The stretchy medium-thick fabric and the fact that it can be worn with or without an under scarf makes it the perfect hijab choice for all seasons.

Luxy Hijab Modal Maxi Hijab

Striped Modal Jersey Hijab in Beige, Luxy Hijab

The Lightweight Headscarf

This light, slightly sheer lime headscarf will create elegant drapes around your neck – perfect for those who prefer several styling options.

Luxy Hijab Lightweight Headscarf

Chiffon Hijab in Lime, Luxy Hijab


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A woman applying lipstick

4 Arab Brands That Belong on Your Radar

Meet them before they go mainstream.

The Middle East is buzzing with creative talent and, for every success story like Huda Kattan and Natalie Trad, there are countless brilliant designers and entrepreneurs waiting to be discovered. But before you make it really, really big, you have to start small – enter: four emerging regional brands that you may not know, but should.


Somewhere between the pandemic and the climate crisis, online store Touchless was created in 2020 by two Bahraini sisters with a passion for design and a finger on the pulse of what was needed to deal with the new normal. Starting with a 3D-printed device that helps to minimise contact with everyday surfaces – from door handles and lift buttons to shopping bags and taps – followed by 3D-printed washable wallets that carry just face masks and credit cards, the sisters quickly moved into creating 3D-printed handbags. 

Lightweight, versatile, and sustainable, each of the bags are guaranteed to be 100% designed and 3D-printed in Bahrain. And they’re as beautiful and contemporary as they are functional. The designers have amassed quite the following since they launched, with pieces being snapped up by fans as far afield as London and New York.

touchless arab fashion brands
touchless best arab brands

Emerald Clutch, AED 273.51 at Touchless


“I was born and raised in Raleigh NC, but I pretty much make sure every person I meet knows about my Lebanese roots!” says Reem Alawar Mosleh, the one-woman show behind accessories brand Lunae. With a vision of creating high-quality, minimalistic jewellery for everyday wear, her collection is pretty, perfect for stacking, and – most importantly – ultra-affordable. “I’m a big fan of comfort in fashion. This is why the jewellery I source is always water-resistant and truly comfortable to wear throughout the day and night – I literally sleep, work out, and shower in my jewellery.”

Lunae, Arabian fashion Jewellery
Lunae, Arabian Jewellery

Sophia Earrings, AED 110.20 at LUNAE


Created by an Arab princess for women of the world, SEE.MAS offers a basic capsule of five everyday classics in its collection: the Tee, the Shirt, the Cami, the Pant, and the Dress – each of which has been designed keeping elegance and modesty in mind. Founded in Riyadh by HRH Princess Nouf Bander Al Saud after being unable to find clothes that fit her body shape nor her lifestyle, SEE.MAS was created specifically to address the needs of the modern Arab woman, using a neutral colour palette and form-flattering silhouettes as its foundation.

With an entirely female workforce, the company’s aim was simple: design smart and refined essentials that made the wearer feel beautiful, comfortable, and empowered. Sidestepping the traditional sizing system that she believed ignored the shape of women across the region, the Saudi princess developed a special fit system that’s based on real measurements of real women living in the Gulf. Ensuring the collection was not only thoughtfully designed but mindfully created, each piece is crafted from high-quality and environmentally friendly fabrics, making this a label both size-friendly and sustainably focused

see mas
see mas, Leading Arabic Fashion Brand

The Skirt, AED 742.80 at SEE.MAS

Green Bar

Founded by Reem Al Khalifa, Bahrain-based apothecary Green Bar is all about raising awareness of the healing power of plants native to the Arab region, and harnessing that power into effective skincare products. Offering a full range of face, body, and home goods – as well as spa experiences to rediscover the healing culture of the region – products are handcrafted using as many botanicals as Reem can source from the Arabian Peninsular. These come not only from local farms, but also Green Bar’s own gardens. 

Quality-tested and bottled in small batches in its onsite laboratory to ensure that the freshest possible products make it to the shelves, all Green Bar ingredients are 100% natural and non-toxic, with only the finest botanical cold-pressed oils, all-natural fragrances, and directly sourced raw ingredients to ensure total traceability and transparency of origin.

Green Bar, Famous Arabic Brand
Green Bar, Leading Arabic Fashion Brand

Lip Balm & Postcard, AED 80 at Green Bar


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A lady in grey shirt and blue jeans

4 (Easy) Ways to Snap Out of a Style Rut

Breathe new life into that boring old wardrobe.

At some point in our lives, we’ll all likely be hit by a style rut. The good news? It’s not permanent, and getting your groove back only takes a few simple steps. The difficult part, though, is how to recognise a style rut. Read on.

What are the signs of a style rut?

  • One of most recognisable signs is that you just don’t feel good about the clothes you have, so you end up wearing the same boring pieces all the time. You also find yourself not being creative, and putting thought into your outfits becomes too much of a chore for you.
  • The second sign is that when you find something you feel comfortable in, you buy as many pieces of it as you can, without questioning why – regardless of the quality and whether it fits your fashion style or not.
  • The third sign is when you start to hate shopping, and you only buy from one trusted brand that you have been buying from for ages.
  • The final sign is that you stay in your sports outfit (which could be your leggings and sport bra) the whole day – even when you are not exercising – just because it’s easy and comfortable.

If you recognise yourself in more than one of these signs, then it’s time to do something about it, starting with the following four tips. After all, life’s too short to wear boring clothes!

1. Learn to Let Go

Always start from your closet. Do a closet edit and be honest about each piece you have. If it doesn’t make you happy, get rid of it. Be strict when it comes to this. If you can’t ask for help from a wardrobe stylist, it is important to carry out this step without mistakes.

2. Change Your Old Habits

A style rut means stagnation in what you have been doing without any changes. Consider your hairstyle, for instance. Why not book an appointment with your hairdresser and talk your concerns through? Together, decide on a new haircut or colour – or both! How about your makeup and skincare routine? You could stand to benefit from some changes. Maybe add a new colour of lipstick? Or even get some new accessories?

3. Learn to Shop Differently

As a stylist and personal shopper, my clients often say that they hate shopping for various reasons and, mostly, it’s because they don’t want to be lost in a pile of clothes not knowing what to buy. I recommend starting your shopping trip at your closet. Take those pants or that skirt that you love wearing most, and try to find a top or shirt and a pair of shoes to go with it. If you don’t have any, shop only for those specific items. This way, you can avoid the overwhelming feeling of getting lost between store racks. Slowly, you can even build a new wardrobe with this plan.

4. Gym Clothes Are Only for the Gym

The last thing you should do is to go for errands in your sports outfit. It is important to know that activewear is only for the gym or wherever you’re doing your workout for the day. Once that’s done, you should change into your favourite jeans-and-tee combo or pants. Leggings should never be worn as pants – that’s why they’re called leggings.

As a last word, don’t be ashamed when you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see. Know that only you can work on improving your image, but once you do, you’ll feel so much better.

Dzovig van Kleef is an Abu Dhabi-based personal stylist and the founder of Style Codes. Follow her on Instagram here.


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A girl shopping cloths

So You’re Fed Up of Fast Fashion

Start at these UAE-based thrift stores.

An alternative to the traditional fashion shopping experience of factory-fresh items is making itself known in the UAE: thrifting. Not only is it a great way to create a unique look, but it’s also the definitive way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Thrift stores usually sell lightly used items while promoting sustainability by extending the life cycle of a product that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Sound appealing? Here are three UAE-based thrift stores that belong on your radar.

Fashion Rerun

What kind of pre-loved items do you sell?

We sell a wide selection of thrift, retro, and vintage clothing for men, women, youth, and children. Our collection includes activewear, jerseys, running shoes, caps, and so much more!

How long have you been in business?

Fashion Rerun has been in the market for just over four years now.

What makes you different from other thrift stores?

We offer a unique range in quality, price, and choice. Additionally, we are probably the only store that offers a full range of thrift, retro, and vintage.

How do you differentiate between thrift, retro, and vintage?

Thrift clothing is gently used items at a discounted price. They include current styles and trends. Retro clothing is newer clothing that imitates styles of the past (vintage). Vintage refers to items aged 15+ years that are rare and difficult to find, and therefore have higher value compared to retro and thrift clothing. 

Can I sell items to the store? 

Fashion Rerun does not buy from individuals.

Follow Fashion Rerun at @fashion_rerun.


What kind of pre-loved items do you sell? 

FlairOnThrift sells pre-loved clothing that was lightly used and is in good condition to be worn. Our collection includes shirts, jumpsuits, jackets, and dresses. We also sell accessories, so you can find bags, jewellery, and even phone covers on our page.

How long have you been in business? 

FlairOnThrift was started on September 9, 2020 and has been around for almost a year now!

How is your concept different compared to other thrift stores?

FlairOnThrift is an Instagram-born store that, like a lot of similar stores, only sell products online through Instagram. The store was created out of passion for sustainability and a desire to cater to people on a budget. We work on a limited product drop basis instead of continuously having items for sale, as we believe this helps us to specially curate items for our customers. Unlike a lot of other stores, we also make sure that all our posts of sold items are archived so that everything you see on our page is up for sale, and not just marketing. We believe that this makes it much easier for customers to shop. 

Can I sell items to the store?

Yes! We accept clothing, shoes, and accessories such as bags, hats, or jewellery to be sold on our platform in exchange for store credit.

How does the process work? What items do you not take?

You can DM or contact us using the contact information provided on our Instagram page, and we will schedule a pick-up. After receiving the items, we will provide you with store credit. The items should not be overly damaged nor for kids.

Follow FlairOnThrift at @flaironthrift_dxb.

Rewynd Apparel

What kind of pre-loved items do you sell? 

We specialise in thrifted apparel that caters to both men and women such as jeans, outerwear, tees, blouses, accessories, and more. Our most sought-after products are from our Premium + Vintage line, where customers can find rare pieces dating back to the 80s and 90s, official merch, and even dead stock. 

How long have you been in business? 

We launched our online store along with our first collection in August of 2020, so we’re just about to celebrate our first anniversary!

How is your concept different compared to other thrift stores? 

Rewynd Apparel was founded by three sisters with a passion for fashion, styling, and marketing, and we aim to create a memorable thrifting experience for all our customers. Every piece on our website has been handpicked by us, every letter that we send out has been handwritten by us, and our packaging is zero-waste as well. We also enjoy showcasing a variety of styling options to reflect the ease and versatility of incorporating thrifted clothes into our customers’ personal styles.

Can I sell items to the store? 

Rewynd Apparel is a specially curated thrift store, and our business model and brand values are not tailored to suit the concept of consignments. Therefore, we currently do not accept consignments.

Follow Rewynd Apparel at @rewyndapparel.


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A woman sitting on chair

Your Back-to-Work Wardrobe, Sorted

Regardless of where your desk is…

Now that a return to the office is an actual thing, women across the UAE are thinking about something they haven’t even considered for a while: what to wear to work. After months at home with just a laptop for company and only a fraction of presentability required for video calls, the traditional conventions of office attire have been, well, reworked. With hybrid working – spending part of the workweek in the office, part at home – now seen as a post-pandemic norm, you need a hybrid wardrobe to match. Yes, comfort is still key à la 2020, but boring office outfits are a no-no in 2021. Need some inspiration? Here are five fab outfit suggestions for your first (super stylish) week back at work.


Oversized double-breasted blazer, ZARA

Wide-leg trousers, ZARA

Sleeveless knit top, ZARA

High-heel sandals, ZARA 

Earrings, TOGA ARCHIVES at H&M


Mini dress, MANGO

Over-the-knee boots TOGA ARCHIVES, H&M

Bracelets, ZARA

Handheld flap detail bag, NEXT


Sleeveless sweater, GANNI at MATCHESFASHION

Tapered trousers, NOON BY NOOR

Crossbody bag, ZARA

Canvas mules, Chelsea Paris at SHOPBOP

Resin bangle, Dries Van Noten at NET-A-PORTER 


Oversized shirt, TOGA ARCHIVES at H&M

Scarf-detail trousers, TOGA ARCHIVES at H&M – Available September 2

Leather clutch bag, Sabyasachi at HM.COM

Two-tone heels, BOSS HUGO BOSS (in stores only)

Chain Earrings, Laura Lombardi at NET-A-PORTER


Maxi dress, LEEM 

Leather sneakers, BY FAR

Earrings, Ben Amun at THE OUTNET 

Gold-plated ring, Leda Madera at NET-A-PORTER

Leather bag, STRATHBERRY 


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Girls walking with shopping bags

The Best of Dubai Summer Surprises 2021

This won’t break the bank.

Everyone’s favourite part of Dubai’s scorching summer is Dubai Summer Surprises – a.k.a. 10 weeks of flash sales, major discounts, and events that will have you OOTD-ready for a fraction of the price. Here, we’ve rounded up the best of what this summer festival has to offer. Ready, set, shop!

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Calling all Carrie Bradshaw wannabes! Now you can dress like pop culture’s biggest fashion icon for a fraction of the price as SJP’s bright and playful shoe brand is offering hefty discounts – up to 80% at that.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker boutiques are located at The Dubai Mall, The Galleria Al Maryah Island, and Yas Mall


Bauhaus is home to the hottest streetwear brands from the underground scene, and you can now enjoy a whopping 70% off selected items. This achingly hip boutique stocks exclusive pieces from niche brands, all of which will see you one step ahead of the fashion pack.

Bauhaus is located at The Dubai Mall and The Galleria Al Maryah Island

Club Apparel x 6thStreet

Want huge savings on some of the hottest brands in the world without leaving your house? Head to 6thStreet with brands like Aldo, Birkenstock, Adidas, Nike, Sketchers, Tommy Hilfiger, Lactose, Guess – the list goes on – at 60% off! 

Get up to 60% off selected items, www.6thstreet.com 

The Face Shop

Fashion isn’t the only thing on sale this DSS – Soko beauty brand The Face Shop is joining the festivities. Everything from skincare essentials to makeup, fragrances, and hair care is up to 50% off.

Get up to 50% off all products, The Face Shop is located at The Dubai Mall and Ibn Battuta Mall


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