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How To Kiss Goodbye To 2020 – And Warmly Embrace 2021

Transitioning tips on how to leave last year behind you, and successfully manage what lies ahead

2020 was more than a significant challenge for everyone. We learned that life can change dramatically without any warning and that we have to be able to adapt, cope, and manage our emotions and expectations. With 2021 now well underway, as the global pandemic continues, follow these transitioning tips to make the process of moving forwards with clarity and positivity an achievable goal. 

how to transition

Manage Your Expectations

We are often hardest on ourselves because we feel we’re not living up to expectations we’ve set. This can take a significant toll on us, both mentally and physically. With so much uncertainty, it’s important for us to stay in the present moment. This means focusing less on what we want from life in the future, instead finding value in what life brings us today.

Grieve The Loss  

It’s important for us to grieve for our old vision for our lives, as this can bring a type of closure that lets us look toward the future with greater hope. Grief can look different for everyone, so being patient with the process and ourselves is key. 

Set Some Goals

Setting attainable goals for 2021 may look different than goals from past years. That’s OK! It’s important to remember how much we have overcome and accomplished just in the last year. Setting aside time to self-reflect and identify the little victories each of us has won, and how we’ve learned to overcome diversity, can bolster this hope and remind us why we should appreciate ourselves. 

transitioning tips

Practice Self Care

Making sure that we are eating healthily, staying hydrated, maintaining good sleep hygiene, and exercising every day are a few ways which help to manage our stress and anxiety. They can also help to regulate our emotions and cope with uncertainty. Self-care is important – try to prioritize some time for yourself each day, even if only a few minutes. This time could include taking a walk, doing an online workout, reading, listening to music, or your favorite podcast. Do something you love every day.  

Follow A Schedule 

Knowing what you have going on each day will help reduce anxiety and uncertainty about the future. Including breaks in your daily schedule will also make self-care activities more practical. 

Make Relationships A Priority 

Taking time to connect with our partners, children, friends, and family is key in avoiding loneliness and isolation. Even if it’s a weekly zoom call, nurturing these connections is critical for our mental health. Isolation can lead to depression and anxiety, which is why maintaining our relationships is so important. We are social beings and need to connect with others. 

Be Compassionate

Lastly, we need to treat ourselves with compassion and kindness. We’ve all been through a lot in 2020. The pattern of our day-to-day lives has changed significantly, as has the frequency with which we experience external setbacks and forces of change, so the ability to give ourselves grace is essential in this environment. 

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