Christine Roos

How To Host An Epic Barbeque With 5 Quick Tips

It’s time to head outdoors! And what better way to celebrate than with a barbeque.

Rejoice! We can finally enjoy long lazy weekends outside again – which means one thing: barbeque! Get ready to sizzle that sausage and flip that burger because with our expert tips, you’ll be hosting the ultimate BBQ of the season. Plus, we’ve hunted down the best barbeque accessories that you can shop online right now and be ready to grill come the weekend.

1. Light the fire before the guests arrive.

No one wants to arrive to a barbeque and the fire isn’t even going – it makes people think they’ll only eat at midnight. You want to welcome your guests with the smell of a good time and maybe even a few bites already on the go. Wood is best, charcoal is acceptable.

2. Prepare everything in advance.

Marinate the meat and let it come to room temperature, make the potato salad, wash the veggies, let the flavour of the couscous salad develop overnight – do as much in advance as you can, so you can just focus on the final touches and mingle with your guests.

3. Organize your BBQ area.

Tongs at the ready! Wait, where are the tongs again? Don’t be that guy. Make sure you have all the tools you need at hand, that you have enough space to work in, and that you know how much you have to grill and how much time you’ll need for each batch.

4. Keep it simple.

You don’t have to barbeque lobsters for 12 people; and the humble sweet corn turns into a culinary joy when cooked over open flames. Stick to your tried-and-true recipes and favourites to ensure a hassle-free BBQ. Think one or two meat options, a veggie option, and two to three sides.

5. Surprise your guests with a sundae bar.

This is not so much a BBQ tip as just a general awesome party tip: at the end of the meal, break out a few flavours of ice cream and a selection of toppings and let your guests go wild.

Here are 5 essential pieces for your barbeque kit.

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5. Weber premium barbeque glove set

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