How To Throw The Ultimate Summer BBQ

The weather’s not the only thing that’s sizzling…

That’s right, it’s time to get your grill on! Invite the guys round to welcome in summer with the ultimate BBQ. Here’s everything you need:


If you’re throwing the ultimate BBQ, you need a humdinger of a grill. This beauty will have you grilling enough for the whole city. Its stainless steel construction ensures you’ll be hosting cookouts for years to come.

Beefeater Discovery 1000r BBQ Hood 4 Burner With Trolley

aed 3990 Beefeater

Dipping your toes into the BBQ game? This grill won’t break the bank and it’ll serve up a burger you’d order at a restaurant. It’s a decent size and has a temperature gauge and chimney giving you the perfect smoked grub. Your guests will be back again.

Homeworks Half-Moon Charcoal BBQ

aed 999 Homeworks


Oak fire wood is ideal for BBQs, pizza ovens and grilling. It is long burning and will give your food a rich flavour sure to impress your guests.


aed 52.51 Firewood


Flavour your food with ease using these apple-infused wood chips. Whether you’re cooking meat or grilling cheese, this will add to the taste.

BBQ Accessories Wood Chips Apple

aed 29 Weber

This multifunctional BBQ allows you to smoke or grill your dinner to perfection. Its compact size means you can use it in small spaces and even carry it by the handy lid.

Drum Grill Smoker

aed 329 Carrefour

Why have one set of tongs when you can have two? This set of one big and one small pair will make it easy to turn bigger bits of meat and smaller grub. Made of stainless steel, and a bargain at the price, they’ll last you all summer.

2-Piece Stainless Steel BBQ Tongs Silver 17.8 centimeter

aed 25 Noon

Never run out of gas again with this smart gadget that lets you know when you’re low on propane. An app will notify you when you need to refill, so your guests won’t leave with an empty stomach.

Quirky Refuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge

aed 219 Quirky

The Dubai weather can be unforgiving at times and protecting your BBQ from the elements is paramount. We like this sizable cover from IKEA. Reliable, smart and affordable.

Cover For Barbecue, Black

aed 99 TOSTERÖ

It’s safety first with these heat-proof gloves. Protect yourself when cooking your food on the grill and, best of all, they’re less than the price of your grub.

Heat Resistant BBQ Grill Silicone Mitts Heat Proof Glove High Temperature Protection, 1 Pair

aed 49.90 BBQ Mitts

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Photo by Bagaskara Herta on Unsplash