3 Simple Steps To Create Your Ideal Workspace

An organised workspace will instantly make those deadlines less stressful – here's how to sort out your desk like a Kondo master.

An organised workspace is the key to a productive environment and acing your goals. Whether you use your desk as a place to sort out admin tasks or as a home office, here are three tips to help get you clutter-free.

1. Optimise your storage space

Having enough room for all your essentials and managing it is the key to a sorted desk and clear mind. Utilize your drawers to the fullest with dividers that help organize tiny bits and pieces such as pens, USB drives and paper clips. Categorise paperwork and mail into piles such as to shred, file and outgoing. Use a shelf for books, magazines or items that you don’t use frequently.

2. Stick to a color palette or theme

Make your workstation look appealing by choosing stationery in a set colour palette or theme. Plan your days using a planner and to-do list, while a modern desk lamp will help you push through those late nights.

3. Add a touch of personalisation

Give your desk a dash of your own creativity by adding bits that inspire you and make you smile. A small plant or a bunch of flowers can instantly uplift your mood and a motivational quote or a picture of loved one can help you stay focused on your to-do list.