Janvi Thanki

How to Find the Best Floor Lamp in 4 Quick Steps

Brighten up any space by keeping in mind these simple rules.

Few items can make or break a room like a floor lamp – here are our top tips to ensure you find your ideal match.

1. Check the height

The height of the lamp determines the amount of light that it radiates – too tall and you risk glare on your TV or phone screen, too low and you’re walking around in the dark. Remember the eye level rule: make sure the lamp’s height is at eye level.

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2. Fill the space

A sleek torchère lamp will fill a smaller room with ambient lighting without suffocating the space, while arc floor lamps work well in larger rooms by filling up the empty space and giving off the right amount of ambient lighting.

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Floor lamp, Off-white, Brass-Colour

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3. Figure out the purpose

A task light is a perfect fit for a cozy reading corner or office space where you need intense lighting. For a conversation space, you need an ambient light that fills the room with warmth.

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4. Find your style

Once you’ve figured out what kind of lamp you need, it’s time to find one that suits your decor. Sleek metallic lines are modern, stylish and won’t date.

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