Relaxation Meditation Kit

Feeling Stressed Out? Bring Some Calm Into Your Life.
In Less Than 15 Minutes A Day.

Why Meditate?

When you get up each day, how do you feel? Are you bubbling with excitement, inspiration and raring to take on the day’s possibilities? Or are you tired and stressed?

Are you putting off the conversations, to-do’s and challenges that are headed your way? Right now, just about everyone is feeling a little disoriented, overwhelmed and stressed.

Thankfully there is a natural, tried and tested, and proven solution to relieve our current state of mind: meditation.

Each one of us has the ability to be happy, content and vibrant. With meditation, you’ll discover the full potential of your mind, the transformational power of relaxation and the personal benefits you can achieve to be the best version of yourself.


Get The Gaggler Relaxation Meditation Kit

Relaxation is important for your overall wellbeing, but it doesn’t come easy for many of us. Our digital kit provides you with all the tools you need to relax and make meditation a daily habit. 

What’s included:

  • Expert guidance from meditation coaches
  • Four meditations with guidance and music
  • Guide to Meditation E-book
  • Self Reflection Meditation Journal

Click the Play button to hear a sample of the meditations. Click Buy Now to view more product details and purchase yours. This kit retails for USD 39.95 or AED 150 but is now available for a special introductory rate of USD 19.95 or AED 75. Limited Time Offer.

What Are Customers Saying About Our Relax Meditation Kit?

Gaggler’s Meditation Kit is so beautiful and easy to use! My favourite is the progressive muscle relaxation. With a click on my mobile I start unwinding after a stressful day at the office.


I love the whole kit! I can already see the difference in my level of calmness and feel better prepared for the day. Love that I can do this anywhere, anytime. It’s become part of my daily self-care.


I never knew journaling would be so therapeutic! My stress seems to dissolve when I write in my journal. The questions help release a lot of pent-up tension. The variety of the meditations is good too.


How it Works

Step 1

Click on Buy Now and complete the checkout process. 

After checkout, you will be emailed an order receipt and a separate email with the link to download your Relaxation Meditation Kit

Step 2

Click the link in the email to download all your files and save them somewhere safe on your computer. 

Your Guide to Meditation E-book includes instructions on how to save your meditations on your mobile. 

Step 3

Get started with your Guide to Meditation E-book. Then find a quiet place where you can press play to enjoy your selected meditation. 

Use the Meditation Journal to pen down your thoughts and self-reflect. 

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